Enjoy Supreme Comfort and Wild Adventures with Exquisite Anal Beads

Experience The Epic Booty Play With These 6 Anal Beads

So you want to try anal play? Don’t worry I have got your back, let’s talk about it and normalize it first. Yes, you’ve read that right, butt play is still seen with the weird eye and deemed as dirtiness with sex. But there are people under the layers that are very much into butt play and have the horniest cupids caged in some corner of their minds for anal sex. According to a survey, guys find anal penetration tighter than the vagina and there are some legit physiological and psychological reasons behind it why your boy is so much obsessed with anal play, and craving for it. 

Butt hole penetration feels tighter and warmer because you might have never been there with your little buddy. The second reason, you have seen anal play in porn, and now even you’re aching to try it. There’s a common myth that most women don’t like anal sex, and save it for special occasions- you have to earn it, and this makes it more intense and exciting. Yes, most women don’t like backdoor strokes because the penis head can be bigger than the hole which makes the area around the rectum stretch from its original position. Hence, it triggers pain and discomfort for girls who have never tried butt play in their life. 

Anal sex takes time and patience from both parties. A lack of knowledge can make the receiver bleed and hard to poop the next day. Anal sex in hurry can make the area vulnerable to getting tiny tears which can hurt you a lot. 

Special Toys For Special Place 

For easy and smooth anal gliding, you need to create some room for your dick so it can slide in easily without hurting your partner. You’ll find no shortage of anal sexccessories on the internet. There are hundreds and thousands of toys that you can use to explore and experience butt play. Some people use their big fingers, while others go for vibrating anal dildos or glass butt plugs to get aroused. Of course, some people like to have the best of both worlds. Yet in all these hush-hush, I have forgotten to spotlight a key player: Anal beads. 

Anal beads are in the dim light under the list of butt play accessories. Anal beads might be the unsung heroes of anal sex play, but they are freaking amazing and effective for smooth anal play. so what are anal beads? These are a type of sex toy that runs in a series of spheres along a cord. They are thoughtfully designed to stimulate the nerve endings around the anus. Some of the nerve endings also end around your genitals, and the tingling of the anal beads elicits sweet sensations. 

Types of Anal Beads For Astral Anal Play Experience 

Just as there’s a whole dam galaxy of anal beads sex toys that you can use for anal play, choosing the right fit for your ass hole is not as easy as vaginal sex. If you are shopping for anal beads to have your first-time backdoor experience, good choice! Now let’s take you some best large anal beads, small anal beads, and gay anal beads that are worth trying- 

1. Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo 7 Inch

Versatile and classy, this Lovehoney Beaded Sensual Glass Dildo comes with a row of smooth curved bulbs that will heighten your sensations during anal play. This beautiful glass dildo is perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation, and will also get the job done for a sensual spine-tingling massage. 

Just like other glass sex toys, these huge anal beads can also be used with all types of lubes. This dildo is perfect for you if you take sensations seriously. For more fun, try a little temperature play- Just simply dip the glass dildo in warm water or ice it in the fridge for 10 minutes before use. 

Don’t forget to test the temperature on your arm before inserting it inside your butt. 


  • Comes with a skin-friendly glass material 
  • Series of curved bulbs for prostate or G-spot stimulation 
  • Nestled in a velvet storage bag 
  • Borosilicate glass can be used for temperature play  


  • Absolutely nothing 

2. BASICS Anal Beads 8 Inch

BASICS Anal Beads 8 Inch

The BASICS Anal Beads 8 Inch might seem an old-school anal bead, but it’s freaking amazing in its job! Runs with 8 inches long deliciously smooth PVC beads will take your ass hole sensations to higher realms. Apply water-based lubricant for easy gliding and experience a tsunami of sweet sensations. 


  • Super smooth PVC anal beads for all levels of anal play 
  • Each bead is bigger than the other in size for pleasurable insertion 
  • Skin-friendly 
  • Perfect for solo play, foreplay, or sex
  • Enough length of 10 inches 


  • I wish the last bead was a bit bigger

3. BASICS Anal Beads 6.5 Inch


If you have strong urges to try anal play for the first time, then the BASICS Anal Beads 6.5 Inch will be a perfect fit for your butt hole. I know you have strong tides of urges and orgasms to take anal play to a higher level, but it’s advised to take one step at a time. These anal beads will never fail to offer you the oh-amazing experience. 

The best part is that these Thai beads are connected in reverse formation, starting from the largest one to the smallest at the tip, the beads are thoughtfully connected to heighten pleasure when removed during climax. 


  • Ideal for first-time anal play
  • The reverse formation of anal beads will trigger mind-blowing pleasure 
  • Highly-durable 
  • The first small tapered bead is for easy insertion 
  • Ergonomic finger loop for simple retrieval


  • Absolutely nothing 
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4. Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set

Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set

If you have no fun with the normal anal beads then how about the buzz? Have fun with Lovehoney Booty Wonderland Vibrating Anal Beads Set that features a beaded prostate massager, anal beads, and a bullet vibrator that comes with 3 different speeds and 7 vibrations. 

Just simply apply water-based lubricant on bulbs and you’re all set for a play. 


  • Features 3-piece anal stimulation set 
  • 10 vibration modes for the epic booty shake
  • 6.5 inches in length
  • Made of strong A-grade silicone 


  • Vibrations got lost quick 

5. Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

These simple-looking silicone beads are so much fun. The beads are firm-yet-flexible which makes insertion easy and pleasurable. Oh, the shape is designed to complement the natural curve of your body. The beads connected in series when pulled out trigger explosive sensation, making you ready for fun. It can be used with water-based lubricant, just apply it and glide it slowly inside your butt hole. 


  • Silicone beads are perfect for beginner
  • Finger loop for safe and easy removal 
  • Gives the best results if used with water-based lubricant 
  • Every bead is bigger than the other that triggering sweet sensations 
  • Enough length of 8.5 inches 


  • Absolutely nothing 

6. Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads

Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone

Want to add butt play to your BDSM session, then try these Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Intensified Silicone Anal Beads that will make your anal play fifty shades more intense and wild. Now enjoy the best anal play with these big anal beads that are deliciously smooth and skin-friendly. Submerge yourself in a Christian character of fifty shades, and play a sexy dom with these silicone anal beads. 

Safety is A-grade in the form of a finger loop for easy to twist, thrust, and play with the beads without causing any harm. 

Apply water-based lubricant on the beads for easy gliding. Do not use it with silicone lube. 


  • Super smooth silicone anal beads for intense stimulation during foreplay, solo play, and sex
  • Safety is ensured with a handle loop 
  • Gradually increasing beads for thrilling sensations
  • Latex-free and skin-friendly


  • It wasn’t big enough for me

7. Rocks Off Petite Sensations Purple Vibrating Anal Beads

Rocks Off Petite Sensations Purple Vibrating Anal Beads

This is from the future- Now enjoy the epic booty bonanza with Rocks Off Petite Sensations Purple Vibrating Anal Beads that are made of velvety soft silicone. It has just 2.75 inches of maximum girth which makes it ideal for beginners.

Deeper is pleasurable, I heard it- These anal beads come with 5.75 inches of insertable length. Gradually increase the beads, insert one at a time, and enjoy the alien-yet-sweet sensations. if insertion is no fun, then this baby buzzes with 3 satisfying speeds and 4 patterns. 


  • Super slim and smooth anal beads for easy insertion 
  • Shoots rumble-yet-silent vibrations 
  • Made of velvet-soft silicone 
  • Features 3 speeds and 4 patterns 
  • 100{bfab4d58a0f8f81b3bf99113d7feed73f9a1649aad46d7962182acbb90fa628c} waterproof 


  • Vibrations could be stronger

Why Do People Like Anal Beads Play? 

Booty hole is often undermined as a source of orgasm, and people often avoid talking about it. Why? anal play is heavily stigmatized if you find your way to get over with that. You’ll unlock a whole new world of pleasure and fun.

Just like when a champagne cork pulls out calls for celebration and good times, similarly it goes for the anal beads too. Anal beads when pulls out shoots sweets and intense sensations around your sphincter muscle, and it feels great. 

Here’s What To Know Before Using Anal Beads 

Your butt hole is the most sensitive part of your body after your vagina and breast. Hence, it’s recommended to know some important things before you get started wit anal play with your partner-

  • Don’t look for big picks, look for smaller beginner-friendly ones
  • Use lube and lots of lube 
  • Try with the first small beads slowly 
  • Use anal beads only for foreplay, and pull out as you get closer to climax 

Closing Thoughts 

It’s a wrap! Now you’re all set, pumped up, and ready to take your anal play to a higher level with these amazing anal beads. I hope you have a good read, but this is not the end! I promise to come up with another story of sex toys that you can try under the sheet. Humans are pretty kinky, so there will always be something new on the horizon of sex toys that will provide you eye-rolling sensation. 

Oh! One more thing that I forgot to add is – Consent. People often forget to bring consent to the table, just like I did! Be it sex or just a simple forehead kiss, consent is paramount. You should always respect your partner’s boundaries. Consent is the chemical X of every relationship! Now I am done! Have a great day guys! I will see you next time.

Lewis Joshua

Lewis Joshua is an author, sex educator, and BDSM expert. He has been working in the industry for over 10 years, helping people to understand the nuances of sexual exploration and empowerment. Lewis has written several books on the topic of sex toys and BDSM, which have become highly regarded in the industry due to their comprehensive content and insightful look into these complex topics. His work has been featured in numerous publications. As a public speaker, he regularly conducts workshops on issues related to sexual health and education. He is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to use sex toys safely while still having fun with them. His mission is to create safe spaces for everyone to explore their sexuality comfortably and confidently.

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