Frisky Hands Up! Cuffs with Suction Cups Review

Gone are the days when BDSM fanatics simply used ties and other basic home items to tie their partners at one place for bondage play. This really turned out to be restrictive after a point as the people could not move much away from their beds for bondage play. They had to look for bondage spots everywhere they wanted to fulfill their bondage fantasies. But then comes the savior, Frisky Hands Up BDSM Cuffs, which uses its suction power to stick to any hard, flat surface and you can go wild with your suction bondage kink.

I got really excited looking at the product and quickly added it to my cart. I will be telling you about my experience using the BDSM cuffs in the shower to test the durability and quality of the Shower cuffs.

What are the Frisky BDSM Cuffs?

The Frisky BDSM Cuffs claim to be a new and durable bondage tool in your sex toy collection for BDSM Play. It is marketed as a strong suction cup bondage that can be used to physically restrain your partner using the suction against smooth, flat, and hard surfaces. The design is really compact with velcro fasteners which makes it easy to adjust the lengths. Since there is no specificity to the product, it is gender-neutral and can be used by couples across the gender spectrum. Let’s see the product specifications:

Brand: Frisky

Material: TPR, Nylon, Neoprene

Color: Black

Dimensions: 10.75*2*2 inches

Features of the Frisky BDSM Cuffs

Following is the material, packaging and performance review of the BDSM Cuffs by Frisky. Let’s take a look how they perform: 

Material & Packaging

The package for BDSM cuffs arrives in a plain brown box keeping it as discreet as they could, which is a very good thing as I didn’t want my neighbors to know what I’m into. I ripped it open as soon as I got the delivery as I was very excited to see how the suction cup was going to be performance-wise. I haven’t had a great experience with suction cup bondage in the past because of the weak suction. The packaging is not very fancy, just a box that has the BDSM cuffs inside. Honestly, I didn’t care for the packaging much, as long as the quality is at par.

BDSM Cuffs

The material of these BDSM cuffs is TPR, Velcro, and Neoprene, making it a durable buy. The thick nylon BDSM cuffs hold onto the wrists or feet of the hostage quite well. The cuffs have a Velcro end which means that you can adjust the length. The product design skillfully keeps in mind the basic needs of most users. It is not a fancy-looking product. But the handsy and petite BDSM cuffs are easy to store under the mattress and no one would know. 


I quickly called my partner and incentivized him by inviting him for a quick shower, which he was obviously down for. Little did he know, he was going to be used as a means to test the latest shower cuffs that I had bought. A shower would also be a great power test for these suction cups. So, my partner came over, we foreplayed a bit and while he was all into it, I glided the BDSM cuffs onto his wrists. They got on quite smoothly, I must add.

We quickly undressed and that’s when he asked what the new prop was. I didn’t say anything and just raised his arms completely and stuck them to the tiles. It got on pretty well and I even double-checked by pulling it a bit but they stayed put. However, the real test would be when things heated up more. 

Performance of BDSM cuffs

The cuffs did not get wet a lot because of the nylon. And the suction remained sturdy as I ran my hands across my partner’s body. And guess what? He got restless to let go and touch me. He obviously couldn’t! So I continued stimulating him, playing with his sweet spots that I know like the back of my hands, by now. Then he gasped! Oh my god! He then applied a lot of force while showering to set himself free but the BDSM cuffs were stubborn enough to not let that happen.

Now, I wanted to see if these BDSM cuffs could survive my partner’s climax. I applied soap all over his body and thought of climaxing him with a blowjob. I was thinking he would be at the end of his patience and would apply all his force by then. As he neared the orgasm, he was so turned on by the oral sex mixed with suction cup bondage that too in the shower, he couldn’t keep it in anymore and his arms got free while he orgasmed to my face.

I was impressed that these suction bondages held onto the wet tiles in the shower for so long. We can get too wild at times so I think these handy BDSM cuffs will be perfect for us.

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Conclusively, I strongly feel that you should try the suction cup bondage with your partner. I have tried it for you guys in the shower. So it will definitely work on dry and smooth surfaces like your kitchen counters, room walls, and floor, etc. Kink it all you want, try on the bondage alternatively, and see how much fun you can have with it. It is completely safe and doesn’t itch on the wrists after usage. Highly recommended! Do let us know if you go ahead and order it and write to us about your experience with the BDSM Cuffs.

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