Common people generally have a sort of curious attitude toward pleasures that can be caused by any specific kink play activities. Throughout the entire history of mankind, there have been specific types of groups that react differently to unfamiliar desires. Firstly, some groups of people do react to these kinky activities as different sets of sexual pleasures, but they do acknowledge it. These people might not judge those individuals who might practice these activities whereas, on the other hand, some people do embrace this kind of diversity. These groups try to understand these different types of BDSM activities.

As you might know that sexual pleasures are a crucial part of any human existence; however, due to the lack of discussions and knowledge we fail to talk about these things freely. It is important to be open about your own sexual needs and preferences. Thus, the importance of kink education is essential for any modern individual who thinks himself to be progressive. Especially, in today’s age where the kinks have become even more advanced as it comprises various kinds of peculiar sensual play activities, it would be better if we could research these topics without having to hide from society. 

All the preconceived notions and misunderstandings of the term kink need to be re-evaluated, and in this piece, we are going to cover what this term exactly means so that you can clear up all of your doubts.        

What Does the Term Kink Mean?

What Does the Term Kink Mean?

Now, before moving ahead let’s take a look at the general definition of the term kink as it can specify any kind of unusual sexual activities that can be practiced by people with consent. So, it is a kind of sexual preference or behavior that might be a little unconventional and those individuals who engage in it can be called kinksters. In this regard, any kind of sexual activity falls outside of the common sensual sessions. 

The common people might associate the term kink with particular activities that consist of whips, spankings, leathers, and so on. Especially in recent popular media, shows, or movies like Fifty Shades of Grey, there has been a common eagerness to portray these types of kinky sexual activities like Sex Position Wedge, Bondage/Discipline, Dom/Sub, and so on. However, in most cases, these portrayals of kinks are not accurate at all. It is a more vanilla understanding and portrayal of the term kink. It is not a freaky idea of lovemaking and it does not come out of any kind of trauma as well. It is a consensual form of lovemaking that is comprised of certain activities like Domination/Submission or role play and other forms of erotic engagements. 

Therefore, it is clear that there is a lot of stigmatization that is prevalent with the term Kink as it revolves around a lot of Dom/Sub Dynamics or Role Plays. Role-play, activities can be looked at from different points of view some people might get this wrong notion of kinky pleasures as something forbidden. Thus, kink as a term can be specified as sexual preferences that fall outside the bracket of vanilla sexual activities. From this, you have got a clear idea regarding the definition of the term kink. Let’s have a look at some of the popular types of kink play activities.          

What are Some of the Popular Types of Kink Play?

What are Some of the Popular Types of Kink Play?

Kink can be specified as some sort of sexual activity that is out of the ordinary and you should do this to get turned on. Within any BDSM activity, if you are in a Dom/Sub relationship you can take a look at some of the most popular forms of kinks. Here are some of them so that you can try them out with your Submissive partner. 

Age Play

Age Play can be termed as a specific sort of role-play in which all the adults act out at a certain age to play a younger person. In this process, all the adults can live their wildest fantasies by becoming much younger people. By wearing different kinds of diapers, any Submissive partner can feel the sensation of a young little one as the Dominant partner do protect them and give them tasks. The dynamic shared by these adults can take the form of a Mommy/Daddy/Little Girl. 

In certain cases, one particular partner in a relationship can play out the role of a college student while on the other hand, the Dominant partner will take the role of a professor. However, you have to remember the fact that this kind of age play can only be enacted by consented adults as the Sub partner will play the role of a younger person. It can not be played with young children and it can not be initiated without the consent of these adults.  


Bondage within any BDSM activity standards for any kind of bondage-related activities where any individual can be a little interested in getting a sensation from restriction. In this case, as a Dominant partner, you can restrain your Submissive partner from something. You can use bondage ropes or ribbons in this case for the restrictions as they might differ from person to person. 

In some cases, certain individuals might like this kind of bondage play for an aesthetic whereas in some other cases, some might like these materials on the skin. 

Ball Torture

In this type of kink play certain individuals will have this desire of inflicting pain on their partner’s balls or penises. You can stretch and pull other person’s bits for their kinky pleasure. These kinds of CBT activities (Cock and Ball Torture) can also have the usage of cock cages, Anal Lubes, and genital flogging as you can have these fun activities while engaging in Ball Torture. 

Role Play

Role Play is a very popular type of kink among the common kinksters as in this process you can pretend the role of another individual. There are a lot of reasons why this type of kink play is quite popular among all the kinksters as it allows them to become somebody else, and try newer things in the BDSM dynamic. By channeling your different sides, you can enjoy your sexual activity even more than your usual self. In this way, you can escape from your day-to-day boring activities.   


In the context of Cuckholding activities, you can pleasure yourself by watching your partner have sex with someone else. Additionally, you can also use various digital platforms like FaceTime and watch your partner have sex with another guy. This entire activity has come from various married men watching their wives have sex with other partners. However, in the modern day and age, this type of captivity can be referred to even different genders and sexuality. 

You can easily sense a thrill by watching your partner having sex with other people as some individuals do find it quite sexy. 

Some people do enjoy this kind of activity as they like seeing their partners have sex with an individual with a larger penis or more sexual knowledge. This works as a humiliation as well as an emotional pleasure that gives them an orgasmic high.  


Within any BDSM dynamic Dominance can be termed as a consensual control taking over your partner. In this context, as a Dominant partner, you can hold the full power of your Submissive partner. However, you should also note the fact that your Submissive partner will have to give her consent before you engage in this type of kink play with her. 


Discipline in any BDSM play can be specified as some sort of a set of rules that you as a Dominant can set for your Submissive partner. And, if the Submissive partners cannot obey these rules, there can be certain punishments that can be given to them. They have to face certain kinds of consequences in this regard like spankings, humiliation, or other kinds of impact play. 

Any kind of Discipline type of activity can be termed as roleplay, so it is just for fun and games and, you should not use it for real-world issues. 


Knismolagnia is a term that can be used for a certain ticklish fetish. Any individual can have this kind of kink where they can feel the ticklish feeling as you can use your bare fingers or a feather to tickle your partner. Sometimes you can also use different kinds of vibrators or stimulation toys for imbibing this kind of ticklish feeling. 

In other cases, you can also tie somebody down and then tickle them to create this kind of sensation. It is a unique kind of kink play where the person while tickled can respond in a burst of reflexive laughter. Even though this type of kink play can be quite playful in most cases in some cases it can be quite intense as well. 

Foot Fetish

Foot fetish can be termed as a fascination of the Dominant partner toward only a certain body part of their Submissive companion—their toes, ankle, or feet. In some cases, certain individuals can get their orgasmic high from various kinds of Foot services like massage or a pedicure. In other cases, certain individuals might get a turn-on by doing something dirty as feet can be the body part that can be dirty at times. So, it is usual that certain individuals do like the kind of dirty feet of their Submissive partners. 

A footjob is also another sexual activity that is enacted by some individuals in this case you can use your foot to touch the genitals of your partner. Sucking or licking the feet can also be another type of activity that can be engaged by some other kinksters.  

Impact Play

Impact Play as a kinky activity can range from lighter actions that can be playful to serious hardcore sensations. Impact Plays can consist of various kinds of sexual activities as you can use just hands as well as whips and paddles to spank the fleshiest part of your partner’s body. 

It all depends on the consenting adults in which kind of action they want to take part as in Impact Play you might want to just tap lightly on your partner’s backside. In other cases, you can use a hard paddle to smack hard on your partner’s backside. Agreeing to consent is crucial in this kind of Impact Play as it can get quite wild with spankings that can leave a mark. 


Masochism is the M of any BDSM activity as through this type of activity you can enjoy a kinky pleasure by going through humiliation or pain or any other kind of intense session. In this type of Kink Play, you can inflict physical as well as mental pain which can result in pleasure as this masochism can be initiated by sole play as well as by your partner.  


If you are into your partner’s body fluids, you are into Lactation type of Kink Play activities. Breast milk is one of these fluids that some people can be into as some individuals might feel aroused by the fact that human bodies can extract milk out of it. This kind of extraction of milk can occur only after the birth of a baby as it is extremely rare. Some people do enjoy the rarity of this occurrence.  

This type of kink play can be associated with age play as this can give you the feeling of feeding a baby again. In this process, you can feel much younger in person. 


This is an extremely hardcore type of kink play as you can get a turned-on feeling by dreaming about being penetrated. In other cases, individuals can think of getting sexual penetration from tentacles-like creatures. The slipperiness of these creatures like tentacles can give you the orgasmic high which is not present in other types of kink play activities. 

This kind of tentacle fantasy can also be aroused within the minds of kinksters as they can feel forced or restrained by these creatures in sexual situations.   

Sensation Play

Sensation Play can be termed as a type of touches on nerve opening that you can engage in with your Submissive partner. In this case, you can use different kinds of accessories like wax, candles, or ice cubes for this temperature play. You can also different kinds of wheels or even feathers to tickle the nerve areas of your Submissive partners. The electric stimulators can also be used in this case as you can easily tease or tickle your partner’s nerve areas for sexual stimulation. 

Wax Play

If you are into dripping wax on your Submissive partner, wax play can be the perfect kink play activity for you. It is an extreme sort of dangerous play that you can do on yourself as well as on your partner. The heat of the dripping wax can be quite sensual for your mind compared to the cool temperature of your bedroom. 


What happens when you do not want to engage in sexual activities but like to see other people having sexual intercourse? This is what can be termed Voyeurism. It is a kind of sexual exhibitionism where some individuals do love having sex while other people enjoy watching it.  

However, ethically, this type of kink can be quite tricky for certain kinksters. Spying on other people and their private sexual sessions like the usage of butt plugs can be illegal especially if you are doing it without their consent. Even though it is quite possible that you can set up a consensual atmosphere where other people can have sex and you can just watch them and enjoy it. These kinds of scenarios can only be possible if you attend certain kink parties or sex festivals.  

Safety Measures You Need to Follow for Kink Play

Safety Measures You Need to Follow for Kink Play

Within any sort of BDSM relationship Kink Play can have various types of activities so there are some specific safety rules that you need to understand for harm-free sexual pleasures. Here are some of them so that you and your partner can engage in safe and secure sensual sessions. 

Always have Consensual Sessions

Kink Play activities will have a certain amount of risks associated with them as you will need a little bit of knowledge of consensual ideologies the preparation for a safe and secure session. Firstly, you will need to seek consent from your Submissive partner about the activities you want to explore. In some cases, issues can arrive from the fact that partners do not engage in discussing their preferred kinks with their Sub partners. If your partner is not comfortable engaging in your type of kinky activities, it is better to avoid this session of activities.

You should know to accept the word No as moving ahead in any of these Kink Play activities without this consent can be dangerous for both you and your partner. Seeking consent just in the beginning stage of your Kink Play activities is not enough as you do need to keep checking on your partner at all times. Getting consent from your partner is the most important pillar of your Kink Education as without it most of the Kink Play sessions can be harmful to you and your partner’s health and well-being.  

Try Out Safe Words During Kink Play Sessions 

While engaging n any sort of Kink Play activity safe words are also another major safety protocol that you have to maintain for your partner. If you are a Submissive individual, you must be able to tell your partner to stop for a break during the Ball gag sessions. If you are in a Bondage related activities, it might be difficult for you to talk, so initiating a bunch of safe words can be essential for you to tell your partner to have a break. As a Dominant partner as well, you can use safe words to know during the sessions whether your partner is okay or not. In this way, you can stay connected to your partner at all times. 

Many a time, kinksters do use the traffic light system where they use the green sign for approval to continue, the yellow color for carefully moving ahead, and the red color for stopping the session. In this case, you as a Dominant do need to maintain these safe words for building trust with your Submissive companions.  

Open-ended Communications

Open-ended communication with your Submissive partner might be the most important safety protocol that you have to manage in any sort of Kink Play activity. You, as a Dominant, should be honest about your feelings about certain activities, as without this, there will not be any kind of trust that can be built between you and your Submissive partner. 

Apart from your intentions as a Dominant partner and your understanding of this topic, you should be able to communicate them with your Submissive partner. Why do you want to try out kink play activities? What do you feel about them? What are some of the boundaries you should maintain, and so on? If your partner can get a clear idea regarding your intentions and honesty, your Kink Play sessions can be initiated safely and securely.  

Be Sensitive To Your Partner

If you are trying out Kink Play activities with your Submissive partner, there are various options available as you can dabble into a bunch of kinky actions. However, before proceeding with any new activity like the usage of tens unit, you should be open and sensitive to your partner as some of these activities can get quite rough and wild. Thus, being humble and sensitive to your partner can be an important point that you should remember before proceeding with any type of Kink Play. 

It is also not just about your own needs and requirements that have to be looked upon as any Kink Play session will cater to both your and your partner’s sexual requirements. So, being sensitive to your partner’s needs is also essential for a more balanced sexual session. In this way, you can be more patient with your partner in these Kink Play activities as you can start slowly and build towards a steamy Kink Play session.  

Knowledge of Using Different Kinds of Tools

Many of the Kink Play activities do require the knowledge of using different sorts of tools like belts, paddles, Male masturbators, and whips. Especially if you are engaging in Impact Play you do need to know and learn about certain accessories and how these can be used for your enhanced sexual sessions. With the proper knowledge of the usage of these tools, you can not only improve your Kink Play sessions greatly but also can mitigate any kind of risk that might be there in these kinds of wild sessions.   

Aftercare Services

Another safety protocol that you have to learn before starting these Kink Play activities and sessions is the aftercare services. As it is extremely crucial for you as a Dominant partner that you should be able to treat your Submissive partner after an intense Kink Play session. Your Submissive partner might require a physical and mental refreshment after a wild session of KInk Play as you can help them out with a drink or a warm blanket. In some other cases, your partner might need to calm herself by holding your arm as you do need to give her this Aftercare service. 

Many of the Submissive partners might require a shower or a warm cuddle or even a massage to calm down after the intense sessions. Thus, these Aftercare services are essential for regaining the normal life for your Submissive partner as you do need to know these to maintain the safety protocols of Kink Play activities. 

Apart from these, there are some safety protocols as well as we have just tried to cover the most important ones. If you are a beginner who is looking to start your journey in Kink Play activities, these safety measures need to be researched and maintained for both your and your partner’s health and well-being.     

Common Myths Of Kink

Common Myths Of Kink

Kink can generally mean a consensual power sharing between two adults as it is very often misunderstood by common people because of their lack of knowledge. Some people do have certain misunderstandings about this twerk Kink as they think it is a sexual activity that is initiated without any kind of consent. However, this is not true at all as you need to understand some of the misconceptions that normal people have about this term so that you can be clear about it. So, here are some of the common myths of Kink.  

Kink is Some Sort of a Result of a Childhood Trauma

One of the most popular myths about Kink is that many people do engage in these kinds of activities due to their childhood trauma or abuse. However, it is not true at all as each individual does have reasons to engage in these sorts of activities. It is essentially a fun power-sharing session between two consented adults. Although there will be some cases of individuals who will say that they found Kinky activities as a turn-on due to their traumatic childhood; however, it is not a generalized cause.

It is a Mental Illness

In most cases, the individuals who tried to engage in any sort of Kink Play activities were termed as mentally ill. However, it is also a myth as in the modern generation it is proven that kinksters and other gay or lesbian people who engage in these Kinky activities are not social deviants. It is a kind of social stigma that is attached to the term Kink which is not true at all. 

Kink Equals to Pain

One of the other common misconceptions most people have about Kink as a sexual term is that it will cause pain. However, it is not true entirely as some kinds of kink play activities might not leave any kind of a pain to any individual. The fact that in most cases, people desire a certain painful pleasure like the usage of a Panty Vibrator from these activities has made the term Kink sound painful to common people. Like the cases of Masochists, it can be true however there are also negotiations that you can have regarding certain boundaries and limits that you should not cross. The availability of Aftercare services also makes it safe for most kinksters.   

Kink is Only Sexual

One of the most popular myths everyone believes is that Kink as a term can only be sexual; however, it is not right as well. In some cases, many Asexual people also enjoy engaging in a lot of Kinky activities. Sometimes in Kink-related sessions, there might not be any sexual activities at all as the main factor of Kink as the term is the power-sharing. It is all about alternating your senses as this results in a change in which way you can engage with your sensualities. 

Kink means Hurting Your Submissive Partner

In any kind of power-sharing dynamic abuse can happen as it can also be prevalent in Kink-related activities. However, it cannot be termed as an inherently abusive activity as there is a pre-negotiated consent that should be taken care of before beginning. In this way, you can tell your kinky preferences as this kind of open communication helps in maintaining smooth Kink Play activities. Obviously, in some cases, individuals will try to engage in hurting as a kink sensation but all of this can be safely handled with the setting of personal limits and boundaries. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. Why do you need kink education?

Ans. It is important in the current age that you should know about all the unknown kink-related activities due to a lot of misconceptions. As a progressive individual, you should be able to acknowledge certain kinksters who delve into unusual sexual practices. In addition to that, as a Kinkster, you should also be able to understand all the unusual activities that come under the bracket of Kink Play like Ball Torture and Tentacles. 

Q2. Are kink and abuse the same thing?

Ans. Kink-related activities can have some association with a traumatic or abusive childhood but not in all cases. In some cases, kinksters do engage in Kink Play activities to cope with their abusive nature. However, this cannot be generalized at all as kink play can only be initiated between two consented adults. 

Q3. What are the safety protocols you can follow for kink play?

Ans. Kink-related activities can range from Age Play to even Voyeurism as you might require to adopt certain safety protocols to manage these with your partner. Some of these are the pre-negotiation of consent, Safe words, and open and honest communication with your partner. In addition to these, you can also adopt Aftercare services for managing your Submissive partner’s health. 

Q4. What are some of the popular types of kink play activities?

Ans. Kink Play activities can range from Role Play to even the Lactation process as some of these might be too niche for certain people. In addition to these, there are also Impact Play, Tentacle Play, Wax Play as well as Voyeurism. It all depends on the preferences of individuals in which type of kink-related activity they want to engage in.   

Overall Thoughts

With the proper knowledge of Kink related activities you and your Submissive partner can choose the suitable type of activity and take your BDSM game to a new level. Especially, if you are a beginner in Kink Play activities, this piece can definitely help you to clear up all the misconceptions that are attached to this Kink term. As a progressive individual, you should know about all the myths that have given this Kink term a dirty name. In addition to these, we have also covered all the safety protocols that might be helpful for you if you are a beginner and trying to start out your Kink Play activities with your Submissive partner.


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