Different Kinds of Sliquid Lubricant

I have over the past month, well I guess, more than a month now, exhausted myself writing about different sex toys. There is a common experience or theme that we all seem to share. The sex toys usually operate great. They give us pleasure for a good session of thrusting. The better ones don’t even hurt our pubic bones. The problem though they all run dry too fast too quickly. The dry toy no matter what anyone says is a constant hassle to keep lubricated. The lubricant spreads all overall in all the thought of mess can often overtake the idea of pleasure. And then my eyes caught Sliquid lube after which I never turned to another lubricant. Want to know why? 

I Fell in Love with Sliquid Lube

A dry vagina is often a medical condition that most women deal with or will deal with eventually. Sexual intercourse becomes an activity then comprised mostly of pain. The desire again might go out of the window. I was searching on the internet therefore for a lubricant fit for the appropriate use. Sliquid lube caught my eye several times. I am going to pen down all the reasons why. 

Sliquid lube is glycerin-free and paraben free. Amongst the first facets that made me like Sliquid lube was how women’s health aware the brand seems to be. Lube is used by a large proportion of women prone to yeast infections and UTIs. Glycerin, a product often used as a constituent by many lube companies, makes these women more vulnerable to infections. Sliquid lube has completely done away with glycerin in the making of the lube. 

I Fell in Love with Sliquid Lube

If you’re wondering about the definition of paraben, paraben is a quite popular preservative used in many parts of the world and in particular the United States. Recent research has hinted toward the idea of a consistently huge amount of paraben present in the bodies of women with breast cancer. Similar to glycerin, Sliquid lube has completely made the product paraben free. 

The absence of glycerin and paraben in Sliquid lube has created an impression on me. The company pays attention to the body and the health of women, its primary customer base. And guess what I also use this lube over my Tantus Duchess Dildo and it just slides into my hole. 

Sliquid Naturals H2O, the Components  

Sliquid lube comes in with bucketloads of options for us to choose from. The most popular of their products is perhaps the Sliquid h2O. Sliquid Naturals H2O or Sliquid h2O is a vegan-friendly product with non-toxic and hypoallergenic other contributing elements. Sliquid Naturals H2O is available on any of the online shopping platforms like the likes of Amazon or whatever sites you go for. Just type in Sliquid H2O and the product is in a blue bottle. The price of the Sliquid Naturals H2O is customer friendly. 

To talk more about components of the Sliquid h2O, similar to what I wrote before talking about Sliquid lube in general. The Sliquid h20 is completely DEA, glycerin, propylene glycol, gluten, sorbitol, and sulfates free.  

Sliquid lube is best used while using latex and rubber or silicone product-based toys. If you own any silicone-based toys, I would recommend Sliquid lube, without hesitation. Sliquid Naturals H20 is based on the company’s self-purified water-based formula, and the Sliquid H20 is unflavored and unscented, and non-staining. If you know your history well concerning lube, these are all the things that probably make you give Sliquid lube a tick.  

Sliquid Naturals H2O, the Components  

The Sliquid H20 product is produced in a manner to blend with the body’s self-lubrication. The entire solution is made entirely of purified water and plant cellulose, potassium sorbate, citric acid, and Cyamopsis namely Guar conditioners.  Sliquid Naturals H2O uses plants as a thickening agent.

I have used Sliquid natural H2O. There are times often when there is a battlefront in my relationships with lubes. Sliquid didn’t flow from my hands or my genitals into my hand. Plus, there is always the added knowledge of what we are putting in our bodies. Sliquid lube certainly does take off. 

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Sassy Sliquid Lube, Lasts Longer This One

Sassy Sliquid is another top market choice amongst the range of products Sliquid lube offers. Similar to Sliquid H2O, sassy Sliquid is an unscented hypoallergenic paraben-free liquid. Sassy Sliquid is completely vegan-free, with non-staining, unflavored and unscented as the other working factors in favor of the lube. I guess by now you have received a vague idea of why Sliquid lube appealed to me. Don’t you feel the same now? 

Sassy Sliquid is a purified water-based gel, with almost all of the components similar to Sliquid h2O. The difference between the two products being the sassy Sliquid is formulated in a way to create a more thick gel in pursuit of achieving more padding. In simpler terms, the Sliquid h2o lasts longer. You can have a more lasting pleasure using the sassy Sliquid.

Over to You 

So, here you have it. Hopefully, I have been able to give you enough information about the Sliquid lube. There is both the sassy Sliquid and the Sliquid Naturals H2O lying in my drawer right now. I can assure you, the result is a pleasure. Now over to you. 

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