Liberator Fascinator Throw

Liberator Fascinator Throw

Messy sex is the best kind of sex that lets you in the moment and it should always start with a dull body massage or licking the area around your private parts, such as thighs, stomach, etc. Wild sex means lots of bodily secretions, such as semen, vaginal fluid, and sweat. Well that’s what makes sex more intense and sexy, right? 

Lying in each other’s arms exhausted and satisfied seems fun until you realize that you’re lying on a wet semen spot. Well, this is a mood killer and happens a lot.

Also, panicking about leaving spots and stains during sex can prevent you to be in the moment or indulging fully in your partner. So is there a way out? As a heavy squirter, I have something to share with you- The waterproof sex blankets. 

Yes, waterproof sex blankets are made of a versatile material and fabric which prevents lubes, oil, and other bodily wet fluids to get absorbed and damaging your blankets. Curious? If you have no clue about the sex blankets concept then this blog post is for you. This blog is all about the liberator throw fascinator sex blanket that is the perfect sex blanket you use to cover your midnight mischievous. 

First Things First, What Are Sex Blankets?

Sex blankets are made of some special kind of heroic materials that you can use fearlessly during solo play or bedroom encounters with your partner. What makes it special from regular blankets and bedsheets? 

Liberator Fascinator Throw

The liberator fascinator throw moisture proof blanket has a silky smooth surface that also feels cool to the touch. This blanket will be a great addition to your sex tool kit if you’re a heavy squirter and shoots half buckets of water. Liberator throws sex blankets to ease the after-wash hassle that can be most frustrating, especially when you’re exhausted after hardcore messy sex or solo play.

Why Do You Need Squirt Blankets? 

Having waterproof sex blankets will give you a piece of mind and allows you to open your floodgates during solo play or while having sex with a partner. Sex blankets are a revolution for sex. They are robust, waterproof, ant-smell, and come in different colors which will be a great addition to your collection. The Liberator fascinator throw is capable of holding tons of liquids and easy to clean. 

My Life Before Liberator Fascinator Throw Sex Blanket

As I told you guys earlier, I am a heavy squirter, so I always have to keep my towels handy to keep beneath me during the play. But things get messy when I slip into a moment with my partner. I used to be paranoid about the after-sex smell and stains that stay for a longer period in the blanket. 

I have to be cautious because I used to live in a PG with my friends and they have no clue that I used to hook up with my boyfriend when they are on night shifts. 

But a single towel was not sufficient for me, of course, it soaks some amount of fluids in the cotton but I was not able to keep it completely dry. And the smell, it was embarrassing when my friends used to lie on that same spot where I squirted last night. 

But after using the Liberator fascinator throw sex blankets, my life changed. It lets me stay in a moment and I am now able to feel every sensation with full concentration while having sex- It lets me enjoy the sex. Liberator fascinator throw sex blankets are thoughtfully designed to entirely soak up fluid spillages during sex.  

Liberator Fascinator Throw

We have owned the liberator fascinator throw moisture-proof blanket now for almost a year, and the sheet has gone through many wild sessions. Also, we have washed the sheet almost every day but it still looks just as nice and new as on day one. And if you’re looking for more sheets for sex then San Francisco Funsheet Plus is something that you should try. 

Product Specifications Of Liberator Fascinator Throw Blankets 

This is a double-layered blanket made of three robust polyester materials. This material keeps your bed sheets dry. It measures 74 x 54 inches which is much bigger than your regular bath towel. I use a king-size bed. If you’re looking to buy a sex blanket, then you should buy a king-size matter because a regular one will not completely cover your mattress. 

The Liberator fascinator comes in a variety of colors, materials, and finishes too. My sex blanket is a microfiber version that comes in a shag and velvet finish. 

It has a decent weight which means that the blanket has three thick layers of Polyester that prevent the fluids from damaging your bedsheet. It has a waterproof material that prevents the fluid from soaking into your bedsheet’s cotton. But there’s one downside of having a throw, indeed its Polyester material keeps the fluids and other thin oil from reaching your bedsheet. But it makes an annoying crinkling sound of plastic when you move. 

It’s not as bad, the bottom line is that it truly serves its purpose in keeping you away from the after-sex mess that can be frustrating and takes frequent washing to make your regular bedsheet smell normal. 

Cleaning Instructions

This is what makes it special from other regular blankets. All you have to do is to Just wipe sheets with a wet cloth and let them air dry for a while- instructions for lighter sessions. After wet sex, just toss the sheet in the washing machine, soap is optional. Letting the air dry is that simple. 

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Closing Thoughts 

The Liberator Fascinator throw blanket is an amazing piece of fabric that enables you to just focus on sensations without panicking about having smell and stains behind you. The blanket is best for anyone who is a heavy squirter, shoots a hell lot of water, or likes mess play. Also recommended to those who use different kinds of lubricants, sweat hard on the bed, and who are into fetishes that can cause damage or create a mess to bedding.  

Lewis Joshua

Lewis Joshua is an author, sex educator, and BDSM expert. He has been working in the industry for over 10 years, helping people to understand the nuances of sexual exploration and empowerment. Lewis has written several books on the topic of sex toys and BDSM, which have become highly regarded in the industry due to their comprehensive content and insightful look into these complex topics. His work has been featured in numerous publications. As a public speaker, he regularly conducts workshops on issues related to sexual health and education. He is passionate about spreading knowledge on how to use sex toys safely while still having fun with them. His mission is to create safe spaces for everyone to explore their sexuality comfortably and confidently.

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