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ABDL is a short term that specifies Adult Baby Diaper Lovers as a group of the community. However, it is segmented into two separate groups one is AB which specifies Adult Babies. All these people are adults who act like infants. These people turn their mindsets almost to a childlike attitude. It also has a scientific term which is paraphilic infantilism. With the help of roleplay, these adult people wear baby clothes and BDSM diapers as well as various other kinds of child activities that are done in Age Play.

On the other hand, DL specifies the other group in this community who are Diaper Lovers. There is a very thin line between the DL group and the AB group. Some adults from the DL group might be interested in the AB group however the other ones might not. This group of people might just love wearing diapers rather than other child types of underwear. 

Feeling confused between the two groups? Don’t worry, in this piece, we will give you a proper definition of the abdl sex community as well as the concept of roleplay.          

The Basic Concept of AgePlay

The Basic Concept of AgePlay

Age Play as a term can be used for specifying a certain type of role play where individuals enact different ages for both sexual and non-sexual pleasures. In this case, these adults use various kinds of children’s clothes as well as their accessories to get the feeling of a young kid. You can get this kind of fetish with the help of wearing a diaper or getting fed from a bottle as it can be both sexual as well as non-sexual. As you can also take part in it without any sort of accessories like a BDSM collar.  

Within the sexual age play, one of the adults takes the role of an authoritative caregiver while his partner will take the role of a little one needing love. In most cases, adults always roleplay as a much younger version of themselves. In this way, the adult can act like a child or a teenager who wants love and care from the older caregiver. Some of the most common types of age play BDSM fetishes are Daddy’s Little girl, Toddlerism, Teacher and Student, School Boy and Girl, Infantilism, and so on.     

There are many reasons why age plays as an abdl kink has become really popular.

  • By taking part in this type of kink you can fulfill your emotional needs.
  • You can erase the daily work and family life stress by joining this kind of ageplay.
  • Through this age play fetish activities, you can reimagine your early-age fantasies with the help of various devices like pocket pussy.  
  • You can easily reenergize your sex life. 

Through reimagining your age you can easily enjoy a special connection with your caregiver. This is a kind of emotional connection that is built between two partners. The entire basis of this relationship is dependent on trust. However, there are certain misunderstandings that people have about these abdl BDSM age play relationships. 

It is not an Incest Relationship

Any kind of age play BDSM can not be classified as a real family relationship. It is a type of game that is played by adults with their consent. It is not also about becoming older and younger as any adult person just for pleasure can roleplay at a certain age.  

It is not any Form of Pedophilia

Another major misconception anybody can have about this roleplay is that it can be seen as pedophilia due to the usage of sexual devices like butt plug. Obviously, it is not true at all as no minor can take part in this type of roleplay. It is a game that is played between two adults. 

It can be Non-sexual as well

Everyone thinks when they hear about BDSM age play that it is only sexual. Yes, in some cases it can be. However, there are other cases where it can be non-sexual as well. Sometimes, it can be a relationship between a caregiver and a patient where sex is not important. It is only the healing and pleasure that is prominent there.  

Types of Roles you can Play in Age Play

Types of Roles you can Play in AgePlay

Within any BDSM age play activities, there are three key roles you should be aware of: Littles, Middles, & Bigs.  


In any age play BDSM activity, Littles are the ones who act as a child. As a little one, you can do various kinds of child-like activities like skipping in the park and staying past bedtime. Through these activities as an adult you can escape from the mundane realities of life. These littles do have two types of subgroups as well one is dominant and the other is submissive. The dominant little will obviously be a little bratty while the submissive little will be a good girl or a boy.  


Middles can be specified as a role is a teenager. In this case, you are neither little nor big. By enacting the role of the middle you can be more rebellious than the little one. It also has two types one is dominant and the other is submissive. While the dominant middle will yell at their elders and use ball gag for sexual adventures or not do their homework. On the other hand, the submissive middle will be quite obedient in this case.    


Big can be specified as the role of an adult in any age play fetish game. By enacting this role you can play the role of a person who is in a position of power. In this case, it can be anyone like daddy, mommy, teacher, and so on. By enacting this role you should have the responsibility to care for your partner. Additionally, you should be able to care for both the littles and middles and provide for them. You also can be both dominant and submissive in this role. As a dominant, you can play a strict role in your littles with the help of nipple clamps. On the other hand, you can play a soft parent to the littles and middles. 

Now in terms of different types of age play BDSM, you can have a look at the varied options for choosing the right type. 


This type of relationship revolves around dressing up like an infant. This abdl bondage activity can range from wearing diapers or the using a pacifier. This kind of adbl kink is initiated by partners to get over their traumatic experiences of childhood.


Another type of age play relationship you can try is toddlerism where you can dress up like a literal toddler. The activities can range from playing with toys to throwing tantrums.

School Boy/Girl

In this type of age play BDSM, you can dress up as a schoolboy or a girl. Through this process, you can re explore your naughty days at school.


In the teacher-student relationship, you can imagine a fantasy world where little or middles will have relationships with their teachers or bigs.

What can be Classified as an ABDL Community?

What can be Classified as an ABDL Community

As mentioned earlier, abdl sex community consists of two subgroups that are continuously growing according to the online forums. Within this community, the adults role play the infants where they wear baby clothes and diapers to engage in childlike activities. All these activities range from feeding from a bottle to using a pacifier to complete the ab dl meaning.

All the adults engage in these AB activities to get relief from their childhood traumas. With these activities, these adults try to go back to simpler times when they feel protected from modern-day challenging times.

On the other hand, the DLs are Diaper Lovers who really love wearing diapers. There are many times when the ABs can make a transition to the DLs. However, some of them might not be into any form of role-playing like the ABs. These adults basically start wearing diapers to manage their urinary.

There are various kinds of activities this abdl BDSM group of community engages in. Here are some of them.

  • Most of the ABs in the community do love absorbent adult diapers with poly backing back sheets in abdl age play.
  • In most cases, the ABs group really engages with other child-like accessories like feeding from a bottle, and pacifiers. All of these really help them mentally to feel like a baby.  On the other hand, the DLs really love to try out different sizes of diapers.
  • In the case of any abdl play, these people really enjoy the feeling of wearing adult diapers. By wearing these textured diapers they really feel safe.
  • These kinds of activities consist of changing the diapers as well as putting on powders and applying baby wipes.

The AB/DL sex communities engage in different kinds of child-like behaviors. They also take help from various kinds of child accessories to heal their childhood trauma without any kind of usage of anal lubes. The community is also growing day by day as there are different kinds of online sites that are becoming more and more popular.

Is There Any Difference Between Abdl And Bdsm Relationships?

Is There Any Difference Between Abdl And Bdsm Relationships

Any ABDL community and its lifestyle is a little part of a bigger age player BDSM umbrella. So, it is clear that the abdl play comes under the bracket of a BDSM relationship. However just like BDSM relationships any abdl age play community of people does not only engage in sexual relationships. It can be non-sexual as well. While there are some community members in an ABDL relationship who engage in age play during sexual activities there are some other kinds of activities as well. It all depends on the individual partners and how they want to play it. In this case, it is quite similar to a BDSM age play relationship.

There are some other similarities as well as both the BDSM and abdl sex relationships can be misunderstood by common people. As there is a clear lack of awareness. With various kinds of misinformation around it is extremely important that you should support more nuanced discussions about these topics.

Any kind of abdl BDSM relationship signifies various kinds of sexual practices which consist of ageplay bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadism. On the other hand, the ABDL relationship is pretty much its own thing where adults wear child-like clothes and diapers for pleasure.

ABDL sex relationships can be termed as a fetish. In these relationships, people get pleasure whereas in most cases they think you should not take any pleasure from these fetishes. Most fetishes like ABDL relationships come under kinky pleasures. 

BDSM is a broad term that can cover all the fetishes and adbl kink. This is where the ABDL relationships fall under this term. 

So if you are asking, does ABDL have any component of age player BDSM? Not at all, as ABDL is all about wearing diapers as it does not have to deal with any kind of age play bondage or any sort of accessories like sexual handcuffs

However, in some areas, ABDL relationships can be quite similar to BDSM relationships. As in some ABDL relationships, people enjoy themselves as little ones. This is the ‘dominance’ part of any BDSM activity where one person will enact the role of a caregiver to his little one.       

What is ABDL Kink?

The abdl age play relationships can be termed as fetishes where people get pleasure by wearing children’s clothes and diapers. Through this kind of roleplay, adults regress to an earlier age so that they can feel healed from their day-to-day lives. In this case, they just try to get healing from their childhood trauma. By doing this kind of roleplay you can be treated like a little baby. 

In this adbl kink, adults can wear child clothes and use many accessories like feeding from a bottle as well as the usage of a pacifier. 

In most cases, abdl play relationships can be used for getting healed from childhood traumas. Through this process, the individual can get to a safer place by being the little one. Anyone like you who wants to get to a simpler time then you can definitely get that by taking part in the ABDL relationship. Wearing diapers and its feeling can definitely help you to get over the recent tough times.  

The caregiving process can be a desirable adventure for any adult like you as the abdl age play relationships can also be a kink for some people. You can enact the role of a little one as you like as a kink can be described as something that you like to do for any kind of sexual pleasure. However in this case it can be non-sexual as well. 

So in this case, if you like to be taken care of by your partner as a little one then definitely it can be termed as kinky. Within the abdl sex dynamic, any adult person can dress up as an infant and wear their clothes to feel the kinky pleasure.    

Can ABDL be Associated with BDSM Bondage?

BDSM is a short term for adult baby bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadism. So, it can definitely be coined for various different kinds of activities. From bondage to dominance and submission, it can be anything. As it all depends on the individual for which kind of relationship they want to divulge in. However in the case of bondage ABDL relationships, none of these things matters.

BDSM in a broad sense can be an umbrella term that every kind of adbl kink and fetish falls under. In this way, abdl play relationships can also be a certain fetish that can be covered by the BDSM relationship. This does not imply the fact that everything from the BDSM has to be there in ABDL relationships. As it is a simple form of a fetish where you can wear diapers and enjoy the fantasy of a little kid. You do not require to do any sort of abdl bondage

However, in most cases in a bondage abdl relationship, there are individuals who like to play the role of a ‘little’ one. This definitely falls under the dominant and submissive relationship. So there is definitely a bond between the caregiving adult and the little submissive partner. 

All of these clearly suggest that the type of relationship you want to have in any abdl age play relationship depends upon the individual desires. In some cases, it might have the adult baby bondage of a dominant caregiver and a submissive little one.


BDSM age play can be a huge term used for various things. So it is common to misunderstand the term abdl age play as there are both common and uncommon features that are present in this sort of relationship. ABDL as a term can be segmented into two different groups as well as there are other unexplored areas you can find. With a clear and concise understanding hopefully, you can clear out all the misunderstandings you had about ABDL relationships and their commonalities and differences with other BDSM relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is ABDL?

ABDL is a short-term for Adult Baby Diaper Lovers. It consists of two different groups who engage in roleplaying as infants and love wearing baby BDSM diapers and use other child-like accessories. Any adult can engage in these child-like activities to get away from any form of day to day troubles.

Q2. What are the common links between ABDL and BDSM relationships?

ABDL relationships can be a small part of a bigger BDSM group. Even though ABDL relationships can be their own thing there are some commonalities between the two. In both cases, there is a partner who will take the role of a caregiver who will bond with a little one.

Q3. Is ABDL a kink?

Kink can be classified as something you like to do for sexual or non-sexual pleasures. In this context, ABDL for some people can be a kink as through this relationship you can get love as a little one. However, for some people, it can be a fetish as well as they will have to do it for their sexual needs.

Q4. Is there any difference between ABDL and BDSM bondage?

Even though ABDL relationships can be completely their own thing. There are some commonalities between BDSM bondage and ABDL. Within ABDL relationships, there is some sort of bondage that is present between the dominant caregiver and the little one. Other than that there is no common thing as you can have an ABDL relationship even without any kind of bondage.


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