Sexual foot fetish is a very primary kink often shared in the most vanilla of relationships. And if you are someone with a foot fetish, then you know that there’s nothing quite as erotic as the sight and feel of your partner’s feet. Whether they are gently wiggling their toes or rubbing their soles together, there’s just something about a sexy pair of feet that can really get your motor running. 

Wide-ranging surveys based on sexual foot fetish have discovered a large proportion of the survey share love for the kink. I imagine every one of us has already heard about the terminology of sexual foot fetish. You might be over here reading this because you might be feeling, you too have desires involving a sexual foot fetish. Or your partner might have talked about a sexual foot fetish. Or maybe just an intrigue in the subject matter. Whatever the reason, if you are looking to spice up your sex life with a little foot play, then here is everything you need to get started.

Why Do People Have Foot Fetishes? 

I am going to write down here a variety of constituents of the sexual foot fetish. A good place to start is probably to start with the matter of why people have foot fetishes. There are a variety of reasons to answer the matter of why people have foot fetishes. 

Biological Structure 

Firstly, sexual foot fetishes have a lot to do with the nerve endings involved in the biological structure of our feet. The feeling arises from massaging or rubbing the feet in a pleasant pleasurable manner. The sensation gives the sensory organ a form of pleasure that directly correlates to the construction of the kink. See, not all reasons that would correlate to the question of why people have foot fetishes, are in any way gross. 

Why Do People Have Sexual Foot Fetish ? 

The Power Structure

The inherent power structure in any relationship is always ever present. This involves every form of sexual interaction we have. The dictating of the dichotomy of such power structures often involves through the course an introduction to kinks. Sexual foot fetish is often a part of such accompaniment. Some people prefer foot fetish as a form of humiliation, worshiping the feet as absolute submission to their partner. The sexual foot fetish plays the same part in the case of the dominant. The adoration of one’s feet plays a heightened sense of domination.

Fetishism of Taboo 

Another reason that might explain why people do have foot fetishes is the fetishism of the Taboo. Often, we have a psychological way of thinking of our feelings as below, as a part of our body attracted to the dirt of the universe. Barely do the feet get the same respect as our hands? Does it? People, with sexual foot fetish, might be attracted to doing away with or invigorating such forms of psychological prejudices. Taboo anyway gives us pleasure from what we often consider faux shameful in the normal limelight. 

Types of Foot Fetish 

There are many brilliant types of foot fetish and even ways of engaging in types of foot fetish. Sexual foot fetish generally ranges from shoes to the wearing of ornaments on your feet, to a nice pedicure. Let’s go through a series of the types of foot fetish that encumber so many of us.

Massage their Feet 

Massage their Feet 

The first to start with, the very basic okay let’s try this is probably the massage. Amongst the types of foot fetish, this usually is often even done by people without having the kink. Sexual foot fetish can often be a part of the showing of affection physically or playfully. A nice gentle rub or tingling is often enough to send the sensory nerve into an array of frenzy. 

Your Feet Deserve to be Taken Care Off 

Beyond massages, though very similar the other types of sexual foot fetish include the manner of grooming. If you’re into the fetish, you’re probably going to take care of your partner’s feet with all the endearments. If your feet are going to get taken care of what can I say except maybe thank you that we have kinks like sexual foot fetish?

Shoes and Ornaments, Adorned and Unadorned

A good shoe, or maybe even the ones that show your feet as almost a hint of tease, can be a great form of the type of foot fetish. The underlying factor often lies in displaying playfully to your partner. Chances are their erogenous sensations will make the next session a stimulation to remember.   

Foot Job

Foot Job will probably come toward the end of the list. This is when you and your partner are both comfortable around the kink. The demands or your demand from the kink foot job often includes a playful way of directing the feet to the genitals. Stimulation rises especially when relationships of inherent power structures are involved. The sexual foot fetish is performed using the partner as a constituent of the footrest. The bits of licking kissing and worshiping of the feet are of course hitherto intangibly involved. 

Sexual foot fetish - Foot Job


Pictures have played a defining part in the subtlety of excitement. When partners are away, a picture often is a form of love, both emotional and depending on the picture physical. Pictures, where you might want to play on the sexual foot fetish, are no different. Types of foot fetishes can be a wide variety. The photography genre is probably the most fun depending on the chemistry.    

Seeing that I have talked about the types of foot fetishes, and even why people have foot fetishes in the first place. I want to talk about something else. This is of course related to a sexual foot fetish. I have in recent times come across a whole what seems like a population of men open about their sexual foot fetish. What causes their types of sexual foot fetish, and adoration toward women’s feet? Today let’s address the issue of women having foot fetishes.      

Do Women Have Foot Fetishes? You guess

If you’re still wondering the answer to do women have foot fetishes, the answer is of course they do. The functioning of the genital cortex in the brain makes the feet as much of an erogenous zone as our neck. The very pertaining factor that we still have to talk about whether women have foot fetishes has to do with our inherent underlying patriarchy.

The notion is simple, men are more inclined toward sex. People believe men are likely to be more “perverts”. But any of the genders can develop a sexual foot fetish, and there is nothing to do with the basis of gender. Scientific research has proved quite intact, the brain of a man and a woman isn’t that inherently different. So why would a sexual foot fetish depend upon gender? Get rid of that misogyny. 

Many dating sites are now trying to break free of that misogyny, we’re talking about kinks for a woman is becoming easy and accessible. Be the same in real life. We should all try to. Do women have foot fetishes? Chances are someone you know already has. So, if your woman partner has a foot fetish, treat it normally.

So, with that, I have arrived at the end. Hope you now feel a bit more confident about your desire. As long as you indulge in kinks with consent, everything is alright. 


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