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Sensory Play is a major part of BDSM or even Vanilla sex. The titillating feeling that your partner’s hands or tongue leave you with, takes you to heaven instantly. We have all been trying to count and satisfy the seven stimulation spots that Monica told us about in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. But there is only so much you can do with your hands, fingers, and tongue. After a point, especially in BDSM Play, you require a fiery spice during the Sensory Play. That is where the Pinwheel BDSM toy comes in to surprise your partner with the spikes and add pain to your Sadomasochistic experiences.

In this article, we will be reviewing the Master Series Transfix Dual Pinwheel BDSM toy and tell you if it is the answer to your Pinwheel kink.

What does this Pinwheel BDSM Model offer?

What does this Pinwheel BDSM Model offer

The Master Series Transfix Dual Pinwheel BDSM is a new BDSM toy by the highly acclaimed Master Series. Targeted at Sensory play, the Pinwheel BDSM is a range of Pinwheel BDSM Toys that has two rollers with ten rows of spikes to induce maximum pain as well as pleasure. The Black Plastic/cellulose material eases the grip and gives a great wild finish to the product. Additionally, it’s not a very humongous product which makes it easy to carry anywhere you like. The product details are as follows:

Color: Black

Material: ABS

Measurement: 7.5*2.5 inches

Let’s move on to discuss the features in detail to help you make an informed decision.

Features of the Pinwheel BDSM Toy

Features of the Pinwheel BDSM Toy

Take a look at the following features as we break down each of them and discuss them to explain to you how the Pinwheel BDSM sex toy works and if it is worth the money at all. 

Packaging & Material

Packaging & Material

The Master series Transfix Dual Pinwheel is delivered in a Black/Gray Box which has a transparent cover. So, the Pinwheel BDSM toy is clearly visible through the packaging. It could be both a good and a bad thing for the users. Nevertheless, the packaging is really fancy and goes completely with the product image which definitely excites you, even more, to unpack it and run the wheels all over. 

Additionally, the material of the BDSM Pinwheel is Black Plastic, unlike most other Pinwheel BDSM toys which are metallic. As a result, the usual pinwheel is prickly and has sharper tips. Not to say that the plastic is any blunt but it definitely provides a great balance between pain and pleasure. Of course, the black glossy look adds to the whole kinky vibe of the toy.

Easy to Handle

Easy to Handle

The Pinwheel BDSM is simply two wheels on a rod, all made of black plastic. The rod has ridges to enhance the user’s grip. Moreover, the curves roll really smoothly which makes it an almost no-effort pinwheel BDSM sex toy. It’s a neatly assembled, smartly made product that can go places and provide a great sensory play and experience. Trust us, when you use this Pinwheel with Tantus Duchess dildo, then the level of orgasm hits another level. 

Dual Pinwheel

Dual Pinwheel

This BDSM Pinwheel model is constructed quite smartly taking into account a lot of user experience and rectifying the issues that are usually encountered. Most of the Pinwheels are simpler looking with a single wheel while this takes the game up a notch. There are two wheels with 5 rows each of the pins which not only distribute the pressure and reduce pain but also create a gear-like system that makes these wheels rotate around each other on your sensitive parts like clitoris. This definitely gives this BDSM Pinwheel an edge over its competitors as the wheels feel less sharp but equally or even more stimulating.

Smooth Curves

Smooth Curves

The wheels of this Pinwheel BDSM reminded us of a Dirt Bikewild-looking wheels adept with any kind of challenging terrain. On the first roll itself, you subconsciously assume and apply effort but end up realizing that it’s way smoother and requires very less pressure. The curves are efficient in the sense that the rotation doesn’t involuntarily stop while you roll it along your skin. So, there is no fear of scratching. And when we say it passes swiftly through each and every curve, we genuinely mean it, even if there are speed bumps along the way. It feels like sliding through your skin leaving a quick pain and pleasurable sensation just like app controlled vibrators.

The Feel

The Feel

Finally, come to how the BDSM Pinwheel feels on your skin and other sensitive parts. In a nutshell, it is divine! The Pinwheel starts off a bit ticklish which you can do using french tickler & mildly stimulating along the arms and the back. If you’re a sucker for pain, you can press the dual pinwheel harder leaving behind prickly marks as well. To enhance the unpredictability of the pleasure, you can pair it up with a blindfold and ropeplay and roll it along your partner’s body. Be innovative on the way, change paths and roads, take the road not taken and you shall come out a winner.

Begin the turning on by visiting the armpits, and the neck before moving to the chest/breast area. The pinwheel works like magic at these spots exuding the perfectly balanced pain and pleasure sensation. On to the private areas, you obviously should start slower because of the sensitive skin but once the pinwheel is used to the area, you can easily spice up the BDSM play with the Pinwheel sex toy.


In the end, we would just like to add that we haven’t been left so satisfied yet thirsty for more, by any Pinwheel BDSM in a long time. This Master Series Transfix Dual Pinwheel manages to do that. It’s a great buy and we assure you that you won’t regret adding it to your BDSM gear collection. It not only steals the attention with its looks but also amazes you with the magic it works on the skin, sparking a fiery and giddy feeling at the same time. Go ahead and order it now. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments how your experience was with this BDSM Pinwheel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is BDSM, and how does it relate to a Pinwheel?

BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. A Pinwheel is a BDSM tool that is used for sensory stimulation and sometimes mild pain. It typically has a wheel with small spikes that can be rolled across the skin. It is a good sex toy for beginners.

Q2. How is a Pinwheel used in BDSM play?

In BDSM, a Pinwheel is used to create sensations of pleasure and sometimes mild pain. It is rolled gently over the skin, and the sensation can vary depending on the pressure and the intensity of the wheel’s spikes. Some people find it arousing, while others enjoy it as a form of sensory play.

Q3. Is a Pinwheel safe to use in BDSM activities?

When used with care and attention, Pinwheels can be safe. However, it’s important to communicate with your partner, establish boundaries, and ensure both participants are comfortable. Using a clean, sterilized Pinwheel and practicing proper hygiene is also crucial to prevent any infections or injuries.

Q4. Are there any risks involved in using a Pinwheel during BDSM play?

The main risk associated with Pinwheels is breaking the skin, which can lead to minor bleeding or infection. To minimize this risk, use a clean and sterilized Pinwheel, and avoid applying excessive pressure. It’s also essential to have a safeword and maintain open communication during the play to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants.


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