Stainless Steel Dildo Review

Master Series is a newer sex toy brand with a lot to offer with its diverse range of kinky sex toys. This small business has managed to create a stir among the users as well as the competitors with the latest designs and advanced performance. I have tried their nipple clamps, whips, Dual Pinwheel, etc., and have been consistently impressed. Obviously, I look forward to any newer products that they release in the market and grab them with both my hands as soon as I can. This time around, I came across the Stainless Steel Dildo Lollipop by the brand and ordered it to try it out.

The name and the product pictures were interesting enough to keep me excited for the trial. In this article, I will write about my first experience using the Stainless Steel Dildo to help you make a better decision for yourself. Let’s see if this investment was worth it!

What does the Stainless Steel Lollipop Dildo Offer?

What does the Stainless Steel Lollipop Dildo Offer

Stainless Steel Lollipop Dildo claims to be a wild and innovative addition to your bedroom just like animal dildos. This is a new design of Lollipop dildo with a long shaft and a ball attached at the top which is what essentially penetrates and does the job. It is supposed to be a great G-spot vibrator as well as a Prostate stimulator leaving you thirsty for more Steel play.

The Product Specifications are:

Brand: Master Series

Measurements: 13.13*0.18*0.18 inches

Weight: 6.24 Ounces

Material: Stainless Steel Shaft and Vinyl Grip

Features of the Stainless Steel Dildo

Features of the Stainless Steel Dildo

Let me put on my judging lens to fully scrutinize the Stainless steel dildo for you, test it inside out so that you’re relieved about the quality if you go ahead and buy it. 

Packaging & Material

Honestly, there is not much to say about the Packaging as it would only take away from the utility of the Stainless Steel Dildo Lollipop. It arrives in quite an unimpressive pleb state—in a cardboard box, wrapped inside an ordinary bubble wrap. There is no building up of the excitement that the brand even attempts to do as they simply send it across, in a hurry apparently. It could also be because Master Series is still a small business so they are currently focusing more on building a niche customer base with their quality products like this Stainless Steel Dildo and once they have that, they will be able to spend more on packaging and marketing the products. So like a normal individual, I just unwrapped the dildo and kept the bubble wrap aside to play with it later.

The Material is Stainless Steel, in case you didn’t catch that until now, which is body-safe and non porous. The handle of the Stainless Steel Lollipop is made from Vinyl which helps in keeping the grip of the handler intact. It is a perfectly smooth material which glides through your skin and easily penetrates too. The ball on the top of the Lollipop dildo is removable to aid convenient cleaning and care of the product. The product specifications sure impressed me a fair bit, if not the packaging.


The real deal make or break for any sex toy is the Performance. Any careless packaging can be passed off if the performance is at par. So I quickly got to using the Stainless Steel Dildo to check out how it felt. The stick of the dildo lollipop is quite long while the ball on top is smaller. I didn’t have a very good feeling about it for this very reason. But as soon as I inserted the bulb top, it efficiently went to my G-spot as if it already knew where it was all along. I gasped from this quick G-spot stimulation. The stainless steel ball material feels really smooth against the G-spot and you get equal pleasure because of a non-pointy shape. 

Another great utility that comes with this Stainless Steel dildo is Temperature Play. The material is quick at adjusting to temperatures. So you can try it by dipping the Dildo lollipop in cold water before usage so that when you insert a chilled stainless steel ball right on the G-spot, the pleasure is just immeasurable and incomparable. Similarly, you can also warm it up a bit if you like and play with the temperature. You don’t have to worry as the Stainless steel also shifts to your body temperature with contact, quite fast.

After the smooth penetration, I realized this could give me an orgasm really quick. So I got it out at once as I wanted to play more with it before I reach the climax. The long lollipop dildo shaft gives leeway for more experimentation with the toy. I say Spanking could be real fun with this large Stainless Steel dildo. The heavy material will definitely give you a lasting sensation on your butt if you use it for Spanking. As I tried it, it was one of the most effective spanks I have received. It is almost equivalent to my favorite Spanking Paddle. The intensity level is high so you have to be a little gentle with the Spanking to avoid injuries.

Final Word

Overall, I feel that this innovative Stainless Steel Dildo is a great buy. It is not even very expensive and the brand is new and reliable. The lollipop dildo is even multifunctional as I already illustrated. The cool G-spot stimulation is something not a lot of dildos can manage to achieve which is a cakewalk for the lollipop dildo by Master Series. Additionally, the innovative bulb shape just adds on to the experience. The only thing that the brand can work on is to pack the Stainless steel dildo better. Apart from that, you should definitely try the dildo! And let us know how amazing you felt playing with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a stainless steel lollipop?

A stainless steel lollipop is a durable and reusable kitchen tool designed for making homemade lollipops and other confections. It is typically made from food-grade stainless steel and features a handle with a lollipop mold at the end.

Q2. Is stainless steel safe for food contact?

Yes, stainless steel is considered safe for food contact. It is a non-reactive and corrosion-resistant material, which means it won’t impart any unwanted flavors or chemicals to your food. This makes it an excellent choice for lollipop molds.

Q3. How do I use a stainless steel lollipop mold?

To use a stainless steel lollipop mold, melt your choice of candy or chocolate, pour it into the mold, insert a lollipop stick into the candy, and allow it to cool and harden. Once the candy is set, you can remove the lollipop from the mold.

Q4. Can stainless steel lollipop molds be reused?

Yes, stainless steel lollipop molds are designed for repeated use. After making lollipops, simply clean the mold thoroughly with warm soapy water and a soft brush, and it’s ready for your next batch of lollipops.

Q5. Are there different shapes and sizes of stainless steel lollipop molds available?

Yes, you can find stainless steel lollipop molds in various shapes and sizes, including hearts, stars, circles, and more. Some molds may have multiple cavities for making multiple lollipops at once.


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