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Rope play is the soul of a BDSM session, and it never feels complete until you tie your partner with rope in bondage and do some dirty talking. BDSM is all about the exchange of powers between both the party and rope playing alters the balance of power. My boyfriend and I discovered rope playing in BDSM accidentally.

Being inexperienced and clueless about bondage ties culture, we got our lost spark back in our boring and monotonous sex life. Rope play unlocks a whole new world of kink and pleasure. We were eager to learn more about it so we started hovering on the internet and porn erotic sites.

Rope play in BDSM is not about objectifying women, consent is something that people often forget to bring to the table. There’s nothing bad about practicing rope bondage sexual play, but there are some ground rules that need to be taken care of, as it could be dangerous. 

If you’re a veteran or someone who’s just getting started, there’s always room to learn about rope bondage. Here we have all the sultry details you need to know before you play BDSM rope play on your partner. Let’s deep dive into this article and start from level 1. 

What Is Rope Play?

What Is Rope Play

BDSM is one big umbrella that includes a spectrum of sex acts, such as spanking using spanking paddle, age play, and impact play. Similarly, rope play is one common type of sex act seated under the roof of BDSM culture. Rope bondage also termed rope play is a type of BDSM role act that involves the use of rope to restrict your partner’s movement. Rope play includes different types of rope ranging from nylon, cotton, jute, and hemp. From floating sex to tying up someone in different body positions, rope bondage can be seen as a primary tool of BDSM play.

The process of tying someone in consent can lead you into a meditative state. Shibari knots play is a Japanese form of rope play that is all about accentuating human body beauty. Shibari rope bondage is very different from other Western forms of sexual rope bondage. In Shibari rope play, ropes are more decorative and intricate- they never objectify women as sex objects, in Shibari, it’s all about appreciating the beauty of the human body and lovemaking. 

Where can I Get One? 

If you’re planning to welcome winter this Christmas with kinky rope bondage with your partner, then this section is for you. Choosing the right and strong rope for the best rope bondage play, especially when you’re a beginner is not an easy feat. No worries, we have done some homework for you, here we have assembled the best rope that you can try for rope bondage this Christmas- 


1. Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter


Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter

If rope bondage is your sex fetish then Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope 10 Meter is perfect for you. If the touch of rope against the skin gets you on, then this super soft but strong rope is perfect for bondage use. Comes in a classy and luxurious matte black color with a non-slip finish.


  • Latex-free and skin-friendly
  • Soft and lightweight 
  • Easy to use 
  • Highly-durable 
  • Risk of fraying, be careful
  • Can also shed a lot on first use


2. Doc Johnson Japanese-Style Bondage Rope 10 Meter


You have seen rope bondage videos, heard a lot about it from your friends, and now you’ve even aching to try it with your partner. If you want to add sexual rope play to your sex list then try it with Doc Johnson Japanese-Style Bondage Rope 10 Meter. This rope is made of non-slip super soft cotton that prevents chafing. From spanking to floating sex, you can unlock your rope bondage fantasies with this one. 10 meters in length is enough to web the whole body, providing you with a perfect playground to use your imagination. Always keep the medical scissors handy while playing with the rope.

Doc Johnson Japanese-Style Bondage Rope 10 Meter


  • Skin-friendly, made of super soft cotton
  • Comes with a sufficient 10 meters length 
  • Very strong and lightweight
  • Careful with the ends
  • The ends white quickly 


3. Bondage Boutique Rainbow Soft Rope Restraints


Bondage Boutique Rainbow Soft Rope Restraints

If you’re very very into rope play then these multi-colored Bondage Boutique Rainbow Soft Rope Restraints are just the thing that should be in your BDSM play collection. Its rainbow color will make your bondage partner look sexier. Made of super soft cotton which makes it best suitable for bare skin. Comes with a 10-meter length, enough for rope play. Non-slip material and won’t leave patches if tied hard.


  • Highly-durable 
  • Latex-free and skin-friendly
  • Soft and lightweight 
  • Careful with the ends
  • The ends white quickly 
  • Can be a bit long for a normal role play


4. Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope Restraints


This little rope is perfect for a little wrist restraint, just like sexual handcuffs. Lightweight, skin-friendly, soft, and incredibly secure. use all 4 to provide complete restrain to your sub, leaving you to fully punish and tease them. It’s a multi-position rope restraint and has a non-slip surface.

Bondage Boutique Soft Bondage Rope Restraints


  • Skin-friendly
  • Don’t leave patches on the wrist 
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly-durable 
  • Careful with the ends
  • Too much length for normal rope play
  • Hard to tie it tightly 


Why Do People Enjoy Rope Play?

Why Do People Enjoy Rope Play

BDSM is a game of dom and submissive relationship- people are pretty kinky and like to dominate or get dominated in bed sexually. People who want to play dom in bed like to restrain the movement of their partner. This makes them sexually aroused, and the same theory is for submissive ones- who like to get sexually restrained. Sexual rope play is all about teasing or punishing your partner in a fun way, just like sex restraints do. In fact, you can mix your rope play with some BDSM card games for more fun.

Safety Rules for Rope Play

Safety Rules for Rope Play

  • Always keep the scissors handy 
  • Don’t leave the restrained partner alone, not even for a second
  • Don’t try it if you have anxiety and panic attack problem
  • Beware of the sensitive part, such as the neck, and waist 
  • Don’t bondage your partner for more than 30 minutes 

Closing Thoughts 

There you have it, now you have one more thing new on the list that you can practice with your partner. Sex feels more great and pleasurable if you add consent and aftercare from a BDSM bruise. At last always follow the ground rule of rope play, playing with rope can turn life-threatening. We hope that you have gained some relevant insights about sex swings, how to use them, and which one you should buy. If you have something to share or feel that you can add something meaningful to this article then please tell us in the comment section. Till then have a good day, and keep the kink alive!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is rope play?

Rope play, often referred to as shibari, is a form of bondage and restraint that involves using ropes to tie, bind, or create intricate patterns on a person’s body for artistic, erotic, or aesthetic purposes.

Q2. Is rope play safe, and what precautions should be taken?

Rope play can be safe when practiced with knowledge, skill, and consent. Safety precautions include learning proper tying techniques, avoiding pressure points, having safety shears on hand for emergencies, and always communicating openly with the bound individual to ensure comfort and safety.

Q3. Can anyone engage in rope play, or are there specific prerequisites?

Rope play can be enjoyed by consenting adults of any gender or sexual orientation. However, it’s crucial to have proper education, understanding of anatomy, consent, and communication skills to engage in it safely and responsibly.

Q4. What kind of ropes are suitable for rope play?

Natural-fiber ropes, such as jute or hemp, are commonly preferred due to their strength, flexibility, and friction. However, some practitioners also use synthetic ropes like nylon or polyester, depending on personal preferences and safety considerations.

Q5. Are there any workshops or educational resources available for learning rope play techniques?

Yes, there are numerous workshops, online courses, books, and tutorials available to learn rope play techniques, safety guidelines, and artistic patterns. Attending workshops or seeking guidance from experienced practitioners is highly recommended for beginners.


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