Unleash Your Wildest Fantasies With 6 Highly Rated Double Sided Dildos

Double Sided Dildos

In terms of sex-related inventions, the sky is the limit; many different kinds of sex toys—like other areas of innovation in the world—have come up or are in the works as a result of the ingenuity of couples and sex partners. The invention of the double sided dildos is another example of how sexual norms, practices, creativities, and preferences have evolved over time. This innovation has made sex activities more pleasurable and accessible for individuals of all orientations, but it is especially popular among lesbians and gay men. However, some heterosexual couples are also using double ended dildo or double sided dildo.

As there are so many changes happening throughout the globe in terms of couples’ preferences for how they want to have fun sexually, it is essential for us to discuss the same as blog artists. Recognizing the significance of sexual choices and experiences, we created this post to make your life easier, and we dedicate it to all the beautiful individuals who have shown the world how to enjoy life to the fullest. As a result, we welcome you to the world of sex toys if you are new to this exploration or if you wish to explore new kinds of double sided dildo. Please stay to the end so you may choose one for yourself.

Let’s Understand Double Sided Dildos And Its Types

Regarding the definition of double sided dildo, it is a long shaft with a smooth, (occasionally spotted surface and curved) and has two heads or tips at both ends of the shaft. Those double-headed or double sided dildo is intended for vaginal intercourse between two lesbian females. Gay men have sometimes used these sorts of dildos since their introduction on the market. Some folks prefer to call it a double-headed dildo or double-ended dildo, while others call it simply a double dildo. The objective of the double sided dildo, double-headed dildo, or double ended dildo, however, remains the same—have sexual and penetrative fun by employing the double-headed/tip dildo.

You can distinguish the types of double sided dildo by its composition, shape, design, and function. For instance, the composition of certain double-headed dildos may include silicone, rubber, plastic, glass, and metal. In terms of kinds depending on their forms and shapes, double dildos may have straight, curved, or dotted surfaces, among others. 

Additionally, you would come across a double sided vibrating dildo and double sided strap on dildo as well, which are rising on the sales’ graphs. Another sort of dildo you may have come across is a realistic dildo. Consequently, you would encounter a realistic double ended vibrating dildo. There are certain types of double sided dildo designed categorically for lesbians, some for gay people, and even others for heterosexual people.

However, you do not need to be confused by all of these different types since we will just focus on the kinds based on their composition (such as silicone, metal, or glass), vibrating, and strap on dildo to make your purchase easier. Because the primary reason you’ve come here is to get advice on how to get the best double sided dildo or the best double ended vibrating dildo. Here is our suggested list.

Most Pleasure Giving List of Double-Sided Dildo | 6 Picks

Double dildo equals double funs. When you get two of anything, the price is likely to be somewhat higher or almost twice the typical amount. However, we did our best to narrow our selection from the most affordable in the beginning to the most costly afterward, despite the irony that the lowest price in the range begins with the average price:

1# The Real Rock Non Realistic Clear 17″ Double Dildo

The Real Rock Non Realistic Clear 17" Double Dildo

This is the first item on our list and the one with the lowest price range from the collection we have gathered. Real Rock Non-Realistic Clear Double Dildo is 17 inches long and has a well-defined double ended dildo. If you are a solo player, this is the ideal option for your sexual entertainment. Because the shaft is flexible, it is ideal for double penetration. This double sided dildo is waterproof and hence simple to clean.


  • Perfect for double penetration
  • Realistic vibe and pleasure
  • Suitable for solo play
  • The total length of 17 inches
  • Color: blue, clear, turquoise, pink & purple


  • Professionals will lose interest over the multiple uses
  • Lesser girth

2# Crystal Jellies 12 Inch Junior Double Dong

Crystal Jellies 12 Inch Junior Double Dong

The next one we have is crystal Jellies Double Dong which is inside the same price range as the products we’ve just covered. This double ended dildo introduces you to the limitless sexual possibilities of expanding your sexual horizons. With its soft and flexible double ended dildo form, it can be best applicable for butt-to-butt experiences with a friend or sexual partner. In addition, the shaft’s flexibility allows it to be used for solo performances. This dildo, made in the United States using the Sil-A-Gel formula, is safe for your body.  


  • Applicable for both butt-to-butt encounters
  • Suitable for solo performance
  • Total length is 12 inches
  • Soft and flexible design
  • Made of PVC material


  • Does not stay in place
  • Professionals might lose interest over multiple uses 

3# Glas Double Trouble 10″ Dildo

Glas Double Trouble 10" Dildo

This double sided dildo is on our list because it is made of glass and is a little less expensive than the first two items. 3# Glas Double Trouble 10″ Dildo is more affordable than the previous two dildos we looked at, and it is also constructed of glass.  You will experience unique sensations around and inside your erogenous zone, including the vagina and anus, due to the glass texture. This double sided dildo has a sufficiently curved shaft to provide G-spot or P-spot stimulation and enjoyment. Its tapering head easily and smoothly enters the vaginal and buttock passages. It has a total length of 10 inches and is constructed from Borosilicate Glass.


  • Made Of glass for a new experience
  • Applicable butt-to-butt and front-to-front sex
  • Total length of 10 inches
  • G-spot or P-spot stimulation
  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Easy to penetrate


  • Beginners need to get used to it
  • Extra care is needed to use it 

4# King Cock 16 Inch Thick Double Sided Dildos

King Cock 16 Inch Thick Double Dildos

If you’re searching for a genuine human penis-like vibe, this double ended dildo is your best bet. King Cock 16-Inch Thick Double Dildo has everything: size, appearance, feel, and deeper penetration. It is a double sided dildo made with pipedream’s cutting-edge rubber material that will give you the utmost sensuous and sexual enjoyment. It is ideal for cocky fun with your sexual companion. And it is created in the United States with the American people in mind.


  • Thick and girthy double ended dildo
  • Superb 16-inches long
  • Easy for double penetration
  • Comes with realistic veins
  • Made from pipedream’s State-of-the-art rubber


  • Beginners need to adapt to the length
  • An expensive double sided dildo

5# Together Toy

Together Toy

This sex toy for beginners and experts is within the double sided vibrating dildo category. Due to this feature, it is one of the priciest double sided dildo collections. This dildo offers the most pleasurable sensations at a high level because of its double ended dildo stimulating vibrator. With its three speeds, the Together Toy allows for flexible and customizable sex play for double penetration. If your quest is the same, receiving G-spot stimulation with a curved head is much maximized. Due to its versatility and dynamic sex pleasure with a double ended vibrating dildo, it may be the finest option despite its price.


  • Applicable for professional
  • Perfect for G-spot stimulation
  • USB rechargeable
  • Comes 3 speeds
  • Double-ended dual stimulating vibrator


  • Not easy for beginners
  • An Expensive double ended dildo
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6# Fetish Fantasy Series Double Delight Strap On

Fetish Fantasy Series Double Delight Strap On - Double Sided Dildos

The final double sided dildo on our list that we suggest is likewise pricey, albeit not as costly as the one before it. This sex toy belongs to the category of double sided strap on dildo. If you’re seeking something appropriate for girl-to-girl encounters, this selection is perfect for your strap-on funs. The Fetish Fantasy Series Double Delight Strap on is ideal for females, but it may also be used by men for anal gratification. Jelly rubber is the material that was used to make it.


  • Perfect for girl-to-girl encounters
  • To double-sided strap on dildo
  • Applicable for gay play as well
  • Made of Jelly rubber
  • Color available purple


  • Only one color variant
  • A bit pricey

How To Use Double Sided Dildos More Easily & Efficiently

There are various prerequisites you should bear in mind before purchasing or utilizing a double sided dildo. Following are the examples of some frequent significant points that you should keep in mind:

Size of the toy:
You’ll start with a shorter one and progressively increase the length as you learn how to use a double sided dildo. However, in order to avoid being infected with any sickness or infection, bear in mind that the dildo must be long enough so that your vagina does not come into touch with your partners or slide in the other half into yours (in case one of you is infected).

Sex branded lubes:
Apply a considerable amount of lubrication, preferably sex-branded lube such as Sliquid. Stop immediately if you feel any discomfort. Wait a while and try again later. If it persists, you should see a sex expert.

If you want to swap the locations of the heads, make sure you clean it well to avoid infection. Also, after each usage, maintain the double-sided dildo clean and dust-free.

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There are several varieties of double sided dildos. However, we have included the most often used ones in our list, such as the double ended dildo, double sided vibrating dildo, and the double sided strap on dildo.  

Aside from that, if you want to purchase a double-ended vibrating dildo, you should consider how discreet it is. We did our best to include the finest products in terms of price, durability, composition, efficiency, and smoothness. For the specifications, we have included the advantages and downsides in our advice.

We hope you will utilize all of the information available to you when selecting the finest double sided dildos, including characteristics, pros and disadvantages, and pricing.

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