Knife Play: Full Guide on Perfect Blade and Safety Protocols

knife play bdsm

Knife Play is a form of BDSM activity where individuals can use different types of blades like knives or daggers on their Submissive partners as through this process they can initiate sexual stimulation mentally as well as physically. These knives are mainly used for various kinds of kinky activities like cutting off bondage, wax play, or even temperature play. In the case of any Dominance and Submissive relationship, this kind of knife play is used for maintaining the power game as it is played consensually. 

By using knives you can initiate a fear or other sensations in your Submissive partner. Putting a knife closer to your skin can evoke certain kinds of pleasure and pain. However, knife play should not be misunderstood with the term Blood Play as these two are completely different things. You can lead up to Blood Play which involves scalpels not knives as knives can not be used to pierce your skin. 

Since Knives are used in this case to evoke a strong sensation as it is a dangerous weapon, you do need to know its safety protocols. So, before you start playing this sensual BDSM game, you should also know about certain hygienes that you need to follow. In this piece, we are going to take a deep dive into why this knife-play game has become pleasurable as well as some of the rules that you should maintain for your safety.       

What Makes Knife Play Pleasurable for Users?

Knife Play BDSM

Knife play has become one of the most pleasurable BDSM acts. However, its sexual appeal can vary from person to person. While some individuals may be drawn toward using leather others might like the feeling of a metal or a blade. The material used in this case can be the reason for a massive turn-on as it depends on the individuality of a person. 

The usage of blades and knives can be quite dangerous but it also can create a feeling of trust for the Submissive partner. This kind of heightened intensity can give you a high amount of orgasmic pleasure. By enhancing the risk and fear of the blade or a knife you can get a sexual thrill out of it. 

Within any kind of BDSM relationship, there has to be a Dominant and Submissive partner. As the Dominant partner will take over the power control of the submissive. While on the other hand, the Submissive partner can give way all her power to the Dominant partner to enjoy the momentary pleasure as she will not require any Animal Dildo

In Knife Play activities there is a sense of fear that will be brought forward by the Dominant partner as they do feel a certain kind of authority over their Submissives. Whereas the Submissive partners do get that sensation of fear from this kind of Knife Play game. Here you can subdue your partner or play with the cut of a piece of clothing or even can warm or cool your blade for a temperature play.           

How Can You Initiate Knife Play?

BDSM Knife Play without Hygiene is not Fun

If you think that you can just take a knife and start playing with your submissive partner, you are on the wrong path. Before starting, there are some initial negotiations that you have to converse with your partner. Some of these are. 

  • Before you kick start your knife play game you should discuss your kinks with your partner.
  • Before playing with the actual knife, you should try it out with other accessories like a fork or a wheel. 
  • You should also make sure that both you and your partner are in the same boat about the type of activities you want to try. 
  • Clear consent and knowledge about knife play activities is a must for both of you as it should be the same for both individuals. One partner believes in one thing like cutting the skin while the other partner does not believe in it can cause some dangerous situations. 
  • Always try to communicate and understand how you both want to use the knife as this is mandatory even before you start the game.    
  • You should have an open discussion with your partner about certain boundaries and limits as the person who will be at the bottom of the scene will require this safety. 
  • Additionally, you should also discuss certain areas of your body as limits, as the sensitive areas or ticklish places should be avoided at all costs but the pleasure derived from suction cup dildo is though uncomparable when related to knife BDSM.

Only after going through all these negotiations, you can start your knife-play game with your Submissive partner. As Knives and Blades can be quite dangerous you must follow these initiation steps with your partner so that everything remains safe and secure.   

Options of Blades Available for Knife Play

Types of Blades for Knife Play BDSM 

In the context of your Knife Play, it is also important that you choose the correct type of knife. However, there are a lot of options available for you. So how do you know about the correct one? Do not worry as we have got you covered. You have to know about certain criteria before choosing the correct one for you as not all knives can be used for Knife Play. Here are some of the best ones for your reference. 

Short Blade Knives

Knives with short blades can be the ideal choice for you if you want to start your knife play activity with your partner. It can be extremely suitable for beginners because you can have more control over the knife. These Knives have blades within the size of 4 inches. You can mitigate your risk factor through these Short Blade knives.  

Full Tang Knives

It is a type of fixed blade that does not fold. These knives can be safe for knife players due to the lesser possibility of the loosening of the blade. These full-tang knives can be safe for users as the blades here are broadened throughout the handle. So you do not have to worry about the blade falling off.   

Folding Knives

Now, not all folding knives are safe for Knife Play, as you have to choose those where the blade while it’s open can lock itself. Any kind of unlockable folding knife should be avoided at all costs. So you should check whether the blade while using can lock itself or not. 

However, apart from these, there are also some other options that you have to look at carefully, like if you are selecting the fixed blade knife, always make sure that it is not serrated. In case you are a beginner in this knife play game, you should avoid the double-edged knife as it is not safe at all. 

Ideas You can try in Your Knife Play Activities

Ideas You can try in Your Knife Play Activities

In the case of Knife Play activities, you can try out various ways to engage with your Submissive partner. However, before trying it out with an actual knife, you should get hold of less dangerous accessories so that your partner can get the gist of it. In this regard, you can use a fork or a wax knife, or even the Warternberg wheel. The usage of these less extreme accessories can give your partner a general idea about the Knife Play game. 

You do not want to find out the preferable area of your partner’s body with a real knife. You can find it out first with a fork or a pocket pussy and then initiate the actual knife play activity. In this process, you can easily mitigate the risk factor for both of you. Now here are some of the ideas you can try; please make sure to try them on yourself first before sharing them with your partner.

Marks of Light Scratching 

In this type of knife play scenario, you can use the tip of the knife and then drag it on your Submissive partner’s skin. This will eventually result in light scratches on the area of the body. These marks can give you a painful pleasure feeling that can only be initiated with this knife play activities. 

Mild Poking

Knives can generally be used in this case to cause a painful sensation as you can gently poke your partner’s skin. With the help of the tip of the knife, you can create an erotic sensation for your Submissive partner. 

Shave Play

In some other cases, you can also use the sharp side of the knife as some form of scraping. It is a kind of shave play where you can use the sharp side of the knife and scrape it across your Submissive partner’s skin. In other cases, you can also use the dull side of your knife as well as you can press it in a straight line. 

Temperature Play  

You can also initiate different kinds of temperature play with knives as you can put the blade in the freezer before you start using it for knife play. You can flatly put the blade on your partner’s skin as they will feel the coldness of the metal touching their hot skin like a butt plug

Apart from these, there are some other activities you can try out in these Knife Play games like the Mindfuck game. In this scenario, you can show your Submissive partner a real knife and then blindfold them and use a fake knife. In this process, you can play mind games with your partner. 

In some other cases also as a Dominant partner, you can show and threaten your partner with the sharp side of the knife but when in action you can use the dull side. This kind of threat works as a Dominant power game as the Submissive partner can feel the prey sensation from it. Here the Dominant partner can threaten the Submissive partner to not move or obey certain orders, as this can give them controlling power over their companions.

In other scenarios, you can also try to cut your partner’s inner clothing with the knives as this also comes under the kink play. You can pull the fabric up with the knife as the sharp side should be towards you to make sure it does not pierce your partner’s skin. 

However, before you try out any of these activities always test it out with a fake knife for the safety of your partner. If you both are at the beginner level, both of you should have proper negotiation and consent.    

Safety Protocols You should maintain For Secure Knife Play

In case you are using a real knife for BDSM activities, it will have that risk factor. It will not be fully safe at all. However, there are certain safety protocols you can follow to mitigate any of these potential risks. Here are some of these safety measures you can follow for both your and your partner’s well-being.

Take Proper Consent from Your Partner 

Even before you start the Knife Play activity you must negotiate it with your partner. Taking the proper consent from your Submissive partner can be a crucial requirement as she needs to know certain boundaries and limits before the game starts. If she is not into it, it is better to not engage in these activities. A discussion of the type of activities you will engage in can also be required as without this, it is not possible to take the game to new areas. 

Start with Less Dangerous Accessories

Assumig that you are just a beginner in Knife Play activities, it is better that you start with other less dangerous knife-like implements like a spoon or a wheel. This can be mandatory for individuals who have no experience in these Knife Play activities as through this process they can gauge the risk factors before starting with the real knife play game. You can have a full test of the game and where you want to go with this through these props. 

Do not use Real Knives Erratically 

If you have already started the real knife play game, it is important to remember that it can be a life-threatening weapon. So do not ever use or wave the knife erratically as this can majorly injure your Submissive partner. When you are playing with a real knife do make sure to use it carefully so that you do not hurt anyone or yourself.  

Avoid too much Knife Play at Once

While engaging in Knife Play activities, it is very important for you that you should only focus on the knife-wielding. Some individuals do make this common mistake of doing too much or adding in other kinds of BDSM activities during Knife Play sessions. It can be seriously dangerous as you should not try to mix in other activities for both your and your partner’s safety. Having tons of sexual activities along with knife play is not advisable for anyone. 

Do not Engage in Knife Play in Certain Precarious Positions

In the context of your Knife Play activities, you and your partner should stay in a stable position. Engaging in Knife Play while you are in a precarious position might cause you to slip or fall as this might be dangerous for both of your health. 

In addition to these, there are some other safety tips you should always remember to mitigate the risk factors of a knife play game as you should not use or hold the knife in a slippery hand; your hand can get oily with anal lubes. Apart from this, if you are at the bottom of the knife play game, you also should be extra careful and stable as erratic behavior might cause you a life-threatening injury. Additionally, when you are done using the knife, close it and keep it away to avoid any accidental injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What are the basic features of knife play?

Ans. Knife Play games do come under extreme BDSM activities where Dominant participants can use knives, blades, and swords on their Submissive partners for sexual stimulation. In these activities, the players can use the knife for cutting any piece of clothing, temperature play, or wax play on their Submissive partners. A knife can be a dangerous weapon as putting it closer to the skin can give the Submissive partners a sense of painful pleasure. 

2. What are the best types of blades to use for knife play?

Ans. Even though there are many options of knives available for knife play users, not all of them can be suitable. Knives with short blades can be the perfect option for beginners as this can give them more control over the blade. In other cases, fixed-blade knives can be the other great option due to the fewer chances of loosening the blade. 

3. Are knife play activities safe?

Ans. Knife Play activities are not fully safe due to obvious reasons however if you follow certain safety protocols, you can have a high amount of orgasmic pleasure. First of all, you do need to properly negotiate it with your partner and use fake knives to try out this procedure. You should also be careful about your positioning especially if you are at the bottom. 

4. What are the safety protocols to follow for knife play activities?

Ans. Any Knife Play beginner needs to start with fake knives before initiating the real knife-play activities. You will also need to properly negotiate the consent and limits with your Submissive partner. Additionally, you should also avoid using the knives erratically as it can be dangerous for your Submissive partner.

Overall View

If you are looking to enter into a kinkier territory of BDSM activities, Knife Play can be a good gateway for you and your partner. Putting a cold Knife or a Blade to the hot skin of a flesh can generate some great orgasmic pleasure. With various activities like temperature play, and wax play you can take your BDSM activity to a new level. 

However, you must follow certain safety protocols as knife play activities are not fully safe at all. From the type of knife to the informed consent all of these things need to be taken care of if you want to fully enjoy this kinkier form of sexual activity. So, it is better that you should always clean up the blade and your hands before venturing into Knife Play activity. As accidents do happen to professionals it is better that you should have certain anti-septic aids available. So clean up the area with soap or a disinfectant and apply a bandage. 

By following these safety protocols, you can have some great kinky adventures with your submissive partner.

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