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Sex is great, but it can be even better with one piece of fancy furniture that will 10x your sensations. The secret behind great sex is all about being creative and a little bit of experimentation. If you’re struggling and sweating out to maintain challenging positions or maybe just want to try a new surface where you can mimic all the sex tape’s positions with your partner, then you have just landed in the right place. 

How about having kinky and super strong Sex furniture that will make all your challenging sex positions like a cakewalk? What exactly is sex furniture? And why do we need special sex furniture just to have sex? If you’re here reading this blog, chances are that you have already tried congested chairs and tight-on-hip tables for some fun. 

No worries, this article will help you navigate some of the best erotic furniture that is made for getting laid. Having sex furniture is like a playground that allows you to experiment with various sex and BDSM acts with your partner. Some sex furniture comes with a restraint loop, some support you, and some come with a perfect design that discreet its true purpose.

Sex Furniture Is The Real Thing

Sex Furniture Is The Real Thing

Sex furniture is also known as tantra furniture, which is specially designed for getting laid. The sex furniture is precisely designed to support you in achieving challenging sex positions, having deeper penetration, and magnified clitoral stimulation. Having sex furniture will also add stars to your space. Sex furniture is designed in an inclined shape that will allow you to have deeper penetration in different ways. The science behind the inclined bed is backed by the chronicles of Kamasutra, which says that sex feels more great and intense when both parties are standing inclined, not lying horizontally. 

Top Picks Of Sex Furniture To Buy 

Choosing the perfect sex furniture when you have just had cushion sex can seem a little intimidating for someone who’s just getting started. Here I have listed some top picks of sexy furniture that you can bring home this Christmas- 


1. Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair


Bondage Boutique Sex Enhancer Chair

Now enjoy the most sensual orgasm of your life with this super amazing sex enhancer chair that will let you try every toughest position you have dreamed of. This kinky sex furniture is extremely durable and super compact, used to achieve orgasm from a difficult position and give her a toe-curling sexual experience. Comes with a quadruple-layered plastic material that will assist you in the top’s bounce without having muscle strain and aching thighs. 


  • This sex furniture can hold a maximum weight of 330lb
  • You can easily tuck it under your bed 
  • Build with a strong metal frame covered in a squishy foam
  • 4x layers of strong elastic for a perfect bounce
  • It takes two people to put it together 


2. Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge


Make sex easy, intense, and comfortable with this super-amazing sex position wedge that is layered with a soft microfibre. This love making furniture will provide you a 27-degree angle of elevation for easier and more precise contact to her bottom and also provides deeper penetration for his penis just like male vibrators. Dimensions: 24x17x7 inches. A perfect tool for oral enthusiasts. 

Liberator Microfibre Sex Position Wedge


  • Washable microfibre 
  • Highly-durable sex wedge to enjoy different kinds of positions 
  • 27-degree angle of elevation 
  • Latex-free and body safe 
  • Sufficient length of 14 inches 
  • Bit expensive 


3. DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Wedge


DOMINIX Deluxe Sex Position Wedge

Another diamond in the list of best erotic furniture that let you enjoy all the magnified and difficult sex positions without much effort. This Dominix sex wedge is super comfortable that will support your body to get into the most pleasurable sex positions with maximum skin-to-skin contact, and deeper penetration. It comes with a strong loop for connecting your choice of restraints, making it a perfect tool for BDSM and bondage play similar to what sex restraints do. Its wedge-shaped design will provide you with precise stimulation. 


  • Velvety fabric for non-slip contact against the bare skin
  • Raises pelvis for more precise and pleasurable penetration
  • Firm foam cushion so you can perfect difficult positions for longer
  • Comes with two strong loops for attaching restraints
  • The surface is a bit slippery.


4. Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo


Do you even lift bro? Yes, these words might melt you with embarrassment when you try to maintain or do some difficult sex positions. I don’t want you to hear that, no worries you can try this super good liberator sex position wedge ramp for maintaining challenging sex positions, deeper penetration, and better sex. 

Now you might be wondering why was so much investment when you have a super soft old cushion for sex. A normal pillow is enough for deeper sex, but you’d be wrong. These liberator sex cushions are precisely designed to lift your partner’s body into prime sex positions for magnified contact and precise stimulation. The super smooth surface will help you to maintain the challenging positions for longer. Comes at a 27-degree angle for more precise contact and deeper penetration. 

Liberator Sex Position Wedge Ramp Combo


  • Separated cushions for a variety of sex play options
  • 2 angled sex position pillows for achieving better positions 
  • Provides comfortable support and deeper penetration 
  • Machine washable
  • Latex-free and skin-friendly 
  • Expensive but worth it 


5. Liberator Cello Sex Couch


Liberator Cello Sex Couch

This mighty liberator sex couch will add glitter to your sex room. If you’re a fan of a fifty shades novel then this sex couch is a perfect way to set out your caged fifty shades fantasies with your partner. This amazing love-making furniture provides a strong and spacious playground to enjoy varieties of sex acts with your partner. This sex couch is made from super sturdy foam that gives it an appealing look. Ergonomically curved so you can lift your girl easily in different positions without much effort. Gorgeously soft touch. 


  • Comes with a non-slip and removable microfibre cover 
  • Machine washable cover 
  • Ergonomically shaped couch for a variety of sex positions
  • Moisture-proof inner lining for keeping things clean 
  • Highly-durable sex chair for better support
  • Very expensive! 


6. DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair


Just take your seat on this super good sex enhancer love-making chair that will make you feel like a queen or king of your kinky castle. This amazing sex furniture comes with two seat surfaces that are sturdy and allows you to enjoy all kinds of pleasures. 

Its flat cushioned surface is perfect for restraint bondage and impact play. Comes with a massive 9-inch hole for all kinds of oral exploration play. The metal frame can be easily pre-assembled, now, all you have to do is to pick your sex position enhancer and let the game begin. 

DOMINIX Deluxe Faux Leather Sex Position Enhancer Chair


  • Sturdy faux leather sex chair 
  • Comes with two seats for all kinds of play 
  • 9inch hole that will let you explore different oral sex play
  • Very expensive


Things You Should Look For When Buying A Sex Chair

Things You Should Look For When Buying A Sex Chair

The type of sex chair you should buy depends on what type of sex position you like the most and what type of sex you mostly have with your partner. For example- if you like to play bondage then there is sex furniture that comes with restraint attachments. If you like to have oral sex then some sex chairs come with 9-inch wide holes so you can have intense toe-curling oral sex in different positions. Also, there is sex furniture that comes with an inbuilt normal and vibrating dildo if you’re more into solo play. 

Closing Thoughts

There you have it! Now you have the top picks of erotic furniture that you can buy. If you’re into anal play or want to add some flavors to your old-vaginal play in different positions, having sex furniture can unlock a whole new level of kink and orgasm. I hope you have gained some relevant insights from this article. Stay tuned for a more amazing blog post that will fire up your sex life! I will see you next time, have a great day everyone! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is sex furniture, and what purpose does it serve in intimate settings?

Sex furniture refers to specially designed furniture or accessories that aid and enhance sexual activities. These pieces are crafted to provide comfort, support, and various angles, making it easier for individuals or couples to engage in a variety of sexual positions for increased pleasure and intimacy.

Q2. What are the different types of sex furniture available in the market?

Sex furniture comes in a range of types, including wedges, ramps, benches, swings, chairs, beds with built-in accessories, and more. Each type serves a specific purpose, such as providing elevation, allowing for deeper penetration, or enabling more comfortable and varied sexual positions.

Q3. Are sex furniture pieces discreet and suitable for all living spaces?

Yes, many sex furniture pieces are designed to be discreet and blend seamlessly into most living spaces. They often have a modern and non-obvious aesthetic, making them suitable for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or other areas of the home without drawing attention to their intended purpose.

Q4. Can sex furniture help individuals with limited mobility or physical challenges?

Absolutely. Sex furniture is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility or physical challenges. These pieces are designed to provide support and assistance, enabling more accessible and enjoyable sexual experiences for people with various mobility levels.

Q5. Is sex furniture easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, most sex furniture pieces are designed with ease of cleaning and maintenance in mind. They are typically made from materials that are easy to wipe down or can have removable, washable covers. Following the manufacturer’s care instructions will ensure the longevity and cleanliness of the furniture.


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