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Today’s dating culture has turned into a hookup era where people from both genders are more interested in one-night stand culture, casual dating, and friends with benefits, and there’s always new on the horizon in human relationships. 

Well, humans always seek out sex and orgasm, and invented Blow up doll. Some people have sex fetishes with blow-up dolls, and some men use them for solo play. It doesn’t matter on which boat you’re sailing, if your sex buds are getting pink for trying blow-up dolls then you’ve landed in the right place. You’re here because you don’t want to talk about it because of the social stigma attached to it, you’re not alone. 

If you are someone who takes sex and kinky lifestyle seriously, then a blow up doll is a match made in heaven for you. If you’re planning to invest in a blowup doll this Christmas then this blog post is for you. Here we have assembled all the sultry details about blow up doll, how to use them, and from where you can get one. Let’s start from scratch and pull some strings about the blow up sex doll aka inflatable sex doll without further ado. 

What Is A Blow Up Doll?

What Is A Blow Up Doll

Blow up doll also termed inflatable sex doll is a kind of male sex product just like other sex toys such as male vibrators, that is made for people to perform a spectrum of sex acts and satisfy their orgasm. The blow up doll is made from elastic and super soft material that gives skin-to-skin feeling and penetration just like a real girl. A male blow up doll is easy to carry, and clean, and can be used multiple times. An inflatable doll is made of silicone material or plastic and is very helpful for BDSM and knife play. It doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not. 

Types Of Blow Up Dolls

Now that you’re interested in jumping on a blow up doll, it’s time to find the right one. But choosing the right one when you have hundreds or thousands is not an easy feat. If you’re still on the fence or confused about buying the right blow up doll then no worries we have got you covered. Here we have assembled some of the best blowup sex doll that are worth trying this Christmas.


1. Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz


Shy Camilla Realistic Vagina and Ass Vibrating Inflatable Sex Doll 112oz

Say hi to Camilla, but don’t be fooled boys- She looks like a real hot blonde hungry to get drilled from the bottom and back side. If you want anal play, vaginal dilation, or BDSM play, this blow up doll will truly satisfy you like a real one. This blow up sexdoll is easy to clean, all you need is some warm water, and your preferred soap. To heighten your stimulation, try it with warm lubricants. 


  • Made of pure silicone material 
  • Comes with 2x AA batteries
  • Robust and flexible for different positions
  • Nothing yet 


2. THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 134oz


Have you ever dreamed of a real hot blonde girl bouncing on your dick on a reverse cowgirl? Well, it’s time to make it come true. Presenting THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 134oz.! Her charm is hard to resist, lick bang and play with her tempting vagina. From BDSM to vaginal and anal play, Naomi is all hungry and want you to drill from the bottom for which you can use G- spot vibrator too if you want.

THRUST Pro Xtra Naomi Vibrating Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll 134oz


  • Waterproof
  • Phthalate-Free
  • Supported with 2xAAA batteries
  • Made of soft plastic material
  • Feels like a doll, and the material is very not that good


3. THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz


THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz


Are you planning to celebrate Christmas alone? Well, not really! Now stop feeling bad for yourself, and end your Christmas on a good note with THRUST Pro Elite Natalia Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz on the bed. Say hi to Natalia, her charm is hard to resist! Blow up doll is your sex fetish then this one will make you cum instantly on the bed! If you’re averse to a tedious and frustrating long term committed relationship and looking for real good time sex then Natalia is your lusty companion.


  • Easy to clean
  • Made of silicone material
  • Flexible and easy to change positions 
  • Skin-friendly
  • No downsides, this sex doll is bloody amazing!


4. THRUST Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz


Bang this super hot brunette beauty, that is all set to spread her legs in your command. Consent is just a word with Roxy, bang her from the back if you like anal play. Her ever canal opening offers a different sensation and maximum pleasure that you might not have experienced with your girl. furthermore, her skin has an utterly soft and authentic silicone material which provides a skin-to-skin feel. Kudos to the craftmanship of this sexy doll that comes with a detailed vagina and anus hole for deep pleasure just like clitoral vibrators.

THRUST Pro Elite Roxy Lifesize Realistic Sex Doll 1587oz



  • Flexible and easy to change positions 
  • Skin-friendly for sensitive skin people
  • The silicone material is prone to get dirty if not get cleaned timely


5. Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 35oz


Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male Sex Doll 35oz

Why should boys have all the fun? Girls! Let me bless your Christmas with a Pipedream Extreme Realistic Male blow up doll 35oz which is for women, men, and couples who want to fulfill their threesome fantasies. Moreover, this male sex doll is entirely made of Fanta flesh that feels like a real man’s shaft. The doll has a nice toned stunning body with a killer six-pack.


  • Made of utterly soft and real Fanta flesh 
  • Penis is thick and long which provides deeper penetration 
  • I love it, you’ll love it 


6. Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo and Ass 8 Inch 246oz


Get ready to experience the best ride of your life with Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo and Ass 8 Inch 246oz. This male sex doll comes with 8-inch erect cock which will provide stimulating anal and vaginal penetration. Furthermore, the sex doll has a real-feel material which feels like a man’s shaft. Use lots of water-based lubricants and experience the slickest sensations.

Lifelike Lover Realistic Dildo and Ass 8 Inch 246oz


  • Real-feel material
  • Works best with water-based lubricants
  • Nothing, I love it 


7. Deluxe Teddy Babe Carly Plush Sex Doll (Long Copper Hair) 106oz


Deluxe Teddy Babe Carly Plush Sex Doll (Long Copper Hair) 106oz

Set up a romantic date with Carly. She is a fiery sex doll hungry for taking your entire hot iron inside. She is the perfect bedtime companion. If you ever dream of banging a soft copper-colored hair girl then she is here with whom you can come out of your closet and unlock all your sex fantasies. Consent doesn’t exist in her dictionary. If you’re a person who is very very into BDSM play then try it with Carly before jumping on a real person.



  • Easy to clean
  • You will feel real
  • You can change the positions easily
  • Prone to get dirty quickly


Closing Thoughts 

There you have it! You’re all set to take a plunge with these amazing sex dolls that feels like real ones. Relationship maintenance can be a tough job, where sex mostly takes the backset and commitment, loyalty, respect, support, and trust comes first. If you don’t have time for such a ritual and want some good and quick sex then a blow up doll is perfect for you. Try your hands on the above-mentioned dolls, and trust me you won’t regret your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a blow up doll, and what purpose does it serve?

A blow up doll is a type of sex toy made from vinyl or PVC that is designed to resemble a human being, usually featuring anatomical details. Its purpose is to provide a simulated sexual experience or companionship.

Q2. Are blow-up dolls designed for single use, or can they be reused?

Blow-up dolls are typically designed for multiple uses. They can be inflated and deflated as needed, making them reusable for various encounters.

Q3. How do I properly clean and maintain a blow up doll?

To maintain hygiene, it’s essential to clean the blow up doll after each use with warm water and mild soap. Ensure thorough drying before deflating and storing in a cool, dry place. Avoid sharp objects and excessive friction to prevent damage.

Q4. Are blow-up dolls safe to use, and do they have any health considerations?

When used responsibly and following hygiene practices, blow-up dolls are generally safe to use. However, ensure that the materials used in the doll are body-safe and free from harmful chemicals. Always prioritize personal health and well-being during use.

Q5. Can blow up doll be customized or dressed up according to preferences?

Yes, many blow up dolls can be customized with various clothing, wigs, and accessories to suit personal preferences and fantasies. This allows users to create a more personalized and enjoyable experience.


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