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There is so much talk about the way to a man’s heart and how it is through their stomach but so little about women. But let us tell you that a way to a Woman’s heart is through her clitoris, which many men fail to locate. So reaching the heart remains a far-fetched dream. That’s where the Sex toys, vibrators, and suction toys like Womanizer 2Go come in, to lead you to orgasm and leave you breathless and asking for more.

Womanizer 2Go is the newest release by the much-acclaimed brand Womanizer known for its Classic in the past. All the products are suction toys for the Clitoris and are based on the Pleasure Air Technology which works by creating suction and pulling on the stimulation area to experience pleasure. 

The user reviews for the previous products have been amazing as they reportedly take you to the orgasmic peak at lightning speed. In this article, we will find out if this new Womanizer 2Go meets the benchmark of the range or maybe even take it higher. I’m quite positive about the product but let’s hope for the best. 

How to Use the Womanizer 2Go

This product is a very easy-to-use, handy suction toy. There is only a single button that is used to operate the modes and switch on/off which makes it easy to go about. However, it can get frustrating to shift modes as there are 6 of them. Moreover, you will have to remember the number of times you pressed the button.

How to Use the Womanizer 2Go

Following are the steps to use the Womanizer 2 Go:

  • Long Press the single control button on the lower part of the toy to turn it on. A red light comes to indicate the switch on and the lowest intensity mode starts.
  • Choose the Stimulation head, according to your size and preference, and place it over the clitoris just like clitoral vibrator. Create an air suction by pressing it on the clit once it fits.
  • The same control button is used to change the intensity. Keep pressing and explore the 6 options available to see what suits best.
  • Once you’re done and hopefully satisfied, you can turn it off by long pressing the button again.
  • You can also charge the Womanizer 2Go by using the USB cable that comes with the product. Just plug it in your laptop for 2 hours and let it charge fully. This gives you a 4-hour uninterrupted run time.

Features of the Womanizer 2Go

Features of the Womanizer 2Go

To give you a comprehensive review of this suction toy, I have categorized and reviewed each aspect of the product so that you can read and get a better idea about it. Let’s get right to it.


Womanizer 2Go Packaging

If I were to describe the packaging in one word, it would be Fancy. I don’t know if the intention behind the packaging was to keep it discreet and secret or if they have gotten progressive enough to package sex toys impressively. Either way, Womanizer 2Go gives off a really luxurious makeup or perfume package vibe. And you will want to save these boxes as they look super pretty. Besides, you will anyway have to save the box as there is no storage bag that comes with the product. The color scheme is Mint & Pink which only adds to the pop of color.



Keeping the fancy on, the Lipstick-shaped Womanizer 2Go looks like real lipstick as it not only looks classy and hot but also can diffuse within the makeup products. However, this is a Double-XL Lipstick so you might have to think of ways to pass it off as that. The colors again are Mint & Pink. There is also the Classic black and white available which also goes with the vibe of the Womanizer 2Go.

There are various parts to this product:

The Cap: It is the storage cover that you can put on after use. It saves the product from catching dust and covers the main suction area completely.

Body: This is where the Stimulation head is along with the handle and the motor.

End: The lower part of the product has a control button as well as a charging port.

Extra Head: Another size of the removable stimulation head is included for people who find it more suitable.

The looks aside, this peculiar shape of the Womanizer 2Go can make handling it and holding it in a particular position a bit inconvenient.

Material & Care

Material & Care

The womanizer 2go is made of Silicone which makes it body safe and non-porous. The handle and the rest of the body are made from ABS Plastic. The Product can be cleaned easily and separately as the stimulation head is detachable. Take the silicone head and you can sterilize it or clean it with warm water. Even the rest of the body can be kept in warm water to get rid of any dirt or liquid that might be there. Dry it well after the wash before you put it to use again.

Sound & Intensity

sound and intensity

Moving on to the Performance part of this Womanizer 2Go review, the product lives up to the expectations after the beautiful looks and packaging. The intensity of the Pleasure Air Technology is really good and the single control button has 6 modes to change the patterns and intensity levels. It is quite impressive that even the slower modes can drop you to the high road to climax.

One negative, however, is that the sound of the motor is too high. There is a high rattling sound that Womanizer 2Go makes, revealing all your secrets. If you were planning on keeping any secrets then you can use silent vibrators. So, sometimes I use Fun Factory Bouncer dildo to avoid sound and experience an extreme level of orgasm.


In the end, I feel that it is a bit high priced for all the oomph in the looks. But the product is also worth the money for its quality. The sound issue can potentially reduce when you keep using it. But other than that, the excitement and the fulfillment Womanizer 2Go gives is on another level. It is such a targeted sucking at the exact right sweet spots that your fingers or hands could never achieve that accuracy. Therefore, you should definitely try out the Womanizer 2 Go. And let us know how it made you feel down there, once you do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Womanizer 2Go?

The Womanizer 2Go is a discreet and portable clitoral stimulator designed to provide pleasure through gentle suction and pulsation. It’s designed for women seeking a unique and satisfying experience.

Q2. How does the Womanizer 2Go work?

This device uses Pleasure Air Technology, which creates gentle, pulsating waves of air and suction around the clitoris. It stimulates without direct contact, providing intense pleasure and often leading to multiple orgasms.

Q3. Is the Womanizer 2Go discreet and travel-friendly?

Yes, the Womanizer 2Go is designed to be discreet and travel-friendly. It has a lipstick-like design, making it easy to carry in your purse or luggage without drawing attention.

Q4. Is it safe to use the Womanizer 2Go?

Yes, the Womanizer 2Go is safe to use when used as directed. It is made from body-safe materials and designed to provide non-invasive clitoral stimulation and G-spot stimulation. However, it’s important to follow the user manual for best practices and cleaning instructions.

Q5. What are the different intensity levels available on the Womanizer 2Go?

The Womanizer 2Go typically offers multiple intensity levels, ranging from gentle to intense. Users can choose the level that suits their preferences and gradually increase or decrease as desired.


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