Are you a Dominant Partner in a BDSM relationship? Then, training your Submissive companion can be a crucial step for smooth power exchange. Any kind of BDSM relationship rests upon this power exchange dynamic where the Submissive partner can serve their Dominant companion in a better way. On the other hand, the Dominant partners will also want to establish their power game over their Submissive partners. 

This is where Submissive assignments can be a good step to take, as this can reenergize your BDSM dynamic. So, what are these assignments? Well, these assignments are nothing but certain tasks that the Dominant partner can order their Submissive companions to complete. These tasks can be both sexual as well as non-sexual. For any tasks that the Dominant partner orders, the Submissive partners do need to obey him. 

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Now, these tasks or assignments can range from useful to useless as the useful ones can be functional tasks like doing daily routines on time, shaving, and so on. On the other hand, useless assignments can be specified as tasks that have no purpose like looking at the floor for no reason as these can also be mild humiliation antics as well. 

In this case, the Submissive partner is not exactly doing it for any reason but for obeying the orders of her Dominant partner. The Submissive individuals only do it in their surrender to their Dominant partners. Before we move ahead with some of the assignments you should get a clear understanding of both the useful and useless assignments.       

A General Idea About Useful and Useless Assignments

A General Idea About Useful and Useless Assignments

Giving assignments to Submissive partners can be mandatory in any BDSM relationship, as through this process, a power exchange dynamic can be maintained between the couple. There are a lot of differences between these useful and useless assignments. So let’s have a closer look at both of these types of assignments. 

  • Useful Tasks

Any kind of normal functional tasks that are assigned by the Dominant partners to their Submissive companions can be termed Useful Assignments. The term ‘useful’ is impactful because these tasks are mainly functional tasks that the Submissive partner will have to do to maintain a stable BDSM relationship. All kinds of general activities like doing the daily homely duties to serving the drink and spreading the legs can come under this useful assignment bracket.  

As a result, the tasks are assigned just to remind them of their BDSM relationship dynamic. The Dominant individual can also order his Submissive partner to make a cup of coffee or strip as this is functional for their BDSM relationship.

From serving food to eating healthily, all of these activities can be termed as useful assignments, as in this case the Submissive partner is looking to get a certain result out of these. As a Dominant partner, you can also order your Submissive companion for certain sexual pleasures as this also helps in bettering both of your BDSM dynamics.

However, in some cases, you can also bracket certain tasks differently even though they also come under the useful term. Ordering your partner to undress or the usage of a whip during sexual intercourse can be differentiated, even though they are also useful assignments. By doing this you as a Dominant partner can earn extra control over your Submissive companion. 

  • Useless Tasks

In the case of useless assignments, these are also initiated in some cases as the term useless is used for its purposelessness. These are not mandatory for your BDSM play as you just have to follow these orders from your Dominant partners and obey them obviously after signing on the Safe words. There is no functional purpose of these assignments as these will not help in building any form of action. In this regard just serving your Dominant partner becomes the primary purpose.  

Some of the activities that come under this useless assignments category are looking down at the floor, stretching your arm out for no reason, and so on. All of these activities have to do with just obeying or serving your Dominant partner. Some of these activities can come under the bracket of humiliation as well even though these will be moderately humiliating. The main purpose of assigning these useless assignments is to make sure that your Submissive partner will show more prey quality. 

Moreover, Submissive partners can initiate a total power exchange dynamic with their Dominant partners through these useless tasks. As a Dominant individual, you can definitely obtain extra power over your Submissive companion. In this case, just making your partner look down for minutes can give you a sense of control over your BDSM companion. 

So, after going through the above discussion, you have got a clear idea regarding both the useful and useless assignments let’s have a look at why you should give assignments to your Submissive partners. 

Why is It Important to give Tasks To Submissive Partners?

Why is It Important to give Tasks To Submissive Partners?

Giving assignments to your Submissive partners might be one of the most essential things within any BDSM relationship. Any kind of BDSM relationship dynamic can get fueled by the power exchange process between the Dominant and Submissive partner. Therefore, let’s have a look at why assignments play a crucial role in maintaining any sort of Doms/Subs dynamic.   

Maintaining Total Power Exchange

Sometimes being in a BDSM relationship 24/7 might need a reminder of the power exchange shared between the Doms and Subs. Hence, assigning certain tasks can definitely help them in this regard. By serving their Dominant partners all the Subs can playfully maintain the power exchange. The Dominant partners can give any kind of order to the Submissive companion as it gives them a sensation of extra control. 

Showing Loyalty and Care

In terms of the Submissive partners, they can easily show their care and respect by completing all the assignments that are given to them by their Dominant companions. There is a sense of loyalty that they can show to their masters by obeying their orders. 

Training Purposes

Within the BDSM relationships, the Dominant partner can also use these assignments on their Subs for their training purposes. In such a situation, they will check on how much the Submissive partner has listened to them. They can also check the Submissive partner’s loyalty toward them by employing a tens unit in the BDSM play. All of these assignments may get more demanding over time as the relationship progresses. 

Becoming a Better Submissive

Assignments should also be given to the Submissive partners so that they can become better people. It’s reminding them to do certain day-to-day activities like eating healthy can also be termed as some sort of assignment. In this way, the Dominant partner can initiate a better lifestyle for his Submissive companion. 

Apart from these assignments, the Dominant partner can practically give their Submissive partners a functional purpose like initiating a BDSM RopePlay. However, you should also note that these assignments might vary from couple to couple and it will definitely show each of their uniqueness. So, your BDSM relationship will be very different from others.  

What are the Useless Tasks You can Assign as a Dominant Partner?

What are the Useless Tasks You can Assign as a Dominant Partner?

Knowing all these reasons why it is important to assign tasks to your Submissive partners let’s take a look at some of the useless assignments you can give them. As mentioned earlier, the term ‘useless’ is used for these tasks for their purposeless qualities. 

If you are a Dominant partner within a BDSM relationship the only reason you are assigning these tasks is to serve yourself. There is no function of these assignments as the Submissive partners are only obeying these orders to satisfy their Masters. Here are some of the useless assignments, you can order for your Submissive partner so that you can maintain your power dynamic.     

Addressing as Sir

In some scenarios as a Dominant individual, you can order your Submissive partner to address you as a Sir or a Madam. There is no point in the functionality of this kind of addressing as this is just done to make your Submissive partner aware of the fact of who is the boss. The Submissive partner here only serves the requirement of the Dominant partner as this keeps their dynamic going.

Looking at the Floor 

As a Dominant partner, you can also order your companion to look down at the floor for no apparent reason. This is just done to maintain the Master/Slave dynamic where you can order anything from your slave and it will be obeyed. This specific kind of kink can give you a higher power sensation over your Submissive partner. 

Cooking and Serving while Wearing a Collar

In some BDSM scenarios, you can also order your Submissive partner to wear just a collar and do cooking and serving for you. This is also some kind of a useless assignment that can be given to the Submissives only for your own satisfaction and nothing else. You can also order her to wear an apron and serve food as through this process you can initiate your authority. 

Ordering to Avoid Eye Contact

As a Dominant partner, you can also order your Submissive companion to keep any kind of eye contact away from you. In this case, after you allow it only then she can make any eye contact with you. This kind of assignment is also given for maintaining an authoritative position as this has no other functional quality.

Make Her Wear Nipple Clamps During Dinner

In some other scenarios as a Dominant partner, you can order your Submissive partner to wear a nipple clamp just during the dinner. Making her wear certain sex accessories like Male Masturbator or toys only during a certain time will also be termed as a useless assignment that can be given to any Submissive partner. In this way, you can show your excessive control over your companion. 

Order Her to Call You at a Certain Point in Time

In BDSM relationships, you can also order your Submissive partner to call you at a certain point of time every day. This also has no functionality rather than the strong authoritative sensation where a Dominant partner can get a sense of high power kink. 

Keep Her In Cage

In some extreme cases, you can order your Submissive partner to crawl in front of you and occasionally you can lock them up in a cage. By locking your Submissive partners you can get a higher-rank fetish. 

Make Her Eat From a Bowl

Besides that, you can also force your Submissive partner to eat from a bowl as this is also some kind of useless assignment. The only reason any Submissive individual will have to do this assignment is to serve their Dominant companion.  

Writing Assignments

You can also give your Submissive partner a writing assignment where they have to write certain sentences more than a hundred times. A line like ‘I am a good, talented, useful girl’ can be given to all the Submissive partners as these kinds of writing assignments can give you a high. 

By giving these ‘useless’ assignments, you can make your Submissive partner more trained in BDSM activities like the usage of a Panty Vibrator. Even though these are not meant to be as functional in day to day activities of the Submissives, they do serve the purpose of their Dominant companions. You as a Dominant individual can get a more high-rank fetish out of these useless tasks.  

So, if you are searching high authoritative kink from BDSM activities then you can assign these tasks to your Submissive partner for a better outcome.  

Differences Between Useless Assignments & BDSM Punishments

If you think that there is no difference between BDSM punishments (as they can also be assigned to Submissive partners) and ‘useless’ assignments, then you are wrong. There are vital differences between these two kinds of tasks as one is given as a result of not completing a task whereas useless assignments are a type of daily task that can be given anyway. 

  •  If you are a Submissive partner in a BDSM relationship and you do not obey any order, your Dominant partner can give you a punishment. On the other hand, ‘useless’ assignments are not given due to any kind of bad behavior as this is just a reminder of a Dom/Sub dynamic. 
  • Punishments sometimes can be unpleasant as you do have to take it for not obeying any order whereas assignments are not that unpleasant at all. However, these can be trying sometimes. 
  • Any kind of assignment that you will give to your Submissive partner is very much associated with the type of Submission action she is initiating.
  • However, if your Submissive partner fails to do any sort of assignment on time you may have to punish her. 

Thus, it is made clear that there is a clearly distinguishable line between assignments you administer to your Submissive partners and the punishments you can give if they fail to obey you in BDSM activity. For instance, you can use the G-Spot Vibrator as a form of punishment; it is both parts of funs and punishment. If you see any kind of poor behavior in regard to your Submissive partner, you can punish your companion. Whereas all kinds of assignments are part of daily routine activities that need to be managed to maintain your Dom/Sub dynamic. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

1. What are bdsm sub assignments?

Ans. In the context of any BDSM relationship, any Dominant partner can give or order certain tasks for their Submissive companions to complete. In this case, the Submissive partners do have to obey them to maintain their power-sharing dynamic. These tasks can range from doing the daily routine work to other kinds of useless assignments like calling your partner in a specific term. 

2. Are useless assignments functional for bdsm play?

Ans. Useless assignments do not have any functional quality to them however many of the Dom/Sub do engage in these kinds of tasks for maintaining their power-sharing dynamic. By obeying these orders, the Submissive partners only serve their Dominant partner as there is no other purpose to these. The only purpose of these assignments is to maintain the power exchange between the Dominant partner and the Submissive partner. 

3. Are useless assignments different from bdsm punishments?

Ans. Many users do have this misconception that the BDSM punishments and the useless assignments are basically the same things. However, there are some huge differences between these two terms as BDSM punishments can only be given as a punishment to the Submissive partner if she/he does not obey any orders from their Dominant companion. Whereas on the other hand, any kind of assignments that can be given to the Submissive partners are part of their daily routine tasks.  

4. What are the differences between useless and useful bdsm assignments?

Ans. There are two types of assignments that as a Dominant partner you can assign as the useful assignments can be functional for your Submissive partners. On the other hand, the useless assignments are not that functional for the Submissive partners as it is just assigned so that they can serve their Dominant partners. The useful tasks can be the following daily routines like serving food and drinks and sleeping on time whereas the useless tasks can be calling your Dominant partner Sir/Ma’am and looking down on the ground.  

Final Thoughts

It is better to understand certain situations before you can assign tasks to your Submissive partner, as it is not easy to do a bunch of activities when they are someplace else. The range of tasks or activities that you can assign to your Submissive partner is huge like the usage of an Inflatable Sex Doll as these can take your BDSM relationship to a new level. However, before you assign them any useless tasks it is better that you get their informed consent.  

These assignments are crucial for the maintenance of your Submissive’s loyalty and care as there is no other purpose to these tasks. By giving them these tasks as a Dominant partner, you can get a tremendous amount of orgasmic high. The extra control you can have by assigning these tasks to your Submissive partners really can give you to a new level of BDSM fun and adventure.


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