NobEssence Intrigue Review

Sex toys and solo wooden dildo pleasures are not today’s emerging fashion of the sex world, that is happening under the layers. From time immemorial, humans are creative horny beings and always seeking out things that can provide us with higher realms of orgasm and sensations. From AI-powered massagers to butt plugs to dildos, there’s always new on the horizon in the sex toys industry that you can penetrate to shove it up inside you. Wooden dildos such as NobEssence Intrigue are insertable sex toys that you can also use for clitoral stimulation. It provides effortless insertion and looks like a magic wand from the Harry Potter series.

From sex toys made of animal dung to smart silicone toys, we have come away far more than we expected, and this industry is getting bigger and better. Human mind is a horny devil, but have you experienced the hardness and stimulation that accentuates wooden dildos? Yes, you heard it right!

Anyway, let’s keep all the kinky details of the wooden dildo in mind, how it’s used, and which one will be the best for a G-spot massager. 

What is a Wooden Dildo? 

Wooden dildos were the first invented sex toys, and have been around longer than silicone sex toys. People might view wooden dildos as a boring alternative for a penis, but that’s not the case! It’s time to debunk all smack talk and look at the facts!

What is a Wooden Dildo

Wood dildos might sound like old-school sex, but their versatility in shapes and patterns will put other sex toys to shame. Wooden toys not only look good but also hits well and provide 10 times better and harder insertion and sensations than other soft silicone dildos.

What Type of Woods are used in Dildo Making?

What Type of Woods are used in Dildo Making

Wooden dildos are mostly made of timber wood which is then sanded thoroughly to give it a glossy finish. Its reflective mirror-like surface allows quick and easy insertion. While with silicone dildos you need to use lots of silicone lubricants to speed up things, with wooden dildos, your natural bodily fluid is sufficient- if you are using it for vaginal insertion for vaginal dilation.

A wooden dildo with a condom will give you the closest ever feeling of a real-life man’s penis. My first wooden dildo experience was amazing, it squirted in minutes, and squirted half a bucket of water on my bed. Honestly, my wooden dildo is a match made in heaven for me.

My Glorious Wood DickSmas

My Glorious Wood DickSmas

As Christmas is around the corner, let me share with you my last year’s Christmas gift-opening time story. So I got this wand-like-looking NobEssence Intrigue wooden dildo. Consider it my Christmas gift to you, let me bless your sex life with NobEssence Intrigue. This NobEssence Intrigue wooden dildo will live forever in your go-to sex tool kit, let’s learn more about it. 

NobEssence Intrigue | Out of the Box

NobEssence Intrigue

The NobEssence Intrigue wooden dildo comes in a sleek and well-crafted simple-looking box with a flip-open lid. As soon as you remove the lid, its luxury and craftsmanship are obvious to get first into notice. 

The wooden dildo is made of timber hardwood which is skin-friendly and coated with zero chemicals. The toy is waterproof, perfectly lustrous, and body-safe. The NobEssence Intrigue wooden dildo is available with more rippled and slender two sides, both can be used for insertion, depending on which one you use. 

How’s My Experience with NobEssence Intrigue? 

Doesn’t matter how great it looks, it’s a dildo so it should function as one. All the beauty is zero and useless if your dildo doesn’t do the job it needs to do. And honestly, I found this old-school wooden dildo much better than silicone toys. Its big slender upper is what shoots the real magic. It has no flexibility, but its hardness will make you squirt in seconds.

How's My Experience with NobEssence Intrigue

I had zero expectations from this wooden toy, like others but when I used it with a condom and warm lube it gave me quick and easy insertion, just like a man’s shaft. Its pointed end is perfect for G-spot stimulation, but I think it goes beyond it, as the toy is ridiculously girthy. This wooden toy is not uncomfortable, and with a little amount of back-and-forth movement, you can press it exactly where you want it to be. 

I have used the NobEssence Intrigue many times, and every time I experience something new, a very different kind of sensation. Something that you will seriously not get from a sex toy. The girthy upper end is just perfect, it works me up with full sensation. 

Kudos to the craftsmanship and material—the wood is light and pleasant to use. It has no splinters and provides a smooth surface. The best thing is that the wood is also warm, and doing reverse cowgirl on an ice-cold shaft will be a mood killer. 

Another little kudos for lubricity coating. The coating on a wooden dildo is body-safe, which means that I never have to worry about bodily reactions. Also, I never have to worry about the types of lubes I can use.

Final Verdict

The NobEssence Intrigue is the perfect wooden sex toys that I have ever used. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth some investment if you take pleasure and orgasm seriously. If you are planning to invest in a dildo this Christmas, try NobEssence Intrigue wooden dildo, you won’t regret it. 

I hope no you know where you land your bottom. Sex is all about being creative, and this wooden dildo is one beautiful creation that will summon your lust cupids. Try it during solo play or with your partner, and experience the best orgasm of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What makes NobEssence Intrigue unique among adult toys?

NobEssence Intrigue stands out with its combination of artistic design and ergonomic functionality. Crafted from sustainable and body-safe materials, it offers a one-of-a-kind sensual experience.

Q2. How is the design of NobEssence Intrigue tailored for user comfort?

The ergonomic design of NobEssence Intrigue ensures a comfortable fit, adapting to the curves of the body. This thoughtful design enhances both aesthetics and pleasure, providing a unique and satisfying experience.

Q3. Is NobEssence Intrigue suitable for beginners in the world of adult toys?

Absolutely. The design and user-friendly features make NobEssence Intrigue accessible for beginners while still offering a level of sophistication that appeals to seasoned users.

Q4. What care and maintenance does NobEssence Intrigue require?

NobEssence Intrigue is easy to maintain. Clean it with a mild soap and warm water, and ensure it’s completely dry before storage. Store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its elegance.

Q5. Can NobEssence Intrigue be used with different lubricants?

Yes, NobEssence Intrigue is compatible with both water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants. Choose high-quality lubricants to enhance the overall experience and maintain the integrity of the product.


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