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It’s a world of kinks and we are just living in it. From foot fetish to sensory deprivation of all sorts, it has been a wild ride for all kinksters out there. Yet anal sex and how to prepare for anal sex is still a hot topic of discussion and has been throughout the years, why is that? The thought of being penetrated through the butthole isn’t an arousing thought for everyone. Anal has always been such a gray discussion with all types of opinions from various people, some like it and some don’t. 

Some people enjoy the thought of anal while some enjoy doing it, in fact some people like doing anal more than their counterparts. However, thanks to pop culture the stigma against anal has been eliminated for the most part and everything to do with the concept of ass sexually has been normalized. Today, we are all free to enjoy however we want to, from gay men to straight men and women in general pretty much everybody indulges in anal and ass play. Anal sex is equally important as vaginal sex to a significant number of people and for gay men, it’s their bread and butter when it comes to sexual relationships.

Is it Important to Prepare Yourself Before Having Anal Sex?

Is it Important to Prepare Yourself Before Having Anal Sex

When it comes to anal we still haven’t figured out how to keep our peach ready to go at all times so it’s a very important and essential step to prepare yourself before doing anything ass related and especially if it’s going to get penetrated. The adult entertainment industry played a huge role in normalizing anal sex however anal sex is not at all flowery and dreamlike as shown in pornographic videos but that does not mean it can’t be pleasurable. 

In reality, anal sex can be messy and nerve-wracking but with a little bit of preparation, it can be easy and comfortable. Anal sex can come with a lot of pros and cons and to minimize the cons and maximize the pros prepare your ass according to the right set of instructions! There are numerous reasons you should prepare yourself before having anal sex, some of which benefit you and others benefit your partner. 

How to Prepare for Anal Sex?

How to Prepare for Anal Sex

A good amount of preparation can save you a lot of time and keep you date night ready. However, not being prepared enough can put you on the spot which can be awkward for you and your partner. To ensure that everything goes in and comes out smoothly it is advised to follow the correct procedure to get the most out of your precious time together. Here are some of the steps you can take toward this.

Educate Yourself

Anal is something a significant part of us do not have an education on. As young adults, we are introduced to the concept of vaginal dilation through sex education but anal sex is something that isn’t typically discussed and often exists behind the veil. To top it off there are enough myths and misinformation about anal sex on the internet. By educating yourself on this subject you can attain a sense of familiarity with the whole concept.


As mentioned in the above step, communication is key. It’s an absolute necessity to talk with your partner about having anal sex prior to doing it. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to sex which is why asking for consent from your partner prior to performing any sex act instead of ambushing them with something they might or might not like is always a good idea. Discuss all the elements with your partner and find your comfort level.

Keep it Clean

Anal sex can be pretty messy without the right amount of self-hygiene. A huge percentage of people shy away from anal due to its tendency of getting messy. The more familiar you are with it the less embarrassed or shocked you will be when it happens. The chances of getting in contact with poop during anal play are quite a common occurrence although you can lessen the chances by using baby wipes, you can also use an enema or anal douche to deep clean.

Take it Slow

Now that you’re clean and all set, how do you proceed? You will be surprised to know that the preparation process does not end here. Once you have cleaned your booty and got rid of the nerves your next step should be ensuring you take it slow. This step requires both the partner’s cooperation. Taking it slow will allow you to adjust to the penis or the strap-on dildo and shape your insides for the best possible angles. This will help you get used to the size and the feeling without overwhelming you. Use high-quality anal lubes like silicone lubes for less friction and more ease.

What Positions Can You Try Out During Anal Sex?

What Positions Can You Try Out During Anal Sex

Although your first time does not guarantee pain-free pleasure once you have tried anal a few times you are bound to like it more. Additionally, once you get comfortable with the sensation of anal sex you can indulge more in it and experiment with toys like tens units and new positions.


Missionary is one of the most common positions of sex. Regardless, the kink missionary is one of the most pleasurable and comfortable positions to have sex in. And this is equally true when it comes to anal sex. Missionary can help your partner reach deeper into you and bring more to both of you.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is a classic sex position where the receiver kneels down on their knees and all their fours while the penetrator stands behind them. With doggy style, you can have a mess-free and effortless anal experience, unlike other positions.

The Curly Wurly

This anal position is unlike any other. It allows you to have a more relaxed and gentler anal experience. This is a great position for beginners as you and your partner can lay next to each other and be more emotionally intimate while having anal. In this position, you can lift your leg up and keep it away from your body while simultaneously letting your partner penetrate you easily.


Anal sex can come off as something bizarre and taboo to some people but thanks to pop culture and the adult entertainment industry the concept of anal has been normalized for the most part. Although anal sex can be quite tricky still with the right amount of care and attention it can become one of the most pleasurable experiences you have ever had. Most people tend to shy away from anal due to the myths and misconceptions revolving around it yet with the proper precautions you are set for an amazing trip to the anal pleasure palace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Anal Sex Hurt?

Anal sex can involve a mix of pain and pleasure at least for beginners. It gets easier with experience as the pain lessens and pleasure increases. Anal sex can become equally pleasurable as vaginal sex if not more with time. With a little getting used to it soon you will see why it is such a hot topic for pleasure.

Q2. Can I use a glass butt plug to prepare myself for anal sex?

You can use glass butt plugs and other anal toys to prepare your peach for anal sex. With such toys, your anal opening is stretched prior to penis penetration which helps in easier insertion. Toys are a great way to get introduced to and prepare for anal sex.

Q3. What should I use to clean my ass for anal sex?

You can use baby wipes and gentle soap with warm water. You can also use an enema and an anal douche to deep clean your ass for longer sessions. However, remember that the involvement of a little bit of poo is quite common during anal.

Q4. Can I orgasm from Anal Sex?

Anal sex is a little bit different than vaginal sex so pleasure in regard to anal sex is an acquired sensation. Some people feel pleasure from anal sex from the get-go and can easily orgasm through just anal stimulation while others tend to take a few tries to get rid of the pain factor and tap into the pleasure of it. So to answer your question, yes you can orgasm through anal sex although it’s not guaranteed for everybody. You can try experimenting with anal sex by using a panty vibrator or a male masturbator to achieve even more pleasure.


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