A dominant/submissive (D/S) relationship is one in which one person takes on a dominant role and the other takes on a submissive role. These roles can be reversed at any time, and many couples enjoy spending time in both roles. While popular culture often distorted portrayals of D/S relationships as being all about non-vanilla sex, there are many examples of these relationships that do not involve any sexual activity at all. In reality, a D/S relationship among people is so wrong that I am propelled to pen down an article today. 

If you are already in a D/S relationship and facing holy shunning, my writing might comfort you. Trust me, there are plenty of D/S relationships that do not include any type of kinky sex. So, what are some examples of these types of relationships? Read on to find out! After reading this post, you won’t be hesitant to try out BDSM with Non-vanilla sex!

D/S Relationship Facets and Workings 

Let’s just go through very briefly the basic practicalities of dom sub relationships. Let this article be a brief handbook of d/s relationship ideas, if for no one then only for people like us. 

To the Dads and the Moms and Our Masters And Boys

To start, there is a wide-ranging of names to call their partner, or your partner upon entering a D/S relationship. The usual daddy-mommy master for the D’s to the slaves, boys or girls of the submissive. The names are always dependent on the chemistry of every dom/sub relationship. With the desires of the partners involved, one has to remember the very premise of the d/s relationship ideas must contain, the motif to inflict a tremendous amount of pleasure and not pain.

Pain might be a way to attain the goal of ultimate pleasure seeking. There are dominant persons more inclined to the ideas of inflicting punishment and protection. The submissive on the other end will be or can be more inclined to ideas of masochism. The name dom sub relationship is dependent on this state of mind.

Choose Partner in Accordance to Desire 

D/S Relationship Facets and Workings 

D/S relationship works because the power structure attains the mental affiliation of the individual. BDSM is directly proportional to rushes of endorphins and adrenaline. A submissive individual might enter a relationship with a partner not completely dominant psychologically. These attributes of D/S relationship ideas are more common to failure. The bare structure will always eventually hit the ground leaving neither individual happy. 

Surveys of dom sub relationships have significantly found, dominants are dominants not only in their d/s relationship but in a complete lifestyle. The same applies to submissive people. The idea of ceding power is often attractive. 

Do You Know What “TPE” is? 

The total power exchange of dom sub relationships is probably the most heightened height of a d/s relationship. TPE is a common term that requires individuals to perform based on the d/s relationship ideas the entire day. This facet of a d/s relationship gets beyond the confines of the bedroom to the hard realities of the everyday. TPE comes mostly later into dom sub relationships given the demanding nature. The dominant is in charge of deciding the pathway of their d/s relationship.  He/she has complete domination on their submissive. So, there might reach a point where a complete constant TPE might reach the point of exhaustion. Talk to your partner, and bring down the degrees of your d/s relationship to levels you find necessary.

Perhaps therefore what remains obvious in your dom/sub relationship ideas is to search for what we the individual preferences. This must include both the person and the varying range you’re willing to explore. A breakaway in both aspects from your comfort will only signal the red flags of BDSM. 

Care, Contracts, Safe Words, and those Collars

Care, Contracts, Safe Words, and those Collars

The very natural elements of D/S relationship ideas includes – training, collars, contracts, safe words, and the very important aftercare. 

  • Training is the beginning stage of a d/s relationship. The partner gets an induction if one of them is new to the scenarios of BDSM kinks. The way the dominant wants the relationship to proceed further or the behaviors and words of the submissive he wants to hear. This stage of the dom-sub relationship is usually fun if both partners take part willingly. 
  • Contracts and Collars usually the stage after the training seem to have brought a level of understanding. Contracts can be verbal, before the beginning of a d/s relationship, or in written detail. They help in dictating the degree to which both partners are willing to delve. 
  • Contracts are also not set in stone for eternity. If the feeling of unpleasantness arises the terms can be brought down. BDSM always deals with the workings of the brain as I mentioned before. There is always a chance of panic attacks and sub-drops happening in unison often during or after sessions.
  • Collars are more dependent based on the d/s relationship. One can wear them only during BDSM play or the entire day. Collars as you probably have seen come in a whole load of customized designs often made by the master. 
  • Safe words and aftercare become of extreme importance in every dom/sub relationship. Communicate clearly about the safe words. SSC (safety sanity consent) has a mention in all guidebooks of d/s relationship ideas.  
  • Aftercare is a medical need after intense sessions of BDSM. It’s a first aid kit including a gauge and bandage for starters. Make sure to keep a phone by your side, in case there is an emergency. The underrated factor in every d/s relationship is the strength of every communication. Give effort to what your partner demands and needs. Be it a good session of knife play and a cuddle after or simply to be alone.        
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About Coming Out

I have almost come to the end of the article now. There are still so many points to write down about. But to sum up, I will say – while non-vanilla sex is often seen as a staple of D/S relationships, it is not necessary for a power exchange to be fulfilling. In fact, there are many different types of D/S relationships that do not involve any type of kink or fetish play. So long as both partners are on the same page and have a mutual understanding of what they want from their relationship, any type of power exchange can be enjoyable and satisfying. Have you explored other ways to add excitement to your D/S relationship?


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