Experience Mind-Blowing Pleasure with These 6 Multi-Functional Egg Vibrators!

Egg Vibrator

When it comes to sex toys, most people picture vibrators that shoot strong rumble sensations around your clitoral and sweet G-spots. “Necessity is the mother of invention”, yes you might have heard it many times, but it’s not always true. The invention of vibrators was a happy accident, they were not made for medication. Yes, you’ve read that right, sorry to kill your buzz but it is what it is.  Vibrators were first invented for the treatment of hysteria and to accentuate muscle pain. 

But humans are horny devils, so it didn’t take much time for us to decode its true potential, and how good vibrations can be used to get sexually aroused. We are in the future, and vibrator technology has evolved a lot in recent years. 

From magical wands to rabbit to bullet vibrators, there’s a galaxy of hundreds or thousands of sex toys that can be used as a third arm to satiate your kinky sexual fantasies. The word vibrators might cock your eyebrows with a weird stare as it can be intimidating for some people. But no worries, there’s one discreet option also available- vibrator egg. Yes, this might be too hard for you to digest, but egg vibrators exist and truly serve their purpose in giving you a perfect blend of G-spot and clitoral stimulation.

Now that you’re aching to do egg vibrator play, then you better read this article. This article has all the essential details about the vibrator eggs, such as how you can use them, and from where you can get the one. Stay glued till the end of this blog post if you take orgasm very very seriously. 

What Is An Egg Vibrator? 

A vibrator egg is also known as a love egg, or vibrating egg is a cute tiny, remote controlled plushy sex toy that offers intense orgasms, and packed in a very discreet and portable tiny egg. Why vibrator egg is the sex staple among sex toy lovers? Because most of the love egg vibrators are made of A-grade premium silicone material for easy vaginal and anal stimulation, plus vibrator egg can also be placed under your panties, just under your vulva. Giving you free access to orgasm anytime and anywhere! A vibrator egg can be used on various zones of your body that include the following- 

  • Clitoris
  • G-spot 
  • Nipples 
  • Anus 
  • Neck 
  • Stomach
  • prostate 
  • Inner thighs 
  • Ears 
  • Stomach 
  • Labia
  • Hips 

See? There are hundreds of ways through which you can play with a love egg vibrator on your playground, all needed is to think out of the box- Sex is a creative process. 

How To Use Vibrator Eggs? 

Not just one, there are many ways to play with vibrator eggs and they’re an ideal deal for anyone who loves to collect multi-functional pleasure toys. You can use vibrator eggs for external clitoral stimulation around the external zone of your vaginal, and if you want to feel internal rumble sensations then you can use them for anus and vagina play. A vibrator egg might give you an impression of a weak vibrator that will gas out after frequent use, but that’s not the case. You have no idea how surprisingly strong they can get. I had a good time with egg vibrators, just like you I had also utterly underestimated egg vibrators, and paid the price with heavy squirting and messy bed sheets. 

You can use the love egg vibrator for-

  • Oral sex stimulation
  • Hands-free masturbation
  • Partnered play 
  • Penetrative sex 
  • Clitoral stimulation 
  • Internal stimulation of the anus and vagina
  • Nipples play 

Using an egg vibrator is like going to an amusement park orgasm, try it and you’ll love it. 

Sooo..What Type Of Love Egg Vibrators Will Be Best For You? Top 6 Picks

If you’re a veteran vibrator player or looking to upgrade your vibrations or want something compact but strong. No worries, I have got you covered! There are a sheer number of vibrating eggs out there that will perfectly cater to all your kinky fantasies. Here I have listed some of the best collections of vibrator eggs that will be a perfect gift for yourself this Christmas- 


1. Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator


Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled Rechargeable Love Egg Vibrator

Not only in bed, now play with the strong rumble vibrations anytime and anywhere without getting noticed with Lovense Lush 3 App Controlled love Egg vibrator. This versatile rechargeable love egg vibrator shoots whisper-quiet vibrations which can be easily placed under the panties, so you can plug into a good buzz anywhere- the world is a playground now. Perfectly designed to simultaneously stimulate your G-spot and clitoris with rumbly and deep vibrations. Here’s the added bonus- the smart sound-activated feature can sync vibrations with music. 

Comes with a strong and unique magnetic charge point for faster and easy charging. 


  • App-controlled egg vibrator for distance play 
  • Gives you 5 hours of continuous playtime 
  • Features 4 distinctive patterns and 3 speeds 
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations 
  • Sound-activated 
  • Made of premium silicone material 


  • Nothing at all


2. Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator


The Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator is perfect for the couple’s fun and solo pleasure. This unique egg-shaped vibe can be used both externally and internally and comes with a smooth, silicone exterior for a luxurious feel. And, with a 29-inch wire to the remote, you have all you need to explore a range of play positions.

Control the seven vibration functions yourself or let your partner take hold of the dynamic remote to send waves of pleasure throughout your body. What’s more, this is an ideal vibrator for couples who are just starting out – bringing spice and excitement to those intimate moments together like never before.

Lovehoney Power Play 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

  • Remote-controlled love egg vibrator for couple and solo play
  • Made of premium silicone egg for smooth vaginal and anus play 
  • Ideal for beginners
  • 7 vibration functions 
  • Shoots strong vibrations 
  • Quiet noisy 


3. Alive 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg


Alive 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg

Discover the ultimate pleasure experience with the Alive 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Love Egg! Equipped with ten different vibrating functions, you can customize your intimate moments and discover entirely new levels of delight. The velvet-smooth egg is designed to be easily inserted and maneuvered so that you can reach all your internal pleasure points, but it’s still small enough for beginners to feel fully at ease.

You will love its ergonomic remote control with easy-press buttons that make it simple to operate up to fifteen meters away, and its 3.5-inch retrieval loop ensures secure removal when the fun has come to an end. With all batteries included, you’re ready to have a discreet yet powerful experience anytime, anywhere.

  • Powerful wireless remote control egg vibrator for distance play
  • Offers 10 vibrating functions for tailored orgasm 
  • Best water-based lubricant  
  • Enough length of 3.5 inches
  • Not a lot of power 


4. We-Vibe X Lovehoney Jive App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating G-Spot Love Egg


Are you craving strong rumble vibrations to play with around your clitoris and anus? If yes, then look no further, try the we-vibe vibrating G-spot love egg that boasts about its app-controlled feature, for easy solo and partner distance play. Comes with 10 amazing vibration patterns that will make your climax sweeter and more sensational than before. 


We-Vibe X Lovehoney Jive App Controlled Rechargeable Vibrating G-Spot Love Egg

  • Rumble vibrations 
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations 
  • Rechargeable with USB cable 
  • App controlled for distance play 
  • Perfect vibrator for beginners
  • Vibrations are not strong enough


5. Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator


Lovehoney Thrill Seeker 10 Function Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

The devil of vibrator is here! Introducing the all new Lovehoney remote control egg vibrator that is made of super smooth silicone material. This love egg is perfect for solo play and perfect for G-spot stimulation. Features 10 distinctive patterns and 6 speeds. Use it with lots of water-based lubricant for skin-to-skin sensation. 

The egg runs on AAA batteries and comes with reliable remote control for distance play. 

  • Vibrating remote control love eggs for solo and couple’s play
  • Comes with 10 patterns and 6 speeds 
  • 100% waterproof 
  • Wireless remote control for distance play
  • Skin-friendly 
  • A little noisy


6. Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator


Not just inside your bedroom, enjoy instant orgasms anytime and anywhere on the go with a wireless remote control love egg vibrator for hands-free orgasms. Boasts 7 unique patterns and 3 speeds for a tailored play. Rechargeable with USB cable. 100% waterproof for under-shower adventures. 

Tracey Cox Supersex Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

  • 7 patterns and 3 vibrations speeds for a sensational orgasm
  • Remote control love egg vibrator for distance play 
  • Ergonomic shape gives a feel like a G spot vibrator 
  • The runtime of 100 minutes 
  • Waterproof Submersible
  • Absolutely nothing!

Are Love Egg Vibrators Safe? 

Yes, vibrator eggs are absolutely safe because most of the love egg vibrators are made of medical grade premium quality silicone that won’t cause any irritation on the genitals. If you’re looking to buy an egg vibrator here are a few things that you need to be taken care of. 

  • Avoid egg vibrators made of rubber, jelly rubber, porous material, or Thermoplastic rubber
  • Always keep your love egg vibrato clean and sanitized
  • If you have genital piercings, remove them before using this vibrator 
  • Never ever share your vibrator with anyone 
  • Never try temperature play if not mentioned in the manual

Closing Thoughts 

It’s a wrap! Now you have the list of best egg vibrators that you can try or gift yourself or your partner this Christmas eve. Using a love egg vibrator can add some lost flames to your sex life. I hope you have a good time today, let us know in the comment section below if you have something to add to today’s blog post. Stay tuned for more amazing blogs on kinky toys that should be in your collection. Have a good day everyone, I will see you next time. Have fun, and keep the kink alive! 

Lewis Joshua

Lewis Joshua is an author, sex educator, and BDSM expert. He has been working in the industry for over 10 years, helping people to understand the nuances of sexual exploration and empowerment. Lewis has written several books on the topic of sex toys and BDSM, which have become highly regarded in the industry due to their comprehensive content and insightful look into these complex topics. His work has been featured in numerous publications. As a public speaker, he regularly conducts workshops on issues related to sexual health and education. He is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to use sex toys safely while still having fun with them. His mission is to create safe spaces for everyone to explore their sexuality comfortably and confidently.

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