A “rim job” is simply the anal version of cunnilingus. The word “rim job” by itself is a colloquial sexual slang term for analingus, which means oral stimulation of a person’s anus.

Also known as “tossing the salad”, “peach munching, or “ass eating” in pop culture terms.

It is when you use your lips and tongue to orally stimulate your partner’s anus. The term rimming is a reference to the rims or the outer edges of the anus which can depict the image of the rim of a car”s wheels which is often the focus of a rim job.

On the contrary, a rim job isn’t limited to the rim of the anus but also includes penetrating the tongue inside the opening of the anus, circling other erogenous zones around it, and orally stimulating the rest of the butt. It can also include sex toys like anal dildos. Rimming can feel pleasurable and relaxing regardless of gender or sexual orientation because the region around your anus has an abundance of nerve ending that can bring everyone equal arousal and make you feel good.

Rim job or rimming has traditionally been looked upon as unorthodox or taboo but has gained recent popularity as celebrities and other public figures have been bringing it into the mainstream. According to a study done on American men in 2008, 24% had performed rim jobs on their partners whereas 15% admitted to having gotten rimmed. Recent studies have been more focused on the data of anal sex rather than anilingus. But what about women? Do women like rim jobs? Typically, women aren’t that welcoming to the idea of a rim job as the primary source of pleasure for women is not the anus, and the misconceptions around anilingus and anal sex make it even worse; however, in recent times we have seen an increase in women who prefer getting rimmed; in fact, some women even prefer it over cunnilingus.

History of Rim Jobs (Rimming)

History of Rim Jobs (Rimming)

Up until the late 1960s, a “rim job” was exclusively a term used in the context of automotive mechanics i.e; the process related to putting new rims on an automobile’s wheels. In the late 1960s-70s, we witnessed a major rise in popularity of the adult film and entertainment industry; hence, the term “rim job” became more common in the public discourse and started being used as a colloquial term in reference to anilingus. 

The technical term for rimming or rim jobs which is “anilingus” is said to have made its first appearance in 1899 according to the records. It was in a translation of Psychopathia Sexualis, a German encyclopedia about sex. It was in the 1970s when the term Rim Job evidently solidified its current-day meaning as a sex act similar to the term “blow job” which means oral stimulation of all sorts of the penis. The rim refers to the outer appearance of the anus which looks like a ring-like muscle acting as the “rim” around the opening.

How to Give a Rim Job?

Lick a Piece of Fruit From the Butt

A Rim Job sexually classified as anilingus can be unique yet giving your first ever Rim Job can be quite a contradictory experience. With the right preparation, you can make it a smooth and positive experience for you and your partner both. Given its taboo nature, it demands care and attention, so if you are new to the concept and are looking forward to surprising your partner with an extraordinary experience, read the following steps for some tips for rimming and to ensure your best chances.

  • Discuss the Idea with Your Partner

Regardless of whose idea it is, rim jobs can come off as a surprising element to add to your list of usual sexual répertoire. Introduce the idea to your partner and talk them through the process as consent is very essential when it comes to giving or receiving a rim job. You do not want to kill the mood by bringing the peach party talk while you are getting down and dirty with each other, communicate with your partner and make the decision beforehand to avoid any surprises that may lead to undesired consequences.

  • Take it slow

So if you are Googling “How to rim a guy?” or maybe even a girl your first step should be taking it slow. Just like any other intimate body part, the anus is extremely sensitive. The anus has thousands of highly sensitive nerve endings which help in pushing out feces by contracting and expanding. When you and your partner are ready for oral-anal contact with the anus, make sure to ease into it like any other sexual oral stimulation. You can start off by kissing your partner’s thighs or lower back so they can get used to the sensation down there, then you can slowly start kissing or licking the anus while observing how your partner reacts. Find the right time then slowly dive in.

  • Do not combine

Try to avoid combining anilingus with cunnilingus. Playing with the vagina while simultaneously eating your partner’s peach other can sound like a splendid idea but it increases the chances of sexually transmitted diseases like STD(s). There might also be a chance of your partner having UTI(s) or even gonorrhea. Be transparent about your sexual health and ask your partner to do the same.

In fact, use a dental dam if needed and incorporate safe sex practices in your routine not just in the context of riming but all sexual acts. In the case of penis-owning same-sex partners, it is still advised to use preventative methods like using a dental dam and be updated on each other’s current STI status.

  • Additional Tips

To add some rimjob tips, consider using anal lubes to further relax the anus and avoid brushing your teeth at least 2 hours before or after performing a rim job. Brushing your teeth can naturally cause micro tears inside your mouth. These micro tears can further facilitate STD transmission.    

How to Prepare Yourself for a Rim Job?

How to Prepare Yourself for a Rim Job?

Preparing yourself for a rim job can be pretty anxiety-inducing if you aren’t experienced with any other anal practices previously. Most people trying out oral-anal stimulation for the first time tend to experience poop anxiety, this quite a common inclination can sometimes overshadow the entire experience and can make the entire affair go in vain for both parties.

However, with the appropriate measures, the likelihood can be reduced.

  • Communication is Key

As the saying goes and rightfully so, communicating with your partner is the most effective way to reduce your worries and prepare yourself. In fact, with proper communication, you may even look forward to the event and enjoy yourself more. Talk to your partner and let them know about your comfort zones so both of you can experience something hot and otherworldly without holding anything back.

  • Explore Similar Sensations

Another way to break the ice and get into the mindset is by exploring sexual acts that bring you a similar sensation. This will help you get into the groove by preparing your body for the main objective. Be more open to oral stimulation like your things, your lower back, your feet, etc. You can also opt for this method if you are not feeling up to an oral-anal experience and need more time to prepare. Try out different rim job positions to achieve unique yet similar sensations.

  • Prepare Your Peach

As mentioned earlier, anal stimulation can give you poop anxiety if you are the one getting rimmed, but you can reduce this tendency, and in fact, solve it completely if you take some safety measures like washing your anus and areas around it gently with mild soap and water. Refrain from rough hand motions while washing and use a soft cloth or toilet paper. Rimming or rim job sex is different than penetrative anal sex so you don’t have to go all the way but make sure to make your peach clean and convenient for you and your partner both so you can be rimmed to orgasm.

  • Additional Tips

Consider alternative and safer sex options available. Although rimming can sound like an exciting new adventure in a whole new world, it does come with its cons like many other things. Rimming can increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases so if you are not feeling bravely risqué try using a dental dam or you can even make a DIY one from a condom at home. Also, try making use of toys like a suction cup dildo and other anal toys.

Risks Related to Rimming

Anal Play has seen a rise in popularity in recent times and is being normalized from an unorthodox and taboo perspective to a conventional one. If you are someone who partakes or plans to, you should be informed of some risks and prevention.  Rimming can facilitate the oral transmission of viral sexually transmitted diseases like HIV and HPV and bacterial sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea and chlamydia. 

Excluding the STIs, there’s also the matter of feces, oral-anal stimulation increases the chance of getting in contact with fecal matter which is loaded with various different bacteria that can cause serious infections on digestion. Deep rim job or not, poor hygiene can cause microscopic traces of feces to enter your partner’s mouth, and any potential pathogens in the feces can cause sickness like diarrhea, vomiting, high fever, etc.

However, some of the best rim jobs can be performed safely by practicing precautionary actions like using a dental dam(a sheet of transparent plastic or latex). This restricts the tongue from getting in contact with the skin or any fecal matter further reducing the chances of infections and diseases. Educate yourself on such risks and take necessary precautions for yourself and your partner both.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Are Rim Jobs safe?

Ans. Rim Jobs can be safe with the right precautions. Although there is an increased risk of getting STIs and other infections due to being exposed to fecal matter, it can easily be prevented by using a dental dam and by staying updated on each other’s sexual health status.

Q2. Does getting a Rim Job hurt?

Ans. No, getting a rim Job should not hurt. Rim Jobs can include penetration of the tongue which can be a new sensation for some people but it should only be performed when the anus and the opening are completely relaxed with no probability of any sensation other than arousal and relaxation.

Q3. What does a Rimjob feel like?

Ans. A rim job can be extremely arousing and pleasurable for the give and the receiver both. It can also be very psychologically arousing for both parties involved due to its taboo nature. Moreover, a rim job can be exceptionally relaxing both mentally and physically.

Q4. How should I ask my partner for a Rim Job?

Ans. Consent and communication are the aspects of getting your partner to try out Rim Job. Introduce the idea to your partner and be transparent with them about its risks and benefits. Keep your reasons for interest on the table and be considerate of whatever decision your partner might come to.

Q5. Is a male and female rim job different?

Ans. Male rim jobs and female rim jobs can be quite different but it all comes down to oral stimulation of the anus. It’s the same in essence but differs when you combine it with your frontal genitals. Both experiences are equally unique and pleasurable and can help you reach a type of orgasm like ever before.

Bottom Line

If you are curious about expanding your sexual palette rim jobs might be a great place to start. Rim jobs can help you step into the world of anal sex and everything related to it from a butt plug to anal toys. In fact, it can even help you explore the initial layers of bondage through BDSM rim job. Originally thought of as a fringe sex act rim jobs have risen to their and even helped normalize anal play. 

Further, rim Jobs can be enjoyed by everyone irrespective of gender and sexual orientation not only that it can even be enjoyed by both the receiver and the giver. Don’t be shy to experiment with rimming as you can cover a lot more ground than just the anus. You can eventually include anal toys, pegging, or just dive in and eat the booty like groceries there’s no limit as long as you are safe and consenting.


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