Exploration has been a virtue of humane kin ever since probably we have come into the holy existence. We have wondered about men and women going beyond the perceived normal. I have always been deeply intoxicated by them. I am guessing we all have. Isn’t that the case? 

When I Brought up Polyamory

The time I was thinking about how to bring up polyamory in my relationship. I talked to a friend. They suggested not ruining my perfectly healthy relationship. The answer couldn’t leave me more disillusioned. I wanted to tell my friend, every time a person wonders about a topic. How to bring up polyamory to your partner under no stretch of the imagination? Are they looking to sabotage their relationship?

The time I described was extremely confusing in my life. My partner and I worked long distances. He is a chef, I am a vagabond actor. We were both adults, and we both had needs. We both were probably wondering about how to bring up polyamory to your partner. 

An Easy Solace, What to Do’s

I am writing as more of a guide then. I want to tell you the things I am following hoping you find some help or maybe hope. Here is my list of to-dos on how to bring up polyamory. 

Don’t make it all about yourself

The issue of how to bring up polyamory might seem to be awkward at first. A good place to start is likely from a place of concrete. Forget all about every bit of vantage that might be going on in your head. Icebreaker: To start the conversation of how to bring up polyamory to your partner is always appreciated.

When Should I Bring Up Polyamory?

I remember telling my partner all that, he made me feel. All that he means, as a woman, is the respect I have for him. The ways I cherish our life and our love, slowly then I moved forward. Every conversation on how to bring up polyamory becomes much easier when you start like that.

Read the room, people. Not all about you

The second to follow on how to bring up polyamory to your partner is probably to read the room. When you’re done you have brought out the word, and understand your partner’s reaction. If they need time, you must have to respect that. A solid portion of the entire conversation on how to bring up polyamory is conversation. The complete conversation, regarding the topic, with an understanding of the other person.

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Avoid negatives!! Avoid them

Once the conversation is back on track, you are hoping your partner has settled down or is on the same page with you. Make it a point to tell things about yourself and your reasons without the negative points. Don’t make the silly mistake of using the subject of how to bring up polyamory as a way to belittle your partner. The task gets much easier once you balance it out. Find a middle ground in your saying between your desire and how your partner is not stifling you out. 

Polyamory is not a relationship saver

Polyamory is not a relationship saver

I have found a lot of women come to me asking about the subject of how to bring up polyamory to your partner. What follows is a sobbing tale of a dead-end relationship. This is a grave mistake. Polyamory doesn’t breathe new air into dead animals. If you want to save your relationship, visit a therapist, talk it out, and see if polyamory is the way for you. 

Your relationship can’t remain attention free

Now imagine this scenario, you have been successful in bringing up the theme of how to bring up threesome or polyamory. You and your partner have now arrived at an aligned thought process. A lot of articles that are gorgeously titled on how to bring up polyamory to your partner end here. I hate that. This is only half the job done. Once you have reached a fairground, that is only half the work done. There must be a continued investment in the relationship. I have been guilty of this. I had simply forgotten the primary focus must be on my actual relationship and not the new ones I am exploring.

Do the groundwork, people, and everything else can be taken care of. 

Start slowly, really what’s the rush?

I made it a point to pursue the polyamory world slowly. I did what suited me and my partner because I didn’t want to be in a place where both my partner and I would be overwhelmed. The sheer speed of fast-moving new things does that. Consider the world of polyamory if you’re new to dipping your feet into an ocean. Start slowly and once you get the hang of it and go follow the waves. 

Allow the other person to take the first step

Allow the other person to take the first step

A friend of mine once went through the entire ordeal of how to bring up polyamory. Read essay-length articles on how to bring up polyamory to your partner. She got every gist and detail. Then with firm knowledge by her side, she allowed her partner to explore first. Her reasoning was to create trust and cut out the fear. Fear even from her side, and the fact what they were doing was okay and there is no loss of love.  

So when are you bringing up the subject matter? 

So there, you have it. These will hopefully help you. Remember what Dostoevsky wrote once, if human efforts knew no fear, there would be no limits to our endeavors.   


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