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In all my years of experience using a variety of cock rings there has been a varied experience. Times when I had gotten obsessed with the toy and the hard pleasure the cock ring brought. There were other times also, the pains of a bruised nut. All of us familiar with the use of the toy know what I am talking about, right? 

All of these past storylines and experiences made me a bit skirmish about buying the Jnaja cock ring. Every toy so far has always been really either good or painful and annoying often affecting right in the balls. The Velvor jnaja cock ring is now a product, well spoiler alert, I deeply admire it. If you’re on the periphery of buying the Jnaja cock ring, I am going to guide you today with every detail.  

Packaging and the First Impressions

Packaging and the First Impressions

Starting with, talk about the packaging of the Jnaja cock ring, which arrived in an extremely well-packaged box. Good packaging well gives you the sensation of a certain sophistication. No matter where you’re going to place the product later. Velvor jnaja cock ring has covered that area to the ditto. The product is made of hard nylon, however, you might flinch now reading this, the design works well giving comfort whilst you feel pleasure and delay ejaculation.

There are quite a few basic primary colors you can pick as the color of your Jnaja cock ring, I picked mine. Guess what that was? A usage instruction details accompany. You may not probably need that but first-time users of the Velv’or Jnaja cock ring may find that useful. The first experience was good using the product. There was a good pleasurable sensation and I didn’t even have to use any lube like water based lubes. The simulator of the Jnaja cock ring is right at the bottom placed in a manner to provide sensation to the individual’s perineum just like perineum vibrators.

Choose the Size Fit for You

Choose the Size Fit for You

Much like the color, the Velv’or Jnaja cock ring has a wide variety of sizes for its customers. It is anyway probably nice to know about the size of your penis if you’re into buying toys such as penis extensions. If you don’t, measure the circumference. To get an accurate sense of the diameter, use the mathematical formula: divide the circumference. The area should be from behind the balls to the top of the outer side of the penis with 3.14 and there you have an approximate idea of the diameter and the size of the Jnaja cock ring you should be buying. Important to remember you don’t want to be playing safe here and buy a Velv’or Jnaja cock ring bigger than your diameter size. If the ring is big enough failing to restrict blood flow, then the toy won’t come to any use. 

Wear the Ring Outside

Wear the Ring Outside

I saw a growing interest in the community and a lot of people asking about whether you can wear the Velv’or Jnaja cock ring all day long. They are asking about the matter because it says so in the package. I have several friends who have tried this, I went for my walk one day wearing it, then went to the market and bought some goods. Well, I assure you, you can wear the Jnaja cock ring all day. And if you make use of clamps in BDSM like nipple clamps while still wearing this ring. Trust me, the experience is just next level.

I was wearing it in summer and there was constantly worrying if I would get irritation or feeling of annoyance. The product, Jnaja cock ring is designed in a manner to be as comfortable yet give you constant pleasure on your perineum, A lot of cock rings, we feel to take it off, once we orgasm, for different reasons, but the Jnaja cock doesn’t produce that effect. The comfort provides a few moments of simple, yeah I will take it off later on. If you’re wearing it outside, there is not much to take care of. 

Maybe just remember not to be too excited whilst in public if you’re wearing the ring whilst outside. That would probably freak a few out and that’s on you to control. Jnaja cock ring is a product I primarily came to care about basically because of the face my penis doesn’t look stuck in the way it shouldn’t be. At a place, where it shouldn’t be even at the height of my erection. There was simply not a hint of pain.  


So now, having covered almost all of the bases, if you’re still wondering if buying the Jnaja cock ring or not, I recommend it. Cock rings reviews usually have a very either here or there type of opinion but I have only read a great deal of stuff about the Velv’or Jnaja cock ring. People are legit taking into the product. There has been a bucket load of myths and our reservations regarding the use of any cock ring. The Velv’or Janja cock probably will go some way in liberating you from those reservations. After all, pleasure seeks us when we go past our prejudices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a JNaja Cock Ring, and how does it work?

The JNaja Cock Ring is a type of penile ring designed for enhancing sexual experiences. It is typically made of body-safe materials like silicone and is worn at the base of the penis. The ring constricts blood flow, helping to maintain a firmer erection and potentially delaying ejaculation.

Q2. Are there different sizes of JNaja Cock Rings available?

Yes, JNaja Cock Rings come in various sizes to accommodate different individuals. It’s important to choose the right size to ensure a comfortable and effective fit. Refer to the manufacturer’s sizing guide for the most accurate selection.

Q3. How do I put on a JNaja Cock Ring safely?

To put on a JNaja Cock Ring safely, make sure you are fully erect or semi-erect. Apply a small amount of water-based lubricant to the inside of the ring to ease placement. Gently slide the ring over the penis and position it at the base, behind the scrotum. Ensure it is snug but not too tight to prevent discomfort or circulation issues.

Q4. Can wearing a JNaja Cock Ring be harmful or uncomfortable?

When used correctly and not worn too tightly, JNaja Cock Rings are generally safe and comfortable. However, wearing them for extended periods or with excessive pressure can lead to discomfort, pain, or potential circulation problems. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and listen to your body during use.


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