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As we know, BDSM relationships are strongly based on the Dominant-Submissive power dynamic. Any kind of play within the realms of BDSM generally involves one partner assuming the Dominant’s role and the other being the Submissive. These are individual preferences of the people who experience pleasure from their specific role and are in no way enforced. When the BDSM couples decide to take it up a notch and bring the Dom-Sub dynamic to their everyday life, it takes a more rigid Master Roleplay BDSM twist. It is a great kinky way to keep the BDSM passion on while enjoying it almost 24/7.

In this article, we will tell you the best ways and ideas to navigate a Master roleplay BDSM. Make it rough, wild and raunchy!

What is a Master Roleplay BDSM relationship?

As the name suggests, Master Slave BDSM relationship takes the Dominant-Submissive partnership to another level, raises the stakes and works with the Power dynamic. In this case, the Power exchange is not limited to BDSM play. In fact, it trickles into the daily lifestyle of both the partners where the Master is the in charge of everything while the Slave voluntarily gives up all control.

What is a Master Roleplay BDSM relationship

The Slave has to take all orders of the Master beyond the bedroom as well. This may include anything from Daily chores and sexual needs to Financial control and Orgasm Control. Let’s get to the basics of a Slave Master roleplay first.

Get the Basics Right to a Master Slave BDSM

Before beginning with the Slave Master Roleplay Ideas, there are a few things that need to be kept in mind before getting your hands dirty in the Master Slave relationship. A few corrective negotiations and terms that are better discussed now. Take a look and make sure you are cognizant of them.


Being the most important first step to starting a Master Slave BDSM relationship, it should be made sure that both the parties have consented to the setup. As a slave, you must choose someone you trust as it takes a lot to completely offer oneself to the Master in such a setting. The consent should also be taken during the Slave Master roleplay BDSM, from time to time to ensure nothing is out of bounds. It can be done in character by the Master so as to not break the feel.



Safewords are another important prerequisite that should be checked off. As this is a high-intensity roleplay situation, establishing Safe words or signals to maintain the safety and comfort of both parties is extremely important. Any time the Slave feels discomfort that was not priorly discussed or faces an injury, etc., they may call out the Safe word or signal to pause all play at once. This needs to be respected by the Master at all costs.


It is also suggested that a detailed transparent discussion takes place before diving into the Master Slave BDSM dynamic. Both parties can share their likes, and preferences in their respective roles. They may also draw boundaries—Hard and Soft Limits—which are completely non-negotiable and must not be crossed by the counterpart. This gives a better idea to both the potential Master and Slave, what to do and what not to do to keep the other person happy and satisfied.

Power Dynamics

As part of BDSM Roleplay, the power dynamic and authority control etc must all be cleared well beforehand. The conditions typically remain that the Slave must submit themselves completely and vest all control in the hands of the Master during roleplay. The intensity stakes are really high, so both the parties should prepare themselves mentally and physically for what they are getting into.

Tips for the Master

Tips for the Master

A lot of the weight of keeping the Master Slave BDSM relationship healthy and interesting lies on the shoulders of the Master. This is because the Slave has voluntarily lost all control and the Master has been put in charge. Following are a few ideas for the Master to fuel the setup with some fire.

Rewards & Punishments

As the Master roleplay relationship, it is your prerogative to decide what you like and what not. In accordance with the same, you can reward and punish your slave. They must adhere to your wishes, and ask no questions. So anytime you think that is not happening, you can punish them all kinky.

Get your Spanking paddle out and give a few swats, or put them in a cage when you feel the intensity is going far. You may even set the intensity of the punishments as the mistake goes higher. At the same time, you also need to make sure to Reward the slave for constant positive reinforcement. To not let it take a toll on them, a regular dose of earned pleasure from obeying order keeps them into it. Do what they like and they will reward you.

Make a Daily Wishlist

To keep the orders in place, you can make a daily wishlist for yourself and hand it to your Slave to take care of it. Write everything from the daily chores to what you’d like your Slave to do for you today. This way there is a constant spark and unpredictability for the Slave to look forward to new things everyday. Since you are the whole authority, you should make sure the Master Slave BDSM roleplay is interesting and fun at all times. Don’t go overboard and demand something totally unrealistic keeping your Slave’s limits in mind but you can try to play on the edges. It can be that they cannot wear clothes for a certain time or put up a little show for you, etc.

Keep them Satisfied

Being the in-charge of the Master Slave roleplay, it is your responsibility to keep your Slave happy and satisfied. Always see it as that they have trusted and given you the privilege to control them completely. So you better make that worth it and not make them regret it later. Listen to what their likes and preferences are during the discussion and take note of it so that you can implement those tricks later during play. Keep introducing new stuff so that the Master Slave BDSM doesn’t get monotonous.

Kink it Up

Again, the Master has to prepare himself for a kinky time before the Master Slave BDSM begins. Get all your BDSM gear, order and buy anything you think could be useful, and keep it in place beforehand. Experiment with stuff you have not tried before after discussing it if it lies within your boundaries. Get Pinwheel, Spanking paddles, whips, sexual handcuffs, cages, collars, and whatnot. Every little element of kink adds on a lot to the overall feel of the relationship and keeps the temperatures high at all times. 

Tips for the Slave

Tips for the Slave

There are relatively fewer things that the Slave needs to think about. As soon as you give up control, the Master becomes responsible to take care of your needs and wants. But it is still a give and take. Read the tips you can follow to give well to your Master.

Obey the Orders

One of the basic things a Slave should do is just to obey orders. Live by the quote ‘Your wish is my command’ and fulfill whatever the Master asks for. Be careful that the boundaries and the power dynamic should be within the play area, you should go all in and treat your master like one.

Submit Yourself Completely

As part of the terms of the Master Slave BDSM roleplay, you are supposed to offer yourself completely to the Master, be available at their step at all times, wear whatever they ask you to, use honorifics according to their preferences etc. Basically, the Slave needs to think of themselves as the Master’s property and be at their mercy physically, mentally, emotionally as well as sexually.

Express Gratitude Towards the Master

Since your Master will be providing for you from sex to finances, you should thank them from time to time. Be innovative with your expression of gratitude and take initiative as the Slave to keep the spice on. You don’t always have to wait for the master to tell you what to do. Simply take the opportunity to put up a show for your beloved master and thank them for all that they do for you. Be kinky and naughty while you’re at it.

Be Open to Public Slavery

As per your terms and protocols, prepare yourself to keep the Master Slave roleplay active even in public. The Master may ask you to wear certain ownership jewelry when in Public. He can even call you by a specific name that you will have to obey.


It seems like a lot to do when it comes to starting and maintaining a Master Slave role play situation, but don’t worry. If you have the trust and communication you will be able to operate instinctively in character. Just keep in mind the basic bondage safety and rules of the relationship. The Master slave roleplay doesn’t have to be mechanical and rule-bound at all times. Just give in and go with the flow to have the best time out of this setup. Do let us know how your experience was with a Master Slave BDSM roleplay.


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