Oral Sex Tips

Sexual pleasures are just not limited to hand jobs and penetration. Have you ever experienced the sensations when your partner stimulates your area 69 with their tongue or takes your toy in their mouth?

If you’re bored of doing penis-in-vagina sex then experimenting with sex in different oral sex positions by using some oral sex tips can spice up your sex life. Imagine your partner down on their knees, naked, and sucking your most prized possession from their mouth, better oral sex gives higher realms of euphoric physical sensation that can’t be described with words.

The question of why oral sex is considered a fire element during sex seems like a no-brainer: because it feels so damn good, and makes your heart race from 0 to 100 in no time. But there are some legit psychological and physiological reasons why people love to give and get oral sex.

Studies have shown that almost 73% of men and 69% of women agreed to say that receiving and getting oral sex was very pleasurable than having vaginal-penis sex or anal sex.

Sex is sacred, and practicing oral sex tips on your partner is one common and romantic way of showering your love to your partner. There’s no need to keep it behind the walls, oral sex is a full-blown sex home run. You should try oral if you take sensations seriously.

Oral sex is real sex, and if you’ve never experienced the third base sensation in your sex life then this blog post is for you. Doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or having your first dive, don’t worry you’ll be fine- everyone starts from somewhere!

For some people, sex is sacred, and believe that oral sex is a sin and dirtiness with sex. But the reality is something different. This blog will be a myth-buster for you.  We will discuss why oral sex is healthy and not taboo.

Let’s penetrate deep into this topic. I will walk you through some of the important oral sex tips that you should take care of before you start exploring area 69 of your partner.

What Is Oral Sex?

What Is Oral Sex

Oral sex is a common sex position that is everyone’s favorite, and common in a couple of all genders and ages. Oral sex is also termed a “Blow job” that’s a kinky name, all thanks to the content-rich internet and intense sex exploration videos (porn). If sex is the main course, oral sex is a spicy starter that you can have to heat things in the bedroom. Oral sex can also play a part to lubricate the area which will promote smoother penetration during intercourse. 

Three Types Of Oral Sex

Three Types Of Oral Sex

Oral sex is a trick of tongue and mouth, but you can try it in several ways and experience the best orgasm of your life. You can even try sex toys like Satisfyer Pro 2 for a more stimulating experience. Here we’ve listed 3 types of oral sex that you should explore with your partner:


Fellatio is more commonly known as “Blow job”. In this oral act, one partner stimulates the penis of another partner by using lips, tough, and giving deep throat sucking which triggers a shockwave of stimulation around the area.


Anilingus is the sexual stimulation of the anus. The area around the anus has loads of sensitive nerves, and some of them are even connected to the genitals. Licking and kissing those areas through the tongue, teeth, and lips can heighten the pleasure for your partner, and this act is known as Anilingus.


In Cunnilingus, one partner stimulates the vagina using lips or tongue. This oral act will deeply trigger the sensation and will arouse the lusty cupids of your partner.

How To Perform Oral Sex? | Best Oral Sex Tips

How To Perform Oral Sex

Before jumping in, here are a few things that you need to take care of if you’re planning to surprise your partner with a stimulating blow job or vulva licking, for which you can also use blowjob toys. If this is your first time, don’t worry we have got you covered! Here we have outlined a few cosmo oral sex tips that you can follow, and ace your sex game by these oral sex tips.

Always Communicate

No sex without consent, forcing your partner to give the bottom can make things terriblea mood killereven if you are giving or asking for oral sex. People indeed love having anal, but it’s not for everyone. Yes, not everyone is interested in giving or receiving oral sex. Hence, it’s important to talk it out with your partner before you surprise attack on third base.

Oral Hygiene is important for Oral Sex

If you’re planning oral sex for Friday nights, then don’t forget to scrub your teeth or use cool mint mouthwash. Oral sex can make your partner vulnerable to carrying infection if you have gum problems or mouth sores.

Use Music As A Timer

If you want to up the oral sex game, then take it slow. If you’re the one that does rash driving between the legs, then you can use your playlist as a timer. Play your favorite song during foreplay, and wait for a song to finish before starting to give the head.

Have you tried giving nose jobs?

Yes, lips, tongue, and teeth are vital stimulating tools and play an important role during oral sex. But you can also use your pointed nose if you’re going to taste the vulva of your partner. Just use your nose back and forth or roll around, and make her moan like a wolf! Moreover, you can also lick the pussy while using a Fun Factory Bouncer dildo for more stimulation.

Don’t Dive Straight To The Clitoris

It’s true that clit is one of the most sensitive parts and girls like it when boys play with it. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you start patrolling in that area. Start with a kiss on the neck, behind her ear. Slow and steady wins the game in sex, diving straight on the third base can make her feel good for a while, but spending most of your time there will be a mood killer.

Use Your Breath

You can use your hot breath to trigger physical sensation on her nerve ending. Your hot breath will work feel erotic and feels just as amazing as fellatio and cunnilingus.

Closing Thoughts

Sex is all about giving and taking pleasure, and if you want to have some more fun then you should try giving better oral sex to your partner. Oral sex makes your bond healthy with your partner, increases closeness, and builds trust between the couple. We hope that you have gained enough insights about oral sex tips, and are all set to give the bottom. Should you have pubic hair while receiving oral sex? Well, that depends if your partner likes it or not. Some women and men find pubic hair kinky, but that’s a whole different topic. Let us know if you want a blog on this topic or not.

But the bottom line to killing the shy bubble is to talk it out with your partner. Sex without consent is a crime, even if it’s oral sex.

We hope you like this blog post about better oral sex tips, stay tuned for more amazing blog posts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I make oral sex more enjoyable for my partner?

Communication is key. Ask your partner about their preferences and pay attention to their reactions during oral sex. Experiment with different techniques, speeds, and pressures to find what they enjoy most.

Q2. Are there any specific hygiene practices I should follow for better oral sex?

Maintaining good personal hygiene is essential. Ensure both partners are clean before engaging for better oral sex. It’s also a good idea to keep breath fresh with regular dental care and perhaps use flavored lubricants if both partners enjoy them.

Q3. How do I address concerns or insecurities about performing oral sex?

Open communication is crucial. Share your feelings with your partner and express any concerns or insecurities. Understanding each other’s perspectives and providing reassurance can help create a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for both.

Q4. What can I do if my partner is not comfortable receiving oral sex?

Respect your partner’s boundaries. If they are not comfortable with receiving oral sex, have an open and non-judgmental conversation to understand their concerns. Focus on other intimate activities that both partners are comfortable with and enjoy.

Q5. How do I introduce variety and keep things exciting during oral sex?

Explore different techniques and be open to trying new things. Pay attention to your partner’s reactions and adapt based on their feedback. Incorporating variety can enhance the overall experience and maintain excitement.


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