A closet is a lonely place, no one will accept you there.

Coming out of the closet is important, or you’ll build a world that is full of hatred, unloved, and a creepy dark place. A closet is a very dark and creepy place where your demons hide. And the coming out process can be different for everyone because everyone is battling at different levels. 

Self-love is important but it can be very hard when you hide your true self behind walls. Also, it’s very hard to love your partner when you don’t feel love for yourself.  

Unmasking your true self and starting to get comfortable with who you are is a ticket to living a healthy life. For many, unlocking secretive closet BDSM kinky fantasies, coming out as LGBTQ, or sharing other sexual pleasures with their partners can seem like an uphill battle, but it’s important. 

What Is Coming Out Of The Closet Means? 

Coming out as a true you is a process that involves discovering, embracing, and understanding your skin or sexual orientation. This is why it’s called Closet- which means your hidden secrets, and revealing out does take bravery. And the pleasure of freedom that you will experience will feel a hundred times better than receiving oral sex from your partner. 

The Closet After The Closet 

Many of you might be already out. But there’s a part two process. Life is an off-road journey, and we humans can never be a finished product until our last breath. You might also have to cross a steep, grumpy, and twisted turn—a challenge of coming out. There’s always an outer layer of inner homophobia that needs to be cracked open. 

BDSM closet

The next layer is thinner, and because it’s more than we don’t always see it. Can you tell how many of you have had such experiences where you felt that being gay is not as good as being straight? 

For instance- 

  • When your friend tells you that he is surprised to know that you are gay. 
  • When your mom appreciates you having straight friends, they never count gays as a third gender. 
  • Or when you have a hidden belief that being gay keeps you feeling different and makes you look weird to others. 

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Feeling bad about your gay self or feeling guilty about your secretive BDSM closet kink fantasies are normal. But you should learn to come out of it with bravery, the problem is the society, not you. 

How To Open The Closet? 

From your naughty BDSM closet full of sexual fantasies to unmasking your gender, it’s important to know what to say. It should be a clear thought. 

Society is terrible and cruel! So always open up in front of your life supporters (your close ones) who will understand you, respect your sexual pleasures, and accept you in any way. 


You don’t have to announce it to everyone at the same time, take it slow. Coming out is a slow process, not a one-night show. Because everyone will have different perceptions of you, and it will be hard for people to react when you open the BDSM closet. 

Some Important Tips For Coming Out 

Although, there’s no straight way to have a non-guilt coming out process. But there’s one golden rule—you should feel right. Need more help? Don’t worry we have got you covered with a few tips that can make this process a little easier:

Coming out with your parent 

Unmasking your true desires and your identity can be the most difficult one. It’s better to make any attempt if you think that it can hamper your education, economy, housing security, or even your mental health. Take emotional support from your close ones or someone you think can make him understand without scaring the shit out of them.

People may judge you constantly, so, prepare yourself for tears, and keep tissues handy. And always remember that their opinions don’t matter if they accept your true identity. 

At work 

At work 

People today have empathy for the LGBTQ community, still, it takes a ball to come out to your colleague that you’re gay or a lesbian. But this one will not be that than coming out in front of parents. If your workplace or boss is open-minded and can accept a gay employee then you should come out, or it hinders your career advancement. 

With friends 

Opening your BDSM closet in front of your friends is a cakewalk because they will understand you, embrace you, and make you feel more relaxed. Your tribe will help you become a better person. 

Closing Thoughts 

If you take sexual pleasures seriously and have some kinky BDSM or other sexual fantasies then coming out will make you a better partner, and improve your sex life. We hope you have found a way to come out easily. Coming out is important if you want to live a healthy, and happy life—just be yourself, others’ opinions don’t matter. 


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