Godemiche Effulgence Ambit

With an increasingly expanding Sex toy market, there is an insane variety in the product range that is available for all kinds of people. Personally, I am all for the technically genius Sex toys that come into the market every day: the vibrator cum dildos, the BDSM gears, Clit Suctions, and whatnot. But what kind of seems forgotten and dropped by the producers in the name of obsolete is the old-fashioned, well-designed dildo. There is a lot of innovation in the products these days and rightly so. But I was missing a good old dildo which just gets me and my sweet spots. And I finally came across the incredibly good-looking Godemiche range of products and got blown away by them. 

In this article, I shall be discussing the Godemiche Effulgence Ambit which I tried. I will provide a comprehensive review of the same in order to help you make the right decision if you’re planning to buy it. 

The Godemiche Ambit Dildo

The Godemiche Effulgence Ambit is a simplistic dildo that does not try to be anything else except the fantastically aesthetic designs. Apparently, Godemiche is a two-person UK brand, that started off newly and trying to build a niche around its products. Even succeeding at it because of the great reviews their products get. The Godemiche stands out as it is hand-made and hand poured by the makers yet there are no inconsistencies to be found in the texture.

The Godemiche Ambit Dildo

The brand shares the labor that goes into customizing the dildo over its Social Media. There are constant updates on their IG and Snapchat Stories about their latest orders in the making, packaging, and other stages of production. This interactive & innovative Social Media draws you more towards the quirky line of products that Godemiche flaunts. Let’s get into the feature review of the Godemiche Ambit dildo.

Features of the Godemiche Ambit 

The background and the story of this newly found small business really impressed me but it’s not to say that the quality of the product will be at par. For an outstanding review, they will have to live up to the expectations. Let’s find out if they do.


I was already too excited to finally tear open my Godemiche Effulgence Ambit. I have used a few dildos before as well and till then no one had good packaging like Tantus Duchess Dildo, but now I have to say, the competition has arrived. The Godemiche came in a plain brown box revealing no secrets of its own and being the absolute opposite of what was to be found inside the box.

As I opened the box, there was a Piece of paper which read ‘Birth Certificate’ for my Godemiche Ambit and had me laughing. These small gestures that a brand does to make the product fun and interactive go a long way, at least for me. I might even consider framing it up! The Godemiche comes wrapped inside a re-saleable plastic ziplock. For a small business, the packaging was simple yet sustainable which stood out for me.

Appearance & Material

Then emerged the splendidly beautiful Godemiche Effulgence Ambit. What do I even say about the appearance of the dildo? It is hands down one of the most good-looking dildos I own. It deserves to stay on the shelf alongside the birth certificate frame. The Effulgence Ambit is a monochrome glittery dildo and is originally available in so many ranges like the Galaxy, Nebula, etc. which are all better than the last. This is a rare problem to have while shopping for dildos, and you sometimes have confusion between the patterns and colors as they are all amazing to look at. The glittery design of the Godemiche got me even more excited to use the product.

Appearance & Material

The Godemiche Ambit has a platinum silicone body which makes it completely non-porous and body safe. Of course, there is also glitter mix but it doesn’t ruin the texture of the dildo rather enhances the overall look. The kind of silicone it has wouldn’t catch a lot of dust and lint and is easy to clean. Additionally, the Godemiche is perfectly smooth and squishy, unlike most dildos which can feel quite sturdy down there.

Design & Performance

Coming to the Design of the Godemiche Ambit, it truly matches up the magic of its looks in the design and feel as well. Just like Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo, the magical stick is designed in such a way that it is not a straight penetration. There’s a bend, a well-carved-out head, and a ridge which are engineered so as to directly hit the G-spot and make you experience a pleasure. The brand gets the ridge and the curve so perfectly right that it is also anal-safe while meandering through the play area. The design also has a suction cup at its base which one can use against a wall or even a harness as the base is good in size.

When in use, the actual magic of its design translates well. The curvature of the Godemiche head not only stimulates insertion but also makes sure that the dildo doesn’t come out while thrusting. It proves to be a great investment because of all the features of the body and appearance as well as performance as it also leads to a great fulfilling climax.

Even the size & girth of the Godemiche Ambit is not unrealistically large, unlike a lot of dildos in the market. This ensures that the penetration doesn’t get too hard on the pubic area. Paired with a Water based lube, the smooth silicone of the Godemiche works perfectly in spotting all the sweet spots making you quiver for more.


In a nutshell, I finally understand why the Godemiche Ambit Dildo has such fantastical forms and is given a magical look. It is because of what the dildo beholds, the potential, and the magic from its appearance to its performance. Being the best of both worlds, it could only be something surreal and fantastical.

The Effulgence is so beautiful that I would recommend it to everybody. I want to make this small business flourish because of the contribution they have to us pleasure seekers. Sticking to the basics of being a Dildo, not trying to add incentives with features, and getting it all right is just what the Godemiché achieves. Highly recommended! Do let us know if you go ahead and order the product and tell us how your experience was with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Godemiche Effulgence Ambit?

Godemiche Effulgence Ambit is a premium silicone dildo crafted by the UK-based company Godemiche. It is a part of their Ambit collection, known for its unique and artistic designs. The Effulgence Ambit, in particular, stands out with its stunning aesthetic and high-quality construction.

Q2. What sets the Effulgence Ambit apart from other dildos?

The Effulgence Ambit distinguishes itself through its hand-poured, pearlescent silicone, which creates a visually captivating iridescent effect. This, combined with its ergonomic design, makes it both a functional and visually appealing pleasure product.

Q3. Is the Effulgence Ambit body-safe?

Yes, the Effulgence Ambit is made from body-safe platinum-cure silicone, ensuring a non-toxic and hypoallergenic experience. Godemiche prioritizes the safety and comfort of their users, making their products suitable for intimate use.

Q4. How should I clean and maintain my Effulgence Ambit?

To clean the Effulgence Ambit, wash it with mild soap and warm water. You can also use a toy cleaner specifically designed for silicone products. Ensure thorough drying before storage. It’s advisable to store the dildo away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to maintain its quality.

Q5. Can the Effulgence Ambit be used with lubricants?

Yes, the Effulgence Ambit is compatible with water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, and oil-based lubricants. However, it’s advisable to perform a patch test with a small amount of your chosen lubricant on a discreet part of the dildo to ensure compatibility and avoid any potential damage.


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