Top Five Sexy Last Minute Valentines Gifts

If you are single this Valentine’s, our condolences are with you! But this post is going to make you feel no better. But, if you are the one all the singles envy, and you have a partner to celebrate this Valentine’s day and yet you were dumb enough to forget Valentine gifts, this is just the place for you! To tell you the truth, it was pretty foolish of you to not notice the oozing red color from everywhere this past week and still forget about the Valentine’s gift but you don’t need to panic anymore.

We do the work for you and you just spend the money and take all the credit. To make things even better and easier, we have brought a tinge of sexy to all these Valentine’s day gift options to make your night worth it. So, instead of searching ‘Sexy Valentine Gifts for her or Sexy Valentine Day Gifts for him’, just scroll through these amazing and kinky options for your partner and choose whatever you find best! Let’s dive right into it as you’re already running short of time.

List of Ideas for Last Minute Valentine Gifts

Here is our list of where you can find the best Valentine’s Gift for your partner. Take a look:

A Hot Customized Vibrator

A Hot Customized Vibrator - Valentines Gifts

Go on and show your partner that you truly care for their pleasure and give a fancy, good quality vibrator ( my favorite is Lamourose Rosa Vibrator ) for their personal needs. You can also mix it up while you both indulge sexually, taking turns with the vibrator. It is one of the best last minute Valentine day gifts as it is supremely useful and pleasurable to your partner. Take up the awe factor by getting it gold plated and customized with their initials on it. Personalized jewelry and products are too old school now, move on to personalized sex toys and take your partner by surprise to end the night with a hot Valentine’s day sex, with or without the Vibrator.

Valentine Day Couple’s Bundle

An out-and-out kinky option from the last minute valentine day gifts is ordering a Couple’s Bundle by Lovehoney. It is a ten-piece set that comes with four cock rings, kegel balls, a penis stroker, four cock rings, anal beads & one butt plug. I think the description should be enough to tell you what ride you’re in for. Moreover, these are all rechargeable and waterproof toys so you can have a whole lot of fun with them anywhere you want—your bed, shower, bathtub, etc. This fits the list of sexy Valentine gifts for him as well as for her because of the diverse range of products.

Kinky Couple’s Card Game

card game- Valentine Gifts

If you have forgotten about Valentine’s day, we offer you another savior from our collection of last minute Valentine day gifts—a kinky couple’s card game. These new multitude of sexy valentine gifts in the form of spicy truth and dares, BDSM card games etc. can be a great addition to spice up your Valentine’s night.

Take your partner to dinner, get back, pour some wine and take out these kinky cards. You can keep playing the game and have a sexy time both at the same time. The cards also keep the unpredictability and passion alive as you wouldn’t know what you will be asked to do next. So, this sexy valentine gift will keep you surprised and on your toes. You can stop with the cards and go all wild anytime you feel like it!

Sexy Lingerie or Jockstrap

Again, presenting one of the classics from last minute valentine’s day gifts for her– Sexy Underwears and Lingerie. You can never go wrong with some hot lingerie or jockstrap underwear for your respective partners as sexy Valentines gifts. If you have a tradition of giving sexy valentine gifts for her and for him every year, you should opt for sexy undergarments for the night.

Make it red, if you like, and dress kinky but according to the Valentine’s theme, choose the hottest pair of lingerie for your partner or a jockstrap if your partner is a guy. Box and wrap it well and surprise them with it. You could even ask them to wear it for your dinner so that you can build the anticipation of seeing them in it throughout the day as well as the dinner. This way, the passion builds up even higher and makes your Valentine’s night memorable.

Aromatic Massage Oils

One last suggestion from the top five last minute Sexy Valentine Day gifts is Massage Oils. It may sound too simplistic but one, you don’t have much time so this is what you can get at the last minute and two, buy the aroma that is sure to turn on your partner the most and let the oil work its magic.

Aromatic Massage Oils

Blindfold your partner, make the mie down and relax and get the aromatic massage oil out in your hands. Give them the best personal massage so that they can unwind and relax. This is also your cue to amp things up a bit by massaging the sweet stimulating spots well enough, across all the erogenous zones to give the massage a happy ending. Your partner will thank you so much after the massage and the intense mood that the massage oils set.


We hope you can finally stop panicking and choose one or two of the quick options out of these last minute Valentine Day gifts. So, go get them from the nearest store. Wrap them well because the presentation does matter. We won’t let you have a dry Valentine’s night as we are here to be your wingman and save you from the horrors of not getting anything for your partner this Valentine’s day. Now, thank us later and hurry to get the gift!

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