Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair

Honestly, I was just bored of ordering and trying sub-standard vibrators and sex toys. I was literally starting to think that the sex toy market has reached its stage of stagnation in terms of innovation and pleasure. The more the number of sex toys and competitors, the lower the quality. So, as my usual day goes, I was scrolling my shopping apps for new and interesting sex toy options, with little hope, when I came across this eye-catching color of a rocking chair sex toy. Instantly, I was intrigued and started reading more about this Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair before impulsively placing an order.

After a long time, I was excited to try out a new product and share my honest review of the same. So, let’s begin Review of the Week with the Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair!

About the Product: Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair

The new Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair by Pipedream is a stimulating furniture chair that rocks you back and forth with its vibrations. It is a flamboyant Purple and Pink Rocking sex chair toy which attracts your attention even more. The usage can be solo or with your partner to turn it into Rocking chair sex if you like. Since it is an electric sex toy, you need to plug it into the wall. It comes with a long cord and an International adapter to suit your needs anywhere in the world. The product specifications are as follows:

  • Brand: Fetish Fantasy Series by Pipedream
  • Measurements: 12.5*17.5*14.5 inches
  • Material: PET Plastic & Silicone
  • Color: Purple
  • Motor Type: Electric

Features of the Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair

Features of the Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair

Let me break down my usage experience with the Rockin Chair for all of you so that you can get an insight into the various aspects of the product and decide if you want to buy it.

Appearance & Material

Appearance & Material of rockin chair

The Rockin chair is a package that arrives with no secrets by virtue of its size. But I was mostly prepared for that as I had already gone through the product specs before placing the order. As soon as I opened it, a flashy Purple chair came out which took me again by surprise because it looked bigger than I expected. It is quite like bigger stool furniture but difficult to pass off as one. The color surely adds to the questions anyone suspicious would ask. The brand Fetish Fantasy markets it by saying it could easily pass off as a hip piece of furniture but I think the person will have to be really dumb to not suspect anything.

Moving past the massivity, I really liked that there are proper curves defined on the seat to cater to the butt muscles and body shape. There is also a handle on one side to hold onto while riding the Rockin chair. Coming to the ridge in the seat, the clit stimulation vibrator is quite prominent and large enough. It got me really excited about all the places it can wander when I ride it. The material of the Rocking chair sex toy is PET Plastic and high-quality Silicone, which feels nice directly on the skin making it easily cleanable with the complimentary toy cleaner as well as body safe. Trust me, it somehow reminded me of the days when I used Hot Octopuss Queen Bee for explosive orgasms.


Finally getting the mojo on, the chair really seems to rock my world. One not-so-great feature that I would specify at the beginning of the performance review is that it isn’t a cordless BDSM sex chair. However, the brand provides a long enough cord so that you can move it around a bit. But, this aspect of the Rockin chair has its own benefits, that is, the fact that it runs on power and not on batteries, gives it a marginal lead over other battery-run clit stimulators.

Performance of rockin chair

This cord feature provides such powerful vibrations in the Clit stimulator area of the Rockin chair that you wouldn’t mind being a little restricted when you can have the ride of your life sitting in one place. There is a Japanese electric motor that runs the Clit stimulator which adds to its size and turns out to be an explosive package while playing with the sweetest spots. 

There is a Remote-control that also comes with the Rockin Chair which has powerful functions as well as intensity functions just like remote controlled vibrators. So, you can adjust the intensity of the vibrations if you please. It also gives you a hands-free experience with the sex rocking chair. The ride in itself is such a gratifying one that I could not wait for how intensively it was going to lead me to climax. I could even change positions on the chair to adjust and change the spots I wanted the vibrator to feel, as I rock back and forth with the BDSM Sex chair.


With the pleasant experience and the scale at which this Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair is designed, it is one of the greatest purchases you can make for yourself. Everyone across the gender spectrum who would like some playing and intense stimulation down there should just get it and it will go down as one of the greatest gifts of your life. It is even better if you live alone or with a partner who gets you, as keeping the Rockin Chair a secret would be hard.

You can even incorporate it in your sexual play with your partner if they are okay with it. And you could maybe give the remote control to your partner’s hands who can surprise you with varying intensities down there. This way it can all turn out to be a fun time for both of you. Anyway, I strongly recommend this product so you should go ahead and order it. Do let me know how you felt the first time you turned on the clit stimulator for a ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair, and how does it work?

The Fetish Fantasy Rockin Chair is a specialized adult pleasure product designed for intimate experiences. It features a rocking mechanism and various attachments to enhance sensual activities. Users can engage in rhythmic movements to create a unique and enjoyable experience.

Q2. Are the attachments customizable, and can they be easily changed?

Yes, the Rockin Chair typically comes with interchangeable attachments to cater to different preferences. These attachments can be easily swapped, allowing users to customize their experience and explore various sensations.

Q3. Is the Rockin Chair suitable for all genders and sexual orientations?

Yes, the Rockin Chair is designed to be inclusive and can be enjoyed by individuals of all genders and sexual orientations. Its versatile design accommodates a wide range of preferences, making it a versatile option for diverse users.

Q4. How is the Rockin Chair powered, and is it discreet?

The Rockin Chair is usually powered by electricity or batteries, depending on the model. While it is not completely silent, many models are designed to operate quietly for discreet use. Additionally, some models may come with adjustable settings to control the intensity of the experience.

Q5. What are the cleaning and maintenance requirements for the Rockin Chair?

Cleaning instructions may vary by model, but generally, the attachments are removable for easy cleaning. It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning and maintenance. Using a gentle, non-abrasive cleaner and warm water is often suitable for keeping the Rockin Chair in good condition.


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