San Francisco Funsheet Plus Review

Sex is a creative process, but leaving some unwanted evidence of your creativity can be embarrassing and sometimes even looks gross, right? The sex process releases lots of bodily things such as sweat, semen, smell, vaginal fluids, lube, and spilled champagne that might get spilled in the slipperiness of the moment.

When it comes to sex, generally the wilder it is, the better it is. You just cannot have a good orgasm if you play cautious about the after-sex aftermath, such as semen, vaginal fluid, or sweat smell that might occur on your bed sheets. Luckily, sex sheets like San Francisco Funsheet Plus, are there so you summon your lusty devils under the sheets fearlessly.

Sex blankets are good for wet sex that free you from the stress of cleaning up a mess after sex. Whether you already have one or it’s your first time learning about that concept, sheets of san Francisco fun sheet plus review are the best and truly serve their purpose in layering off the mess you leave behind.

If you’re in your infancy with the term sex sheets then this article is for you. We will help you navigate to one of the best sex sheets that you can try during bedroom encounters.

First Things First, What Are Sex Sheets? 

Sex sheets are some special kinds of sheets that you can use during self-pleasure or partner play so you can keep it clean and dry because no one wants to lay in a semen spot. Waterproof sheets are the best sheets for sex and you should have them in your sexual toolkit because sex sheets can cover the mess you create during sex.

What Are Sex Sheets

Using sex sheets can be a hygienic move, especially when you don’t have time to wash them after bedroom adventures. Your sheets scream a lot about what you have done on bed—there could be lube, semen, sweat, oil, or fecal matter that can also breed out hundreds or thousands of bacteria. 

Sex sheets allow you to stay in the moment fearlessly because panicking about the stains and smells will definitely be a mood killer. So using sex sheets while having sex can bridge that self-created mental gap. 

When Should you use Sex Sheets?

When Should you use Sex Sheets

Sex or no sex, you can use sex sheets anytime but it’s recommended to keep the pitch ready before you crash land with your partner or start solo play. There’s no special occasion or moment to use one, but they can be helpful during wet and messy sex, especially if you’re a squirter and love squirting with sex toys, lube, oils and other bondage gears!

My Experience of Using San Francisco FunSheet Plus

It might be a tough nut to an easy feat to choose the right sex sheet when you have hundreds or thousands of options right in front of you. So here’s my honest review of San Francisco FunSheet Plus. I was really happy that I got it as my 25th-anniversary gift from my grandma.

Flat sex sheets are absolutely fluid-proof as it is of Polyurethane material and polyester. It has a silky smooth surface that also feels cool to the touch. However, it looks just like a regular bed sheet which is just fantastic and comes in different colors and patterns.

My Experience of Using San Francisco FunSheet Plus

The material is breathable because the fabric is made by combining two layers so the material can breathe between the layers. The best thing is that sheets of San Francisco Funsheet plus are lightweight and can easily fit inside your backpack without causing size concerns.

I am a squirter and sometimes I shoot almost half a bucket of water over on the bed, and if sheets are not washed it can smell really bad. But using the San Francisco fun sheet plus, sex mess has no longer been an issue. We like wet sex. And our sheets get almost covered with kinds of lubricants and secretions. But placing sex sheets over our current sheets saves us from the hassle of cleaning the after sex mess.

We have owned the sex sheets now for almost a year, and the sheet has gone through many wild sessions. Also, we have washed the sheet multiple times but it still looks just as nice and new as day one. If you’re looking for the best sheets for sex then Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus is something that you should try.

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Cleaning Instructions

Just wipe sheets with a wet rag and let them air dry for a couple of hours—instructions for lighter sessions. After wet sex, just toss the sheet in the washing machine, soap is optional. Letting the air dry is that simple. 

Closing Thoughts 

My final verdict is the San Francisco fun sheet plus is an amazing piece of material and fabric that allows you to have great sex without panicking about leaving stains or smell behind. Best for anyone who squirts a hell lot of water, and those who like messy play.

Also recommended to those who use different kinds of lubricants, sweat hard on the bed, and who are into fetishes that can cause damage or create a mess to bedding. Incredibly amazing and the best sheet I have used so far.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus?

Sheets of San Francisco Funsheet Plus is a high-quality, waterproof, and durable fabric designed to protect surfaces during various activities. Whether used for intimate moments or messy play, these sheets provide a reliable barrier to keep your surfaces clean and protected.

Q2. What makes Funsheet Plus different from regular bed sheets?

Funsheet Plus is specifically engineered for protection against liquids and stains. It is made from a unique, breathable, and fluid-proof fabric that goes beyond the capabilities of ordinary bed sheets. The material ensures a comfortable experience while safeguarding your mattress and other surfaces.

Q3. Is Funsheet Plus easy to clean?

Yes, maintaining Funsheet Plus is hassle-free. Simply toss it into the washing machine with similar items, using a mild detergent. It can be machine-dried on a low setting, making it convenient for regular use. The fabric is designed to withstand frequent washing without compromising its protective qualities.

Q4. Can Funsheet Plus be used for outdoor activities?

Absolutely. Funsheet Plus is versatile and can be used indoors or outdoors. Whether you’re having a picnic, enjoying a day at the beach, or engaging in messy crafts, this sheet offers a reliable barrier against spills and stains. Its portability makes it an excellent choice for various activities.

Q5. Does Funsheet Plus have any specific size options?

Yes, Sheets of San Francisco offers Funsheet Plus in various sizes to accommodate different needs. From single to king-size options, you can choose the dimensions that best suit your furniture or play area. The variety of sizes ensures a customized fit for every user.


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