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The more you secure something in isolation, the stronger it grows, albeit it is not relevant to every situation. When you put a criminal in prison, s/he will start conducting exercises, and as a consequence, the criminal comes out of jail stronger when the time comes. What if you placed your cock in a safety cage? Obviously, it will harden into a bigger cylindrical rod. Is that correct? Use a Chastity device if you want that.

You can find a male as well as female chastity device. If you are seeking any device for either sex, you have come to the proper spot since we will go through a number of chastity devices for both men and women. Please continue reading if you want to get the most suited chastity device for yourself.

Chastity Device: Meaning And Its Types

Chastity Device Meaning And Types

A chastity device, often known as a penis cage, cock cage, ball cage, vagina lock, or ass lock, is a restraint and restriction device such as sex restraints. If you are a man and employ any of the above-mentioned devices to protect or secure your penis, you are attempting to prevent erections or masturbation.

If you and your sex partner want to spice up your monotonous and boring sex, you may use such devices that lead to chastity sex games. Your mind is locked and you are more urged to have sex with your partner. This is the reason, your partner might force or ask you to wear it.

In terms of types, the chastity device takes the form from which it derives its own construction and shape. The following primary kinds are available based on composition: silicone chastity devices, leather chastity devices, plastic chastity devices, and steel chastity devices. Apart from these, there are more subtypes, but these primary categories are sufficient for our fundamental comprehension so that we can acquire our products, which seems to be the main purpose for your visit here.

The Top-Grade Names Of Chastity Device For Men & Women

Chastity device collections are not cheaper, but rather pricey. However, we have put the names in ascending order, with the lowest price at the top:


1. Oxballs Cock-Lock Chastity Cock Cage


Oxballs Cock-Lock Chastity Cock Cage

As previously said, we will select the names from the lowest-cost chastity devices to the top; here is one, albeit it may not be the cheapest for many. Oxballs Cock-Lock Chastity Cock Cage offers a safe environment for your penis to relax. Your penis will acquire all sorts of restricted layers inside with flimsy locks and hard plastic. Its surface or layers do not cause any uncomfortable pinching sensations on the skin of your penis. As a result, it is safe for your dick, and it creates a greater climax by producing sperm accumulation for the upcoming session. If you are looking for the best male chastity device, this can be your choice.

  • Comes with flimsy locks and hard plastic
  • A secure place for cock
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Strengthen the core of the penis
  • Provide a drain hole at the tip
  • Not good for multiple wears and uses
  • Weaker ring


2. ManCage Model 21 Silicone Cock Cage 4.5″


This chastity device is more expensive than the last one. The ManCage Model 21 Silicone Cock Cage 4.5″ is ideal for BDSM couples who want to lock the dick in the optimum resting position before the next sex activity. This lock cage also guarantees that your penis does not wander off looking for another vagina and that your chastity game is safe. Hence, it is a good option as a male chastity device. The greatest aspect is that it is made of medical-grade silicone, so you can wear it all day. This has a ventilation slot so that your penis has enough area for toiletry and air supply.

ManCage Model 21 Silicone Cock Cage 4.5

  • Perfect for BDSM and kinksters
  • A secure and protective device
  • Proper ventilation for air and toiletry
  • Suitable discreet wear
  • Silicone material used
  • Bigger in size
  • A bit pricey
  • Lesser length


3. Model 6 Chastity 5.5″ Transparent Cock Cage


Model 6 Chastity 5.5 Transparent Cock Cage

The Transparent Cock Cage is the next product on the list to reach the next pricing level. This is the ultimate male chastity device because it makes your penis feel nice. The Model 6 Chastity 5.5″ Transparent Cock Cage is made of high-quality Polycarbonate, which makes it sturdy and long-lasting. Your dick rests securely thanks to the metal lock and tie-wrap lock. You may also wear it on all of your important occasions.

  • Durable and lightweight chastity device
  • Made of high-quality Polycarbonate
  • Proper ventilation and opening
  • Restrict full erection
  • Perfect BDSM as a male chastity device
  • Lesser length for some people
  • Expensive


4. Model 2 Chastity 3.5″ Transparent Cock Cage


This chastity device is another expensive item and is manufactured of premium polycarbonate. It is very lightweight and strong. Model 2 Chastity 3.5″ Transparent Cock Cage tool is ideal for BDSM role players who want to play a submissive character. It properly retains the position of your penis while also ensuring its vitality.

You immediately feel pleasure after releasing your penis from its prison, but you’re also eager for more intense sex just like with anal dildos. It has a metal lock or tie-wrap lock that secures and protects the dick while it is in a resting position. Your health is a top consideration, thus sufficient ventilation, urine openings, and air supply are included. Hence, it can be the best male chastity device option.

Model 2 Chastity 3.5 Transparent Cock Cage

  • Made of high-grade poly-carbonate
  • Perfect BDSM role player
  • Safe protection for penis
  • Proper ventilation and opening
  • Metal lock or tie-wrap lock included
  • Shorter in length
  • Not an easy wear
  • Pricey and expensive


5. Strict Leather Chastity Belt


Strict Leather Chastity Belt

If you are looking for a female chastity device, consider this one. Even though it is the most costly item on our list, it is a fantastic and efficient chastity device for women. Therefore, if you want your partner to be prevented from accessing and teasing your vagina and anus, this is the ideal and most effective chastity device.  You can adjust this Strict Leather Chastity Belt up to 40 inches. This is an ideal addition to BDSM collections.

  • Top choice as a female chastity device
  • Perfect for BDSM role player
  • Adjustable up to 40 inches
  • Leather material used
  • More appealing to your partner
  • Pricey and more expensive
  • Lock sold separately
  • Single color variant


6. Model 4 Chastity 4.5″ Transparent Cock Cage


This is the last item pertaining to the chastity device which provides space with a length of 4.5 inches for your penis’s resting position.  With high-quality polycarbonate, it is safe and may be worn for extended periods of the day. It is equipped with a metal lock or a tie-wrap so that your penis will feel safe inside it. Model 4 Chastity 4.5″ Transparent Cock Cage is constructed of premium polycarbonate, therefore it is durable and good for penile health and hygiene. Hence it can be a good male chastity device for your penis.

Model 4 Chastity 4.5 Transparent Cock Cage

  • Made of high-grade poly-carbonate
  • Proper ventilation and opening provided
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a metal lock or a tie-wrap
  • Secure the erection from exposure
  • Lesser length
  • Expensive male chastity device


Important Considerations For Chastity Device

Important Considerations For Chastity Device

There are several reasons you will be enticed to wear it or your lover may need or insist that you wear it. If your partner asks you to wear it, there are two probable explanations: first, s/he wants to prevent you from having sex with others, and second, s/he wants you to be a BDSM submissive role player. Regardless of the cause, the following factors and principles should be kept in mind:


Before allowing someone to wear a chastity device, the most important factor to consider is their consent. If he or she refuses to wear, do not insist.

Safety Concerns

Check to see if the chastity device you intend to purchase is made from body-safe materials such as silicone and other body-safe rubbers and metals. It should not create any skin reactions. Also, if you share the device with someone else, consider whether or not they have had previous infections.

Discreet wear

Something funny and awkward is if you wear something over your penis and people look at your bottom down your belt because something is pushing your clothes outward. So, buy a chastity device that you can wear without being seen. Check to see if the company sends it in a discreet way.


A chastity device is the most effective instrument for enhancing the mood of both you and your sexual partner. If you utilize these devices successfully, they will not only boost your romantic relationship and sex game enjoyment, but they will also improve your sexual health by enhancing your energy.

We have attempted to provide a list of male and female chastity devices based on price, durability, and discretion, however, there are no cheaper chastity devices available. We are glad you enjoyed our list and hope that it helped you in making your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Chastity Device, and what is its purpose?

A Chastity Device is a type of sex toy designed to restrict access to the genitals and prevent sexual arousal or intercourse. It typically consists of a cage or tube that encases the penis, like penis extensions, along with a lock and key. The purpose is to control and manage sexual activity, either for BDSM play, Rope play, power dynamics, or as part of a consensual chastity agreement.

Q2. Are Chastity Devices safe to use?

Yes, Chastity Devices are generally safe when used responsibly and for the intended purpose. It’s crucial to ensure a proper fit to prevent injury or discomfort. Hygiene is also essential; regularly clean the device and maintain good personal hygiene to prevent any potential issues.

Q3. Can anyone use a Chastity Device?

Yes, anyone interested in exploring BDSM, power dynamics, or chastity play can use a Chastity Device. It’s important to engage in open communication with a trusted partner and establish clear boundaries and expectations before using the device.

Q4. How do I choose the right Chastity Device for me?

Choosing the right Chastity Device involves considering factors such as material, size, design, and comfort. Start with the appropriate size for your anatomy, ensuring a snug but not overly tight fit. Experiment with different designs to find what works best for you and your partner, always prioritizing comfort and safety.

Q5. How long can a Chastity Device be worn?

The duration a Chastity Device can be worn varies from person to person and depends on comfort and personal preferences. Some individuals wear it for short periods, like a few hours, while others engage in long-term chastity, lasting days, weeks, or even months. Always listen to your body and remove the device if you experience any pain, numbness, or irritation.


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