When you are new to the world of BDSM, it can be hard to know what your partner means when they say things like “you need training.” After all, it’s not like there’s an easy-to-follow guidebook for BDSM beginners. Even a BDSM training book for that matter surely helps. 

Does this mean that you’re not good enough? That you’re not kinky enough? No! Today I am going to write all secrets about types of doms. All about what they mean by submissive training and what is a dom relationship. Most Doms are saying this for one (or more) of the following reasons. So read on, let this be a short insight into BDSM training secretly. 

What Do the Term Submissive Training Infer  

What I am going to share is something that I have experienced personally. So I hope it will help you understand the concept in detail.

They want to make sure that you’re comfortable and safe. 

BDSM play can be intense, both emotionally and physically. It’s important to make sure that you feel comfortable with your partner and that you trust them completely before diving in headfirst. BDSM training becomes of primary importance for this particular subject. 

What a Dom Means When They Say, "You Need Training"

That’s why many Doms will use the phrase “you need training” as a way to gauge your comfort levels and make sure that you’re truly ready to take things to the next level. There might be a few types of doms, the good ones will want to make sure you’re aware of what’s coming. 

They want to ensure that you know the ropes—literally. 

It’s no secret that BDSM play often involves bondage, whether it’s light bondage with handcuffs or something more intense like Shibari rope bondage. If your partner is looking to tie you up, they will want to make sure that you know how to do it properly and safely. That way, you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.

The whole process of BDSM training can be playful. I remember teasing my partner while in submissive training. We got to be experimental about our desires. My submissive got to know more about what is a dom relationship. We got to know each other better. All are part of BDSM training.     

They want to be sure that you know the etiquette of BDSM scenes. 

Just like any other activity, BDSM has its own set of rules and etiquette that should be followed. BDSM training is a good kick starter for that. For example, many people use safewords as a way to stop a scene if things get too intense or uncomfortable.

If your partner is looking to play in a public space like a dungeon or sex club, they’ll want to be sure that you know the proper etiquette for those environments. BDSM training helps in knowing and becoming part of the BDSM club.  

They want you to understand their kinks and fetishes.

BDSM training is all about exploring your kinks and fetishes—and that includes your partner’s kinks and fetishes. If your partner is looking to incorporate something specific into your play time together, they may use the phrase “you need training” as a way to introduce the idea and gauge your reaction. Submissive training is also a good leveler of the chemistry you share with the partner. 

Swap meet porn videos are popular now because they show two strangers playing together after just meeting each other – this is an extreme example but it goes to show how important solid communication is in BDSM relationships! BDSM training is a great constituent in building that trust. 

You need trustworthy sources for your information on this topic so check out sites like Kinkly Chatroulette. There’s plenty of useful advice from professionals on how best to get started with role-play fantasies and dom/sub relationship types including Mistress Annabelle who offers services via webcam.   

Are You Feeling More Secure About BDSM Training? 

Let’s just jot down a few final details about BDSM training.

Why is BDSM Training Important? 

BDSM training is important in the BDSM world because it provides couples with a way to establish trust, communication, and limits. These three things are essential for any healthy relationship, but they are especially important for BDSM relationships.

Kink is a Hobby, not a Disorder

The submissive through the submissive training learn about the types of doms and what is a dom relationship. The relationship they are involved in to be more specific. 

Trust is essential because it allows both partners to feel safe enough to explore their kinks and fetishes. Communication is key because it allows both partners to express their needs, wants, and boundaries. Finally, having established limits ensures that nobody will get hurt emotionally or physically during playtime. BDSM training is a catalyst catapulting all of their necessities.  

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What Does Training Involve? 

The answer to this question of BDSM training will vary depending on the couple’s specific needs and interests. Their version of what is a dom relationship. The aspects of what should include in submissive training. 

However, there are some common elements in BDSM training programs such as learning about various types of kinks and fetishes, practicing safe words and phrases, and discussing hard limits. 

  • Kinks and Fetishes 

One of the first things that will be covered during BDSM training is kinks and fetishes. Your Dom will likely introduce you to new kinks and fetishes that you may not have even known existed. This will likely include the types of themselves they envision as themselves. 

They will also provide you with information about how to safely engage in these activities. If there are certain kinks or fetishes that you already love, be sure to let your Dom know so they can tailor the BDSM training program to your specific needs and interests. Doing so will make the entire process more interesting for you. 

  • Safe Words/Phrases 

Safe words are typically single words (such as “red” or “yellow”) that help your Dom know when you need them to stop or slow down. Phrases such as “I need a break” or “This is too much” can also be used for this purpose. It’s important to choose a safe word or phrase that will be easy for you to remember and use even if you’re in the middle of an intense scene. Rehearse that in BDSM training. 

  • Hard Limits 

Hard limits are activities or scenarios that are completely off-limits for you under any circumstances. Establishing hard limits is an important part of ensuring that everybody stays safe and comfortable during playtime. Be sure to communicate any hard limits you may have to your Dom before starting the training program. 

In Short, Did You Get the Gist?  

In short, there are many possible reasons why your partner might say “you need BDSM training.” It could be because they want to make sure you’re comfortable and safe, they want to ensure that you know how to do things properly, or they simply want to introduce you to their kinks and fetishes.

Everything can be explored better through submissive training. No matter what the reason may be, remember that communication is key—so don’t hesitate to ask your partner for clarification if you’re ever unsure about something. BDSM training is also much about learning and acknowledging consent.


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