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The most happiness in life comes to those who know how to make the most of every moment, no matter what it looks like. People who are happy and have a positive outlook can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Human beings can have fun in many different ways, and, of course, have been doing so since the dawn of civilization. No one will argue with the fact that sexual activity is the mother of all forms of entertainment. People take great pride in being able to enjoy everything unique, and sexual pleasure is no different. Moving on from that, Sexual handcuffs are such an important part of being creative because they are so inspiring and new.

Yes, this topic will give you all the information you need if you want to add some creativity to your sexual play and try new things to spice up your boring and repetitive lovemaking. This article will talk about both sexual handcuffs and other aspects of handcuffs for sex that can be used for couples intimacy and pleasure. If you stay until the end of the talk, you’ll be able to pick one to add to your drawer.

Meaning & Types of Sexual Handcuffs

Meaning & Types of Sexual Handcuffs

In popular usage, the term “handcuffs” refers to a pair of bracelets that are chained or wired together to lock someone’s wrists. Handcuffs are used to restrict a person’s mobility. Kinksters have adopted the use of handcuffs to heighten the sexual environment of their encounters throughout time. Nowadays, it’s not just kinksters that use handcuffs; vanilla-sex couples are also experimenting with them. Therefore, kinksters may refer to them as ‘kinky handcuffs,’ while vanilla-sex couples may refer to them as ‘sexual handcuffs’. The goal and meaning, however, are ubiquitous across sexual identities—for some, these forms of equipment might also signify bondage handcuffs that satisfy the set of vibe and mood.

As for the different kinds of sexual handcuffs, there are many of them. But based on how they are made and how they feel, we can mostly tell them apart by the following.

Chain Handcuffs

Chain Handcuffs

Chain handcuffs are made of two bracelets that are connected by a chain.

Hinged handcuffs

Hinged handcuffs

These Hinged Handcuffs with hinges look like chain handcuffs, but they are put together with hinges.

Rigid Handcuffs/Bar handcuffs

Rigid Handcuffs

Rigid handcuffs, also called bar handcuffs, are made the same way as the ones above, but they make movement more limited and rigid.

Plastic/Furry Handcuffs/Disposable Handcuffs

Furry Handcuffs

These are made of plastic or fur tied together with a rope. Sometimes they are used once.

There are several types of handcuffs besides those described above. There are a lot more kinds, but these should give you a good idea of what sexual and bondage handcuffs look like in general.

Elegant & Tactile Stimulating Sexual Handcuffs

Now, let’s talk about the sex and bondage handcuffs you can use to make your bedroom look better. When putting together the list, we did our best to think about value, price, body safety, and comfort while giving you the most sensual experience.


1. Lovehoney Black Furry Handcuffs


Lovehoney Black Furry Handcuffs

These handcuffs are made of silky fur and have a secure locking mechanism. It features a quick-release button for secure restraint. The soft and fluffy Lovehoney Black Furry Handcuffs provide a powerful and seductive wearability. These handcuffs have two keys to lock each pair firmly in place. This pair of handcuffs is a great option for folks that identify as kink. However, this does not preclude vanilla couples from using them. In fact, these fuzzy handcuffs are useful for sexual orientation.


  • Metal chain with fur cover
  • Beginner-friendly bondage play
  • 2 keys and a quick-release lever
  • Removable Furry sleeve
  • Length 11 inches
  • Affordable for everyone
  • Can be small for plus-size wrists


2. Bondage Boutique Soft Handcuffs


The second item on our list is Bondage Boutique Soft Handcuffs. This one is likewise designed with the novice player exploring bondage sexual pleasure in mind. Bondage Boutique Soft Handcuffs are ultra-soft wrist cuffs designed to provide your partner with a seductive touch that rests on her wrists but has an effect all over her body. This pair of sets is held together by swivel lobster clasps that make BDSM play more erogenous. The product’s length is 12 inches. This is one of the excellent bondage handcuffs available on the market.

Bondage Boutique Soft Handcuffs


  • Perfect for beginner bondage encounter
  • Easily adjustable and quick release for safety
  • The inside circumference can be changed between 5 and 10 inches to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Adjustable with other chains
  • Stylish matte dark metal
  • Velcro fasting might upset the passion
  • Too easy to undo


3. Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece)


Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit (2 Piece)

Made with Velcro closures and a matte black quick-release clip, the Bondage Boutique Temptation Soft Bondage Kit boasts of giving all the temptation that you might wonder about. It is easy to operate and is a beginner-friendly bondage kit. This combination of handcuffs and blindfold is perfect for your heated bed play. While wearing handcuffs and blindfolded, discover the secret treasure of sensuous vigor within you. The product’s length is 12.5 inches. Hence, these are the perfect kinky handcuffs.


  • Beginner blindfold and faux-fur-lined handcuffs
  • The circumference of the cuffs can be adjusted between 5 and 10 inches with Velcro.
  • Quick-release clips for safety proper
  • The product length is 12.5 inches
  • Provides complete darkness for blindfold set
  • The linking chain lacking length 


4. Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint


This is a one-of-a-kind product for sexual handcuffs because they resemble sexy woman bondage handcuffs or kinky handcuffs. With this, all four of your limbs are completely constrained. If your lover or spouse likes seeing the bottom up and head down, you should definitely try this one. This places you under his complete command. This is great for holding your wrists and legs together just like Ankle cuffs do. It has Velcro closures and straps that you can adjust.

Purple Reins Body Harness with Wrist and Thigh Restraint


  • Complete restraints for the upper body, wrists, and legs
  • Doggy style posture builder
  • Wrist cuffs can work independently
  • Lightweight product
  • Velcro fastening
  • Harnessing is uncomfortable due to being small
  • Lack of instruction
  • Can be rough for some areas


5. DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs


DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs

If you are looking for a robust and powerful addition to your dominating BDSM game, your search should end here. These cuffs are luxurious and sturdy. Real leather is used to make them, and they are great for constraint play, BDSM, and other sexual activities. The DOMINIX Deluxe Leather Wrist Cuffs are perfect sex toy for beginners as well as experts. These handcuffs have a buckle closure. The length of the item is 12.5 inches. Therefore, sexual handcuffs like Dominix may be suitable for sexual play use.


  • Strong and powerful; made of leather
  • 9 hole buckles are perfectly adjustable
  • Finest metal attached to both bracelets
  • Product length 12.5 inches
  • Buckle fastening
  • Little pricey
  • Not easy to make movement 


6. Bondage Boutique Silver Handcuffs


This may catch your attention if you enjoy bondage handcuffs made entirely of metal. The chains on the Silver Handcuffs from Bondage Boutique are also composed of metal. These handcuffs have a quick-release lever and two keys for secure bondage and sexual play, just like Rope play. These are excellent BDSM sex handcuffs since they are affordable and durable. The product has a lock and key fastening and measures 12.5 inches in length.

Bondage Boutique Silver Handcuffs


  • Pure metallic handcuffs ready for play
  • Also suitable for beginners
  • Two keys and a easy and quick-release lever
  • Adjustable in between 5 and 7.5 inches
  • Bracelets are linked by metallic chains
  • Total length 10.5 inches
  • The cheaper vibe from the product touch 


Words That You Should Remember Before Purchase

Words That You Should Remember Before Purchase

Size per your wrist: There should be some space between your skin and the cuff. Keeping this in mind, you can buy either bondage handcuffs or fuzzy handcuffs based on the size of your wrist.

Easy Removal: When you need to, it should be easy to take off. At times, during the session or climax, you feel like you need to take off the handcuffs right away. So, you should buy sex handcuffs also known as kinky handcuffs that are easy to take off your wrist and ankle.

Strength and endurance: Pushing and pulling during sexual play and encounters would release a lot of energy. You should make sure that the sexual handcuffs you want to buy are strong enough to hold both of your, and your companion’s energies.


When you and your partner both want the same thing and are on the same page, sexual handcuffs are like the cherry on top. In other words, sexual handcuffs are a great addition to modern sex, and not just for kinksters; they are becoming more popular in the vanilla sex world as well.

In light of the fact that every individual has unique biological, physiological, and psychological needs and characteristics, it is difficult to prescribe just one. So, we did our best to make a list that showed value, cost, availability, and ease of access. We hope you’ll pick one for yourself from the list we just gave you. The world is built on love and encounters; handcuffs for sex are undoubtedly the perfect mood and set-builder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are Sexual Handcuffs, and how are they used?

Sexual Handcuffs are sex restraints designed for use during intimate activities. They are typically made of materials such as leather, metal, or silk and are used to restrain a person’s wrists or ankles, adding an element of BDSM and restraint play to sexual encounters.

Q2. Are Sexual Handcuffs safe to use?

Yes, Sexual Handcuffs are safe when used with care and in accordance with the provided instructions. It’s important to use them responsibly and communicate with your partner to ensure comfort and safety during play. Avoid over-tightening, and always have a quick-release mechanism for emergencies.

Q3. Can anyone use Sexual Handcuffs?

Yes, anyone interested in exploring bondage and restraint play can use Sexual Handcuffs. It’s essential to use them with a consenting partner and have clear communication about boundaries and preferences. Beginners should start with adjustable and comfortable cuffs to familiarize themselves with the experience.

Q4. How do I choose the right Sexual Handcuffs for me?

Choosing the right Sexual Handcuffs depends on your level of experience and preferences. Consider factors such as material, durability, comfort, adjustability, and ease of use. Beginners may prefer softer materials like fabric or faux fur, while those experienced in BDSM may opt for more secure and restraining options.


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