We-Vibe Jive Review

We-Vibe Jive Review

Sexual Satisfaction and a wishful climax remain a far-fetched dream for a lot of people. This makes them turn to non-human and self-induced methods of attaining nirvana, leaving no other options. This accidental introduction to the world and wonders of Sex toys and Vibrators can eventually be so addictive that it gets difficult for the human penises to match up to the standards. Of course, that is if you are using the right kind of products. One such product in the market is the We-Vibe Jive.

We-Vibe seems to have caught quite the Vibe of its customer base with the highly popular Tango and Touch. After creating a wave in the Vibrator market, is it a hattrick celebration for We-Vibe with the new Jive or has the vibe kind of faltered? We’ll explore everything about this stimulator in this WeVibe Jive review after which you will surely love your vibrating soulmate.  

What does the We-Vibe Jive Offer?

The newest We Vibe Jive takes things up a notch with its hands-free feature. The vibrations are kept quite similar to the older products of the range i.e. Tango and Touch. Let’s be honest, there is not much that is required if the vibration and satisfaction are up to the mark. Remote or not, the climax should be fun. Now, the fact that these are wearable vibrators makes it an attractive sell but does the grip remain intact? How and how not to use the product? Don’t worry as we shall take you through it all step by step.

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How to use the We-Vibe Jive?

How to use the We-Vibe Jive?

Manual Use

Simply press the We Vibe Jive‘s single button to start scrolling through the different modes. There are 10 pre-set modes: 4 increasingly strong steady states and 6 vibration patterns.

We-Connect App

Use the We-Connect App to add to the fun of vibration and the hands-free experience. The app connects to the We Vibe Bluetooth and lets you play together while in the same room. To spice things up, the partner could keep changing it up as the controller of the app while you are outdoors. For the best results, connect from <30 ft of direct, line-of-sight distance and approx. 20 feet of 360-degree range. We vibe bluetooth connects to something in the tail, so make sure it is in closer proximity to the app for a better signal.


Use the magnetic charging cable and attach it to the small metal plate at the tip of the tail.  Plug the USB cord into your computer and wait 90 minutes. While it’s charging, a light will blink. Once the We Vibe Jive is fully charged, the light will remain on. If you don’t see any light, the charging cable isn’t properly connected because that means it’s not getting any power.

Should You Buy the We Vibe Jive?

Should You Buy the We Vibe Jive?

We believe in giving a completely objective review of any product so that our readers can weigh the Pros against the Cons and decide for themselves if they would like to go ahead and buy the product. Similarly for the We Vibe Jive, we have curated a list of Pros and Cons for you to read through and help make a decision. Check it out:


  • The new We Vibe Jive is wearable which gives a hands-free experience.
  • We-Vibe Jive is Body-Safe.
  • Gives pleasure like anal sex
  • It has a customizable speed and patterns feature to set it at a favorable mode.
  • We Vibe Jive is made of silicone which makes it non-porous and easy to penetrate. It is also sterilizable and waterproof.
  • For those who prefer, a manual button control is also an option.
  • Free incentives: A free storage bag and a lube come along with the We Vibe Jive.
  • A great vibration quality.
  • Great to use even during Intercourse.


  • Ill-fittedness proves the hands-free product redundant.
  • Deceived by the pictures, it is easier to assume that the tail vibrates while it is not true.
  • Not outdoorsy enough.
  • The shape of the product is not designed well enough to maximize the pleasure at the G-spots.
  • Inadequate performance with respect to the Vibrations.
  • The dust sticks to the product and gets dirty easily.
  • The connection keeps glitching and is not stable.


From we vibe jive review above, we are able to gauge that We Vibe Jive can be a definitive kinky addition to your collection with the added hands-free feature. While it checks most things off, the central vibration quality does not really seem to match the benchmark set by the brand’s previous products. In isolation though, you must give We Vibe Jive a try and see for yourself as obviously, to each their own. Maybe it ends up working wonders for you. Here’s hoping!

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Lewis Joshua is an author, sex educator, and BDSM expert. He has been working in the industry for over 10 years, helping people to understand the nuances of sexual exploration and empowerment. Lewis has written several books on the topic of sex toys and BDSM, which have become highly regarded in the industry due to their comprehensive content and insightful look into these complex topics. His work has been featured in numerous publications. As a public speaker, he regularly conducts workshops on issues related to sexual health and education. He is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to use sex toys safely while still having fun with them. His mission is to create safe spaces for everyone to explore their sexuality comfortably and confidently.

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