Types of Panty Play

To some, it may come as a surprise but to some, it’s as obvious as the sky. Panty kink happens to be quite contradictory in nature, as it is something so normal and understandable as a kink or a fetish to have because panties are worn close to genitals and aren’t frequently seen except during sexual encounters. Yet, it can come off as something very foreign and bizarre if taken out of context. 

If you are new to this kink or if someone mentioned it and you got curious, you should know that panty play, like many other kinks, has a spectrum of aspects that people are attracted towards. Some of these aspects that stimulate sexual arousal in people involve wearing the panty, buying used panties, the material or texture of the panty, etc. Panties or BDSM underwear have various other uses, you can buy an inbuilt panty vibrator and try out edge play with yourself or your partner.

What is Panty Play?

what is panty play

Panty Play or Underwear Fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism in which a person gets sexual arousal from panties and anything to do with them like sniffing, wearing, licking, etc.

Panty Play can also mean the involvement of other types of undergarments like stockings, pantyhose, etc. Panty Play has a lot to do with psychological arousal too as it’s the idea of panties being so close to a woman’s genitalia which makes them such an object of lust.

For some people, it’s the idea of a woman using the panty till it’s dirty with all kinds of bodily fluids is what arouses them. 

It’s pretty typical sex stuff if you think about it. Sexy underwear or panties are worn near or wrapped around the genitalia which can encourage sexual arousal both psychologically and physically. Some people also get aroused from wearing panties as they are something that adds to the seduction and makes you feel more feminine and sexy. 

Additionally, watching your partner almost bare-naked with beautiful lingerie on knowing all that it hides underneath can bring a type of arousal unique to this kink. Sex panties also add flavor to regular sex by allowing you to explore various other kinks and fetishes like bondage in which you can practice edge play by strapping an inflatable dildo to her panties and teasing her till her legs shake.

Types of Panty Play

Types of Panty Play

Panty Play like many other fetishes has more than one aspect of sexual arousal. For some people, it may be the scent of a used panty but for others, it may be the wearing of the panty that turns them on. You can also use panties as an object of edge play or panty bondage by stimulating your partner with tens units during sex. Regardless of what exactly about a panty turns you on, it all comes down to the panty and the person who wore it. Let’s discuss some of the different elements that arouse people during Panty Play.

  • Sniffing

One of the most common and major reasons for panty play being a popular fetish is panty sniffing. For a lot of people but mostly men panty sniffing is something that is something very primal. These people get psychological arousal from doing something that is typically looked upon as taboo and the sexual innuendo of it all turns them on. This is naturally understandable as the blend of your partner’s hormones and pheromones can arouse something animalistic and primal in you. For a lot of guys sniffing is an absolutely essential part of Panty Play, some guys can even orgasm just by sniffing panties. This kink can even extend to panty liners and the like.

  • Used Panty Fetish

The demand for used panties is so huge that there are entire businesses dedicated to selling used panties to willing customers. You can walk into these businesses or visit their online shops and buy used panties of your preference like cotton panties, virgin panties, BDSM panties, etc. A lot of men are turned on by the idea of a woman’s used panties that have remains of her bodily fluids like her vaginal discharge and drops of urine. The price value differs based on how filthy the panty is, any panty that promises multiple days of usage has a  higher chance of being filthier hence its price value is higher. The longer a panty has been worn the dirtier it is and the dirtier it is the more expensive it.

  • Panty Wearing

Excluding women, a significant number of men enjoy wearing panties if not regularly then at least occasionally. All the different reasons why people are sexually aroused by panties can come into play in this scenario. Some people like the soft lace and satin material brushing against their intimate areas or the thought of a woman’s vaginal juices wrapped around their genitals. Then there is also the thought of defiling her soft innocent-looking cotton or satin panties which can be quite arousing to some people. The thrill of doing something taboo and wearing a woman’s intimate sexy lingerie can also bring about an adrenaline rush and lead you to the pleasure palace.

  • Panty Sex

Sex through panties can be an extremely exciting idea for a lot of people. One of the main reasons behind this is the tension and restriction caused by the panties create a cocoon of mystery underneath it. This sensation can follow along with the feeling of doing something taboo and out of the norm that can bring immense sexual pleasure to your partner. Feeling the soft panty material rubbing against your clit while he is trying to penetrate you can make you climax like never before.


Even though Panty Play can come off as something bizarre for someone new to the BDSM lifestyle, it is definitely something you can grow a fetish for knowingly or unknowingly. When trying out panty play or any other BDSM act, always remember to have safe words. Panty Play has recently been classified as a separate kink although it has existed forever. 

For men, a woman’s panty is an object of lust that provides them with sexual stimulation either by sniffing them, wearing them, or just watching them. The human brain has a tendency to be attracted to the unknown and mysterious and when coupled with sexual intimacy panties are the perfect muse. Panties cover the much-desired vagina with their sheer layer of secrecy and heighten sexual stimulation by acting as a sex blanket.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Can I buy used panties?

Ans. Yes, you can. There are offline and online shops available dedicated to this business. In fact, anyone can buy used panties, as it’s hundred percent legal to sell and buy them. These sites usually also sell various other things like BDSM lingerie and toys. Check out online businesses or websites that offer this service and grab your pick.

Q2. Where can I buy used panties?

Ans. You can buy panties from various different places like online businesses and websites or offline shops. They have a wide range of types, colors, materials, and scents. You can also contact the person whose panties you would like to have through their social media and give them your offer. You can also put in requests and then do something like using a panty vibrator and edge themselves before sending the panty off to you.

Q3. Why do I like sniffing panties so much?

Ans. Having a kink of sniffing panties isn’t something too far-fetched. Moreover, it’s quite natural when you think about it. A woman’s hormones and pheromones can become quite addictive especially when you are sexually attracted to her and it’s very normal to be attracted to her scent.


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