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During the Covid lockdowns, the number of solo hand jobs has increased. It is demonstrated by the fact that the online search for male sex toys, such as male masturbation toys, is on the rise; its sale has seen a very large number, not only in the USA but also in Europe and Asia. Love of the hand for your dick can be exhausting, and even your girlfriend’s hand can become mechanical after a certain number of times or she is calling from a long distance over the phone.

That’s when the Male masturbator can fill in for both your own and your girlfriend’s hands. Because you will not always feel the need to move your hand from your daily work, and your girlfriend or wife will not always be nearby.

Hence, we present you with the most sophisticated and high-tech male masturbation toys that will not only substitute the vagina but also give you a tangible vibe from missing your girlfriend/wife’s warm-slippery vagina. But, before we go into detail about masturbators, let us first grasp them from the standpoint of a layperson’s knowledge and their various types.

Male Masturbator | Meaning And Various Types

Male Masturbator Meaning And Various Types

A male masturbator is a sex device that fits over the penis. You can perform the blow job by masturbating your foreskin up and down (or the whole part of the penis skin). You can either slip these machine-made masturbators over your penis or wear them over your penis and do the blowjob.

Sleeve Masturbator: This is the most prevalent sort of oral sex toy. This sort of masturbator, as its name suggests, fits over the penis like a sleeve over the arm and performs its function of blowjob. There are sub-categories of sleeve masturbators, including simple male strokers, motorized sleeves, and stretchable masturbators.

Prostrate massager sex toy: This sort of sex toy is similar to a plug-and-play butt toy. This is an internal masturbator for males, as it vibrates the prostrate through the anal canal or from behind. Men utilize it to enhance their orgasmic peak.

Couples’ masturbators: Not only are masturbators popular among individuals; they are very popular among couples as well. Couples utilize such sex toys to deepen the intensity of their dominating bedtime sex game.

The Best Seller List of Male Masturbation Toys

Let’s examine some of the most desired masturbators on the market, which also happen to be the most popular on the invoice. We attempted to compile a comprehensive list, taking into account affordability, accessibility, fun, and discreetness.


1. Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator


Fleshlight Flight Pilot Male Masturbator

This is one of the items on our list that has become the best-selling item during the Covid outbreak, and its invoice graph is still consistent. The interior tract is attractive and textured properly. With an aerodynamic exterior and an artful opening, it features a powerful yet sweet-warm canal that gives off a genuine sex vibe. 

Its design is innovative and gentle, making the interior contact a genuine vaginal warmth. The material used is soft plastic, and the diameter of the canal is 0.5 inches to provide the precise tightness your dick may need. The internal length within is 6 inches.


  • A discreet and outstanding sex toy for realistic sessions
  • 6.5-inch sleeve for full stimulation to the entire penis
  • Capable of suction-based stimulation
  • 0.5-inch opening to prove its power of sensuality
  • Works well with water-based lubes
  • Cleaning and powdering can annoy
  • An adapter is needed for a shower attachment
  • Slanted base needs perfection


2. Lovehoney Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Male Masturbator


This one is notable for its innovative suction-based vibe. The Lovehoney Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Male Masturbator is equipped with a mind-blowing, cutting-edge Blowmotion masturbator that gives incredible suction vibration. This makes it the best male masturbator, but it is a bit pricey.

This male masturbator features two speeds and four vibration patterns that are plenty for enjoyment. There is a USB rechargeable battery that provides up to 80 minutes of run time. Mix your pleasure with water-based lubricants to reach the climax.

Lovehoney Blowmotion Suction Vibrating Male Masturbator


  • Suction-based vibrator and stimulator
  • 2 speeds and 4 patterns for guaranteed orgasm
  • 3 suction mode to give your realistic oral simulated pleasure
  • Internal length: 4 inches but total length: 10 inches
  • 80 minutes of run time
  • Best sex toy for beginners
  • Vibration patterns and speed can upset
  • Less internal length


3. Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator


Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator

This is less expensive than the one we discussed previously. Blowmotion Warming Vibrating Male Masturbator, as its name implies, is excellent and one of the best male masturbation toys since it can give a simulation akin to the aura of the warm sensation of your girlfriend’s or wife’s vagina. 

It can warm your dick up to 40 degrees Celsius, which is the ideal temperature your cock wishes for. You can reach the last destination of bliss by utilizing the six vibration patterns and three intensity levels. Enhance realism with water-based lubricants. It has a 60-minute runtime, and it consists of silicone material in its component. However, its internal length is 3 inches only.


  • Silicone-based masturbator with an authentic feel
  • 3-inch internal course with 40°C warming capacity
  • 6 vibrations and 3 intensity mode
  • USB charging is perfect for travel and outings
  • Perfect vibe with water-based lubes
  • Might not suit to a bigger size
  • Produces higher-than-normal noise 


4. Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Riley Reid Compact Male Masturbator


This may appear modestly priced and affordable, but its vibe and aura will make you feel on cloud nine. Because its design and dimensions were inspired by Riley Reid’s vagina and ass—Riley Reid, who is still the fantasy girl of men worldwide. The lifelike and fine texture of the sex toy creates a genuine vagina. 

The name Riley Reid is sufficient to visualize her as the culmination of your journey for solo sex. Apply some warm water prior to beginning the blowjob. The internal length is only 3.5 inches, which may be a demerit.

Fleshlight QUICKSHOT Riley Reid Compact Male Masturbator


  • The realistic feel of Riley Reid’s vagina and ass
  • Authentic textured sleeve for solo or couple sex
  • Ideal size for funs on travel and outings
  • The opening design has both a vagina and butt feel
  • Soft plastic material
  • Internal length is 3.5 inches
  • Lack of length
  • Might be too tight for some 


5. TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator


TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator

This is one of the most affordable male masturbation toys, thus we cannot neglect to include it. It can be the best male masturbator if people know the proper technique to maximize their sexual performance. This male masturbator from the brand TENGA will do wonders for you. When you begin to crack open its egg-shaped shell, you will begin to see the woman’s curves in your imagination. 

The TENGA Egg Lovers Heart Textured Male Masturbator covers the entire length of your penis. It can expand to a maximum length of 12 inches. It has a 0.75-inch canal diameter and an internal length of 2.5 inches. We can call it one of the best blowjob toys at present in the market.


  • Perfectly elastic masturbator for men
  • Comes with a TENGA lubricant sachet
  • Perfect discreet sex play on weekends
  • The material used is soft plastic
  • Stretchable up to 12 inches
  • Not for multiple uses
  • Thicker lube is provided with the package 


6. Kiiroo FeelStars Victoria Male Masturbator


The replica of Victoria’s vagina, a well-known adult star, is one of the most realistic male masturbators now available. Kiiroo FeelStars Victoria Male Masturbator is the ultimate sex toy to give you the closest sexual pleasure comparable to her actual feel and touch—a real girlfriend experience. The product is compatible with water-based lubricants. It has an interior length of 7 inches and an overall length of 8.5 inches. It consists of soft plastic in its construction.

Kiiroo FeelStars Victoria Male Masturbator


  • Realistic masturbator similar to Victoria’s feel
  • Easy cleaning inside the sleeve
  • 8.5 inches of total length with 7 inches of internal length
  • Soft plastic material used
  • Works well with water-based lubes
  • Too slippery grip
  • Cap not user friendly 


Tips on Purchase of Male Masturbation Toys

Tips on Purchase of Male Masturbation Toys

There is no guiding principle when it comes to purchasing the best male masturbator for yourself, as it is commonly believed that everyone is an expert in their own research and usage. However, as product reviewers, we have identified the following factors to consider when selecting a male masturbator for yourself:

Usability Frequency and durability: When selecting the best male masturbator for yourself, consider the durability and reusability of the sex toy. Some masturbators only last once or twice. Choose the appropriate product according to the frequency of use.

Price: Obviously, you will not purchase an expensive, single-use male masturbator. Check the price-related variants of its features and characteristics.

Discreetness: You will not buy the male masturbation toys which are bulky; it will spoil your weekend plans. Your discreet plays will not optimize. 

Charging Capability: When purchasing rechargeable masturbators, a USB charging port is an absolute must. This will not hinder your weekend plans or in case you are on travel


The male masturbator has gained significant appeal over time, particularly during Covid lockdowns. When you are in a good mood and your girlfriend or wife is gone, they are a wonderful way to spend your time alone playing your solo game. Some male masturbator toys are so lifelike that you would not be able to tell whether your dick is inside an artificial vagina or a genuine one, such as replicas of Victoria’s and Riley’s vagina.

We have compiled a list of names of masturbators and discussed each one with regard to the ambiance and texture it would produce, and also its affordability (albeit some are pricey), accessibility, and discretion. Hopefully, this list can assist you in making a selection with a single option for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Male Masturbator, and how does it work?

A Male Masturbator is a sex toy designed for male pleasure and stimulation. It comes in various forms, including sleeves, cups, or devices, often made from silicone lubes or TPE. These toys are used to mimic the sensation of sexual intercourse and typically feature textured interiors for added pleasure. To use, apply lubricant and insert the penis into the masturbator, moving it in a stroking motion to achieve orgasmic pleasure.

Q2. Are Male Masturbators safe to use?

Yes, Male Masturbators are generally safe to use when used properly and in accordance with the provided instructions. It’s crucial to clean the toy before and after use and use a water-based lubricant to prevent discomfort or friction. Always choose toys made from body-safe materials and avoid using them if you have any irritation or injury.

Q3. Can anyone use a Male Masturbator?

Yes, anyone identifying as male can use a Male Masturbator for solo pleasure. These toys are designed to provide a satisfying experience regardless of age, sexual orientation, or relationship status. They can also be used by couples during intimate play to enhance foreplay or as a shared experience.

Q4. How do I choose the right Male Masturbator for me?

Selecting the right Male Masturbator involves considering factors such as size, texture, material, and functionality. Beginners may prefer simpler, compact options, while experienced users might opt for realistic textures and more advanced designs. Reading reviews and exploring different types can help you find the perfect fit for your preferences.

Q5. Are there different types of Male Masturbators available?

Yes, there are various types of Male Masturbators available. Some common types include pocket pussies, strokers, sleeves, automatic masturbators, and realistic body parts replicas. Each type offers a different sensation and experience, catering to various preferences and desires.


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