Ceramic Sex Toys

You must be well aware of the wide market of the newest sex toys, that you keep browsing every now and then to spice up your sexual journey. The increasing variety in the product range is amazing, from remote control vibrators to sparkly buttplugs and whatnot. When you come to think of it, technology is so deeply penetrated into our lives and bedrooms, literally and metaphorically. All of this is nothing but the wonders of technology that we are able to choose what suits us best, out of an array of options. But there is also a niche little market base for Ceramic Sex Toys for the old-school pleasure seekers. 

If you’re one of the people fed up with writing negative reviews about these tech-driven sex toys and still struggling to find your soulmate dildo, you might want to give the much controversial Ceramic dildo a chance. Don’t prejudge and just read on as we take you through an informed decision-making road.

What are Ceramic Sex Toys?

What are Ceramic Sex Toys

To put it simply, Ceramic Sex Toys are a more natural way of deriving sexual nirvana, going back in time to instruments like dildos and butt plugs made of ceramic to use for sexual pleasure. Interestingly, Ceramic dildos actually go back to the Stone Age, which is around 30,000 years. Knowing the antiquity and the aesthetic factor adds to the pleasure, doesn’t it? Besides, a Ceramic Dildo is very much capable of taking you smoothly to your climax and is body safe at the same time. What else do you need? 

We understand that a pitch to shift back to something non-technological, in this era sounds weird. But hear us out as we make a strong case for and against Ceramic Sex Toys so that you can decide for yourself by the end of this article.

Benefits of a Ceramic Dildo

Benefits of a Ceramic Dildo

The technological brouhaha is understandable but the grass root factors that make any natural sex toys stand out can’t be ignored either. The natural features possessed by Ceramic sex toys have a great potential to attract a larger portion of the customer base in their favor if priced and marketed the right way. We have listed a few positives of the Ceramic range for you to weigh the positives.

Hard & Non-Porous

The first and foremost advantage of using a Ceramic Dildo is that it is quite firm to touch and feel. We don’t think we need to elaborate more on the pleasure it could give you with the hardness of the dildo. With the almost squeezable silicone or plastic dildos, the feel kind of fades away. If you are looking for a hard and solid partner in bed, to take you up the road to nirvana, a Ceramic Dildo is just the companion.

Because of its hard and glossy material, a ceramic dildo is also Non-Porous. This means that no infectious bacteria or germs could get in and tamper with your play area. As a result, these Body safe Ceramic Dildos are a great buy.

Temperature Play

A peculiar incentive to using Ceramic Dildo is that you can explore Temperature play while playing with the instrument. Most of the sex toys available in the market these days don’t have the option while Ceramic sex toys are naturally adept with temperature play. It has the ability to send chills down your spine with the cold feel that the penetration gives. Ceramics as a material is inherently cooler. So, to indulge in temperature play, you can either warm it up in water or place it in cold water to cool it before you penetrate. The tingling feeling can be wondrous in your climax journey.


Since Ceramic Dildos are mostly handmade, you can get them custom-made in different shapes, sizes, and looks. Unlike other sex toys, ceramic toys can be very attractive looking and can be placed on your shelf. Also, you can add ridges and curves in the Ceramic dildo as per your choice and how you wish to feel down there. You don’t have to wait for a sex toy range to understand your needs and make a product that fits your needs. Instead, you can just specify your needs and preferences to get a beautifully customized Ceramic Dildo delivered at your doorstep.

Gets you in touch with your turn on

Another plus point of Ceramic sex toys is that by virtue of being manual, the slow and steady insertion gives you a comprehensive experience of all the minute spots that make you feel butterflies in your stomach. It is a great way to explore your stimulation points. You can give yourself the pleasure you need, once you get the hang of it. Even the movement and the pace are all in your hands, literally, to get the best possible orgasm.

Downsides to a Ceramic Dildo

Downsides to a Ceramic Dildo

The schism between technology and nature among the sex toy community isn’t so actively vocal for no reason. There are quite a few factors that give weaker hand to Ceramic Sex toys leading people to still prefer the mechanical ways. We will be taking them into consideration as well. Let’s take a closer look.


Speaking of the drawbacks of Ceramic dildos, the fact that they are insanely priced comes first. It’s weird how this generation has attached a luxurious quality with products that are more natural and ‘organic’ while that’s how the world worked for the early people, for free. Similarly, in the case of Ceramic sex toys, the price tags are marked unreasonably high just because they are ‘natural’. Obviously, this drives a lot of the customer base away from the Ceramic dildo market as they can supposedly get silicone ones with vibrations for much less.


The newer generation of pleasure seekers, who like tech-savvy sex toys may find Ceramic Dildos laborious and obsolete. A ceramic dildo definitely isn’t for everybody. Not everyone prefers a manual sex toy when there is a range of hands-free dildos such as Fun Factory Bouncer Dildo in the market these days.


Another obvious negative of a Ceramic Dildo is that it is breakable. Although there is always a chance of any tech-driven sex toy going haywire, it can still be fixed. A broken dildo is simply good for nothing anymore. That added to the fact that the user spent a hefty amount on buying it in the first place, breaking the heart along with the Ceramic dildo. There are a lot of claims as to the durability and sturdiness of Ceramic dildos. But they stand nowhere in comparison with the Silicone and plastic counterparts which are, any day, unbreakable.


Finally, there are fair advantages and disadvantages to Ceramic sex toys. We feel that the division among the users as to whether or not to shift to ceramic dildos is right to a great extent. The producers of the market really need to look into the factors that work against them in order to change the trends in their favor.

From the consumer’s point of view, we do feel that Ceramic dildos deserve a chance as you will discover a great, hot, and cold way to pleasure yourself after a long day. It is great if you can afford one. If not, wait for the Sale maybe? We highly recommend against borrowing one, for obvious reasons. Anyway, do tell us about your ceramic experiences and if you found it worth the money and effort!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are ceramic sex toys safe for use?

Yes, ceramic sex toys are generally safe when produced by reputable manufacturers. They are body-safe, non-porous, and easy to clean. Ensure you purchase from trusted brands that use high-quality, non-toxic materials.

Q2. How do I clean and maintain ceramic sex toys?

Cleaning ceramic sex toys is straightforward. Use mild soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaner. Ensure thorough drying before storage. Avoid extreme temperature changes, and store them in a soft pouch or cloth to prevent scratches.

Q3. Can ceramic sex toys be used with different lubricants?

Yes, ceramic sex toys are compatible with both water-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants. However, it’s essential to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for specific products to avoid any potential damage.

Q4. Are ceramic sex toys suitable for temperature play?

Yes, ceramic is an excellent material for temperature play. You can heat or cool ceramic sex toys by placing them in warm or cold water before use. Always check the temperature to avoid discomfort and use a lubricant for smoother sensations.

Q5. Are ceramic sex toys fragile or prone to breaking?

While ceramic sex toys are durable, they can break if dropped on hard surfaces. Handle them with care, and avoid using excessive force. Inspect your toy regularly for any signs of cracks or damage, and discontinue use if you notice any issues.


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