Best Garter Belts



Coquette Black Chain Garter Belt

Coquette Black Chain Garter Belt

  • Stretchy, black elastic garter belt.
  • 3 slinky chains each perfecting your every outfit

My Best Pick
Dreamgirl Black Ripped Garter Bodystocking
Dreamgirl Black Ripped Garter Bodystocking
  • Made from black stretch fabric with revealing rips.
  • Surprise your lover with the butt-baring open back.


Lovehoney Black Lace Garter Tights
Lovehoney Black Lace Garter Tights
  • Floral and swirl lace trims with a matching garter belt.
  • Features a bold seam down the back of each leg.



Best Based on Rating
Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Garter Belt

Lovehoney Fierce Wet Look Garter Belt
  • Wrap your hips in soft, sensual and stretchy material.
  • High-shine garter belt.



Best Seller
Lovehoney Love Me Lace Garter Belt Black

Lovehoney Love Me Lace Garter Belt Black
  • Sheer lace wraps around your hips.
  • 4 adjustable garter straps to keep your sheer and sexy stockings straight.



Want to kill your partner with your strong and sexy look without making a move? If you want to help your partner shred out the lingering stress and frustration of his professional square, then wearing a super bold Garter belt will be a perfect way to green flag your true intentions, that is what you want tonight from your partner. 

The garter belts are the sexiest lingerie item that is in the market. People who are very much into BDSM and kink, take some pairs of super explosive garter belts that add some intense feeling and excitement to their BDSM play. Yet it is still the most feared because of the social stigma attached to it. If you are also aching to add some garter belts lingerie to your collection so you can surprise your partner with your super bold and sexy look, then you should have one in your collection. 

But where to buy it? I don’t know my G-belt size! I am sure you might have also crossed paths with such types of questions that are making your stomach jitter with nervousness, excitement, and fear.

Here I have added all the sultry details about garter belts when they should be worn, and from where you will get one. If you’re planning to place an online order, here I have listed some of the best sets that include everything you need to get started!

What Are Garter Belts?

What is a Garter Belt

Garter belts are also known as a suspender belts that are specially designed to make your curves look super explosive and sexy. Garter belts are worn by women to keep their stockings up. Plain, simple, and sexy! Adding garter belts to your sex night will work like a chemical X that will fire up things in the bedroom just like sex restraints fire up your BDSM play. Garter belts come in a plethora of materials, colors, and styles. Most of the garter belts come with four or more straps that can be more than 2.4 inches long. Straps are adjustable so the belt can fit any leg length. Don’t worry about your heavy legs, you can have plus-size garter belts that comes in hundreds of colors, patterns, and styles. 

Types Of Garter Belts To Shop For

Types Of Garter Belts To Shop For

From black garter belts to transparent ones, choosing your perfect belt can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t know your pick or if you’re just getting started. Choosing right garter belts among hundreds of unique options can be a little intimidating, but no worries I have got your back! Here I have jotted down my faves list of garter belts that you can pick.


1. Leather Stretch Lace Garter Belt X Design Sheer Back Indian Sexy Lingerie


Leather Stretch Lace Garter Belt X Design Sheer Back Indian Sexy Lingerie

Buckle in for bedroom adventures with this sexy-looking black belt that will glue your man’s attention on your bottom. This sexy faux leather belt comes with amazing crisscross detailing that will not only heighten your sexy curves but also brings more charms to the belt. It’s made of premium leather which is body-safe. Comes with adjustable garters for prolonged wear. Faux leather means no animals were harmed. It can be a perfect personalized gift for your partner. 


  • Made of strong faux leather 
  • Animal-cruelty free, perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and animal lovers
  • Removable adjustable garters 
  • Made from premium spandex and polyester material
  • My size is not there


2. Black Stretchy Lace Garter Belt Panties Set Indian Sexy Lingerie


Do it in style with this amazing stretchy lace garter belt that will make you look like a queen of the night. Comes in a free size as it is made of a stretchable material that will get fit into any waist size. This sexy pick is perfect for a BDSM night and will take it to the next level. Its amazing design will make your curves look more sexy and attractive. Comes with adjustable garter straps like strap on dildos for comfortable wear. G-strings are attached. 

Black Stretchy Lace Garter Belt Panties Set Indian Sexy Lingerie


  • Style- cute mini garter paired with fishnet stockings 
  • Free-size stockings that fit most of the waist type. 
  • Package includes- 1x belt skirt with g-string 
  • Garter straps are not very much adjustable for my waist size


3. Female Mini Skirt Lace Garter Belt Suspender Lingerie


Female Mini Skirt Lace Garter Belt Suspender Lingerie

If you look sexy in red then this sexy-looking garter belt lingerie will make you heat things inside the bedroom. This mini skirt lace belt will flaunt your butt, making it look more bulging and bubbly. If red is your color of love and sex, then this should be in your collection. Perfect for BDSM night, and can be worn as a sex toy by beginners. Made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes it fits in every waist type without causing size concerns. 


  • Comes in three different shades- White, Red, and Black
  • Elastic garter suspender belt 
  • Package includes- G-string + 1 garter
  • Sexy design 
  • Perfect personalized gift for your special person 
  • Quality is not good


4. Female Super High Waist Thigh Garter Underwear With Lace


Want to rule the bed and charge up on your partner sexually like a bold domme? Then try this super sexy-looking female high-waist garter underwear with lace. This outfit will make you look bold, sexy, and confident all day and night. Comes with stylish color shades of black patchwork with a silver pattern.  

Female Super High Waist Thigh Garter Underwear With Lace


  • Perfect for all waist type 
  • Made of body-safe material 
  • The material used- Polyester and spandex 
  • 4 garter straps supported with secure plastic clasp
  • Not good for prolonged wear


5. Garter Belt Set With G-String Lace Panties Indian Sexy Lingerie


Garter Belt Set With G-String Lace Panties Indian Sexy Lingerie

This woman’s sexy-looking garter belt with G-string will give you a bold look that will make your partner jump on you for some love, cuddle, and climax. It comes with a robust G-string that is made of high-quality fabric. Comfortable wear and will go with all types of waist types. Comes with an adjustable hook and eye rows for a prolonged comfortable fit. Made of strong material. 


  • An amazing style that will heighten your curves
  • Thoughtfully crafted from spandex and polyester 
  • Perfect for a hot and bold look 
  • Comfortable fit
  • Stretchy 
  • Can be worn with thigh-high stockings
  • Poor quality


6. High Waist Lace Suspender Garter Belt Matching G-String Indian Sexy Lingerie


The perfect outfit for timeless sex appeals that is worth flaunting in front of your partner. This amazing G-string lingerie comes with a pair of high stockings that will add extra glitter to your outfit. Made of strong and skin-friendly material that is stretchable and fits easily with every waist type. 

High Waist Lace Suspender Garter Belt Matching G-String Indian Sexy Lingerie


  • Sexy design that will heighten your curve shape 
  • Perfect for almost all waist type 
  • Perfect gift for your partner 
  • Made of strong Polyester and elastane
  • Quality is good, but limited designs


How To Wear A Garter Belt In Just 5 Easy Steps?

How To Wear A Garter Belt

Now you have a belt, and you’re all set to get into it. But how will you wear it? Don’t be afraid to learn, trust me this is not rocket science. Here I have added 5 easy steps through which you can easily wear a Garter belt around you- 

  • First, you need to put the belt around your waist. Make sure that the straps fall on your leg.
  • Now fasten the hooks, just like you hook your bra. To make it comfortable, just slide the belt over so that the front is the back and the back is the front. 
  • Now put stockings on. Garter belts are also worn with thigh highs that will add some glitter to your look.
  • Now slowly attach the garter belt to your stockings. This is the tricky one, so go slow and have patience. You have to open the clip by sliding the silicone nub out. Now place the belt between the silicone nub and the loop.
  • Straps are adjustable, so you can now easily adjust your straps accordingly. The fit should be comfortable for you. 

Closing Thoughts

Garter belts are perfect for boudoir photoshoots, costume parties, and of course the BDSM sex night of adventure. I hope this blog has covered all the queries that you have regarding garter belts. There are lots of wear through which you can spice up your outfit with a garter belt. The most important thing is to have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are garter belts, and what is its purpose?

Garter belts is a lingerie accessory worn around the waist to hold up stockings or thigh-highs. It typically consists of an elastic belt with attached suspender straps, allowing individuals to wear stockings with dresses or skirts without the need for a full pair of pantyhose.

Q2. How does garter belts work, and how are they worn?

Garter belts are worn around the waist, and the attached suspender straps are clipped to the top of stockings or thigh-highs. The straps keep the stockings in place, providing a stylish and functional way to wear them with various outfits, adding a touch of allure and sophistication.

Q3. Are garter belts comfortable to wear throughout the day or for extended periods?

Comfort varies based on individual preferences and the design of garter belts. Some people find garter belts comfortable for extended wear, while others may prefer them for special occasions. Choosing the right size and a well-fitting garter belts ensures maximum comfort.

Q4. Can garter belts be worn with different types of stockings?

Yes, garter belts are versatile and can be worn with a variety of stockings, including sheer, opaque, lace, or fishnet stockings. The suspender straps can be adjusted to fit different types and thicknesses of stockings, allowing for customization based on the desired look.

Q5. Are garter belts primarily a fashion accessory or a functional undergarment?

Garter belts serve both as a functional undergarment and a fashion accessory. It helps keep stockings in place, preventing them from sagging or rolling down. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of garter belts adds a sensual and vintage touch to lingerie ensembles, making them a popular choice for special occasions.


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