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If you want to get your girl hooked with your motions, then get on with this powerful BDSM technique of sexual Pulling hair. But, this is not just simple hair-pulling, it is more intense and offers more pain and pleasure in the form of a hair fetish. It has been observed in a survey, that most girls nowadays prefer sexual pulling hair over Ben Wa Balls due to the impeccable sensation that it offers, you can act in accordance with your own preference of the hair, like long or short, braided or open, which gives a whole new dynamic to your sex life.

Whether you want to spice up your love life, or bored with the same positions every day, then try out this erotic hair-pulling. So, without any further delay, let me give you a piece of brief information regarding sexual pulling hair, so get ready to get your hormones flowing

Why Does Pulling Hair Sexually Give You the Best BDSM Experience?

Why Does Pulling Hair Sexually Give You the Best BDSM Experience

If you love to play with your hair, sexual hair-pulling is one of the best ways to incorporate your hair fetish. But, have you ever wondered what is the reason behind this sexual gratification? There is a very strong physiological reason behind this, as you know, when you grab women’s hair, the hair follicles activate certain nerve signals in the brain, which cater to most of the sensations for pain and pleasure. As the portion of the pain and pleasure are placed very close to each other in the brain, pulling hair sex gives massive sexual pleasure. But when pulling someone’s hair, the most important thing to remember is to get their consent first. Every woman doesn’t like their hair pull BDSM during sex in any way or touching hair. 

So, before you proceed to fulfill any of your hair fetishes or try out Bullet Vibrator, always ensure that the woman is comfortable with pulling hair sex. You can play with their hair in any way you want whether you like long braided hair, which will give you more grip, or short funky hair. It all depends on you. If you are not a fan of very rough hair fetishes, then you can try soft strokes in the hair, softly brushing or combing the hair while kissing gently. This can give you an exquisite sensation.

Things to Keep in Mind During Hair-Pulling Sex

There are some very important things to remember when pulling hair in BDSM or sexual activity. Here are those points-

Always Ask for Consent

Always Ask for Consent

It is always important to ask for consent before trying out any new things whether you are in a vanilla relationship or just casually hooking up. It is not important if you are well experienced in certain things and just want to try out things and put your thoughts down to your partner. You should always respect the decision of the other person, whether or not they feel the same way about sexual hair-pulling. 

You should always ensure that some things are just meant for pleasure and not to abuse. It is always important to discuss the limitations and boundaries before committing to anything new.

Always Start Gentle

Always Start Gentle

In the moment of passion, do not go straight to hardcore erotic pulling hair, this may sometimes make the situation worse and can cause discomfort to your partner. You can start gently by running your fingers through her hair, brushing them softly, then caressing hair, and then moving on to some gentle strokes and tugs. 

You can slowly build up the moment from scratch as you do during foreplay in order to make the moment more passionate. You can start by gently kissing her neck, then cursing some dirty talk in her ear, and then pulling her hair in motion. This will strongly make your moment more passionate and sensuous.

Do not Pull the Crown Section of the Hair

Do not Pull the Crown Section of the Hair

Always try to pull the hair from the back section as it is the safest method. Theoretically, in the heat of the moment, you can try out erotic pulling hair but try to avoid the crown section of the hair, as it can cause more injuries and hair fall. Your partner may not be satisfied with the result and can cause you more discomfort. You are advised to take permission from your partner before trying out such things. 

But, if you do not like rough erotic pulling, you can surely try caressing the hair in a more sensual way as there are many nerve endings that can be stroked in order to stimulate your partner’s feelings. Always try to pull a handful of hair as it can cause less discomfort and can give you more sensation, But do not try to pull the tips of her hair as it can cause pain and discomfort. Make sure to communicate with your partner for the best pleasurable and lustful experience.

Always Make sure Your Partner is Okay

Always Make sure Your Partner is Okay

It is definitely exciting to try out new things and explore your sexuality, but it is always important to make sure your partner is feeling okay and enjoying the same motion. Most of the time, doggy style is preferred for pulling hair sexually; in that way, you can enjoy both the sensation of penetration and erotic hair pulling. 

In such cases, it is not possible to observe the facial expression of your partner whether they are enjoying it or not, so always ensure to communicate with them about how they are feeling. Pulling hair during sex gives one of the best BDSM experiences, similar to using spreader bars, whether you prefer having rough or lousy sex. Do not hesitate to try them as they can actually give you an unforgettable experience.

What is Hair Bondage in Sexual Hair Pulling?

What is Hair Bondage in Sexual Hair Pulling

If you want to spice up your BDSM experience in sexual hair-pulling, you should try Hair-bondage. Hair bondage will give you an extra edge to your erotic hair-pulling experience. You can attach your hair to bondage rope or nipple toys in a certain position for extreme pleasure or else it can cause pain. You should always try to grab plenty of hair so that it does not cause any injuries. 

Do not try to hang the hair from the entire crown section. In most cases, you can perform hair bondages if the hair is long enough due to the high grip, but you can also try erotic hair pulling with shorter hairs. If you are having problems in keeping the hair bondage for a long time, then you can spray some hair spray for a longer stay. Hair bondage can be used to secure a sub in place, such as a bedpost or ring. Moreover, hair bondage can be incorporated into a hogtie or used to undo an anal hook.

Closing Thoughts

Pulling hair sex can give you a very passionate and amorous experience when performed safely. Hair-pulling sex can be really rough and can cause serious damage to your scalp and brain when done very roughly. So, always try to communicate with your partner how they are feeling and what ways they want to try. Do not dump your hair fetish and desires if your partner is not comfortable with them. But, without any hesitation, you should definitely carry out your sexual desires and explore more. Whether it is aggressive or not, you should always maintain the silver lining between pain and pleasure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Pulling Hair During Sex Causes Damage?

Ans. Frequent hair pulling can permanently alter hair development and result in scars, infections, and other harm to the skin on your scalp or the place where the hair is pulled. 

2. Why do People Enjoy Pulling Hair During Sex?

Ans. Hair pulling is a coping mechanism for unpleasant or stressful emotions like stress, worry, tension, boredom, loneliness, exhaustion, or irritation. Sexual hair pulling can give an edge to your hair fetish and help you to enjoy your sex in a more pleasing way.

3. Is Pulling Hair During Sex Addictive?

Ans. It depends on the habits of the person. For one, it can be addictive but for others, it cannot be. So, it is not definite to answer such a thing. All in all, it depends from person to person on their habits of addiction.

4. What Happens When Someone Pulls Your Hair Too Hard?

Ans. Permanent scarring is much more likely to be connected with sexual hair pulling that causes damage to the skin’s surface layers. It is such scarring that limits the renewal of hair. Scar tissue is a persistent condition that, when present, usually kills stem cells.


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