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Clit Vibrators can take your sensation game to a new level as they can stimulate the area of your clitoris. Due to the super-sensitive area, the sensation that can be created by these devices can up your sexual orgasm experience. These sensations can be quite pulsing as this results in your boosting of blood flow which takes the route to your clitoris area. Now, Lelo Sona as a brand has always been known for making world-class vibrators for orgasmic pleasures.

With the launch of the SONA stimulators Lelo as a brand has managed to create its own unique position. The SONA massager can give you more stimulation than the other traditional vibrators as it creates sonic waves which are much more powerful. In context to this remarkable sex toy, you do not even have to touch directly your clitoris for maximum pleasure. In the context of your edge play, the SONA massager can be a great option for users due to its usage of waves for sexual stimulation. The device can also give you eight pleasurable options from which you can choose your suitable sensation.

SONA Massager can also give you a pleasurable sensation even during your shower time as it is a waterproof device. The use of silicone material does make this device really flexible to use in any condition even during a hot shower. Clit Vibrators can definitely come in various shapes as the SONA Massager can be the perfect option for you if you are looking for more flexibility in usage. So in case you have vulvas, these clit vibrators and massagers can be one of the best options for your orgasmic pleasures. As these vibrators can cause direct stimulation to your clitoral area resulting in intense orgasms.

So now that you have understood the concept of clit vibrators, let’s have a look at the procedure of how you can use the Lelo SONA Massager.

The Procedure to Use Lelo Sona Massager

The Procedure to Use Lelo Sona Massager

The proper steps to use Lelo SONA Massager might not take more than three stages. With its easy procedure of using this brand of the vibrator has become quite popular among all kinds of users including the ones who love Foot fetish. Here are the three stages you have to follow for its perfect usage.

1st Step

The first step of your usage of this clitoral vibrator is the preparation stage where you have to apply the Lelo moisturizer not only on your body area but also on your device. This can make your usage of the vibrator much smoother than other devices. The application of the personal moisturizer on your body and the device can give you a really smooth experience which is not possible without this step. 

2nd Step

After the preparation stage, you can switch on your clit vibrator device but before this, you should definitely put the open mouth of the device on your clit area. However, in some other cases, you can also put it on the area which is closer to your clitoris as well. One of the main things you should remember is that the device can turn up the intensity level of the vibration or waves so always make sure to lower it if it gets too hot to handle like a tens unit. The pressure here is very important as the clitoris area can be quite sensitive. You should always start out with low pressure.  

3rd Step

After you have connected the device to your clit area you should always try to find out the sweetest spot. By trying new things you can find suitable settings for these devices as well. Without any kind of exploration, it is impossible for you to find the sweet spot as well as the apt settings for maximum pleasure. Even during the orgasmic sessions, you can apply more moisturizers for an even more pleasurable experience.

What Makes Lelo Sona Distinctive Than Other Vibrators

What Makes Lelo Sona Distinctive Than Other Vibrators

The Lelo SONA Vibrators can give you much deeper orgasmic pleasures compared to other typical vibrators. With its sonic waves, this device can get 75 of your Clitoris area orgasmic which is much more than other vibrators and Sex furniture.

In addition to this, other typical vibrators can only affect the outer sides of your clit whereas the SONA vibrators can give vibrations to the inner parts of your clit as well. This can make your orgasmic sessions much more impactful. Here are some of the distinctive qualities which make the Lelo SONA Vibrators stand out from the crowd.

1. Options for Eight Different Kinds of Sensation Settings 

Lelo SONA vibrators can offer you eight settings of pleasures that you can easily adjust according to your needs. In this way, you can find suitable pressure points that can be perfect for your orgasmic pleasures. The availability of different types of settings can give you a lot of options to choose from as you can select your sweetest setting for the perfect kind of orgasmic pleasure.

2. Waterproof Design

The Leno SONA vibrator is 100 waterproof and you can take this device to your shower sessions as well. The silicone material that is used for its creation also makes it perfect for any kind of usage in front of water spaces. This kind of waterproof quality makes this device much more suitable for any kind of hot tub session that you can have with your partner.

3. Sonic Waves Can Give You More Intensity

The sonic waves that can be generated by these Leno SONA vibrators can give you much more intense pleasure than a normal regular vibrator even without Silicone Lubes. This quality also makes this device perfect for any of your edge play activities. You also have the option to change the intensity settings as this device also gives you that option that is missing from usual vibrators.

All of these qualities do make the Lelo SONA vibrator stand apart from other usual competitors. With more options presented to you, this brand has become a peer in the field of sexual accessories. With the help of these Lelo SONA vibrators, you can take your sex game to other intense areas.   

Top Features of Lelo Sona Massagers

Top Features of Lelo Sona Massagers

Now if you are wondering about certain features of Lelo SONA Stimulators and why these make them stand apart from the usual list of vibrators? Then do not worry we have you covered in this piece of discussion. Apart from the easy usage and accessibility, there are some other features there as well which make this SONA stimulator the best in this category of sexual accessories. Here are some of these features.   


Firstly, the longevity of these Lelo SONA devices is much higher than other traditional vibrator options. With its Li-Ion 520 mAh batteries, it is meant for long-term usage. Apart from this the materials that are used for this device also make it much more durable than other Vibrators and butt plugs. All users can get long-term pleasure from these devices due to their highly satisfying nature.

Different Pulse Variation

These Lelo SONA devices also have eight different sets of settings available so that you can choose your preferable sweet spot. In this case, you can get a soft teasing pulse like a Panty Vibrator to a highly intense murmur on your clit area. However, it all depends on your sexual preferability as some people might like a little more intense pulses out of these devices. 

Made With Silicone

All the Leno SONA devices are made out of soft textured silicone material which makes them easy to use. This kind of silicone material can give you that extra soft feeling which is not there in the usage of other vibrators in the marketplace. 

Long Lasting Pleasure

With the 520 mAh battery these Lelo SONA vibrators can give you long-lasting pleasure with just a single charge. The competition might not give you that amount of time with just a single charge as these Lelo SONA might give you 90 days of standby time. With extra juice left, you can use these devices for a longer amount of pleasure.

Easy and Soft Usage

The silicone material that is used for the creation of these Lelo vibrators also makes these super soft and more comfortable to touch than a Ball gag. The silicone material that is used in this case is super premium as well as which gives it a high amount of softness.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing better than a device that can give you intense orgasms and it can be pretty easy to use. With its super soft silicone material, the Lelo SONA vibrators can bring your A game in sexual sessions. The 100 watertight material also can give you a proper opportunity to take your device to a hot shower. In addition to these with their 520 mAh battery these Lelo devices can give you more than 90 days of standby time which is pretty rare in the case of other vibrators.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to take your sexual sessions to a whole new level and at that same time do not want a complex installation procedure then these Lelo SONA stimulators will be the best option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are lelo sona vibrators safe to use during shower time?

Lelo SONA stimulators are absolutely safe to use during shower time as it is hundred percent waterproof which is not the case with other Male Masturbators. In fact, it is one of its main features as none of its competitors can give you this option. Due to its extra soft silicone material, the Lelo SONA vibrators are watertight which makes them easy to handle around water. 

Q2. Do lelo sona vibrators make a lot of noise?

Lelo as a brand has always focussed on its loudness meter as this vibrator is not that loud compared to the competition. However, if you apply more intense pressure on this device it can get comparatively louder. So it is not exactly super silent but compared to the competition in the market it is definitely less loud. 

Q3. Are the features of lelo sona stimulators?

Lelo as a vibrator brand has always focussed on some unique features that it has put in its devices all around. The waterproof feature of the SONA stimulators is a unique one that is not present in the majority of other vibrators as this makes it easy to use during hot showers. With a 520 mAh battery and eight options of pressure setting the SONA vibrators have become a popular device in the marketplace. 

Q4. What is the best procedure to use lelo sona vibrators? 

Lelo SONA vibrators are quite easy to use for most users as you just have to attach the mouth of the vibrator to your clitoris area for orgasmic pleasures. With its sonic pulses, the device then can give you intense orgasmic pleasure even without internally touching your clitoris. However, you should always check the pressure point and find the sweet spot and get the Safe words for maximum pleasure.


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