Anal for Men

Is everyone trying and enjoying anal play except you? From a newly-emerging sex trend to a sex staple, that people find kinky and loves their butt hole getting penetrated in various ways. For men, anal sex is an indispensable main course on the menu, and it makes them tick. But have you ever tried switching sides and play anal for men for an in-depth orgasm?

Anal sex feels great for the receptive partner, in the broadest sense who is penetrating in the butt. But anal for men taking in elicit judgment and responses of shock because it breaches the norms of traditional sex—A vaginal-penis sex society. But it is simply about pleasure, and you need not keep it behind the walls. 

Pleasure for straight men from the backdoor has always been Taboo because men are meant to penetrate things. Straight guy bottoms orgasm might seem a little bit silly and unnatural but it’s a perfect way to tickle a male G-spot. It’s worth a shot. 

Why you, The Normal Guy Should Try Anal Play? 

The Normal Guy Should Try Anal Play

The anal men play feels great! Don’t believe me? This sex act is backed by some legit physiological reason. The area around your anus and rectum is wired with loads of nerve endings, and some of them also end in your penis. This is something that a lot of normal guys are not aware of, you can have an orgasm alone, only by tickling your prostate gland using french ticklers. Anal for men can be intense and you enjoy the intense orgasms when your girlfriend is not around.

Anal play for men is a taboo thing, which will be just like a cherry on the cake and makes it more pleasurable and exciting for you. Exploring something which has a “new” factor is unacceptable and makes it more interesting and exciting. Simply learn how to prepare for anal sex with your partner a few times and you will become a pro after that. And be aware, because you might get addicted to it.

Anal for Men – Does It Means You Are Gay?

If a straight guy wants to try male anal play and enjoys being penetrated, it is believed, he’s gay or unmanly. But we need to normalize it and need come out of this caveman mentality. Enjoying anal sex doesn’t make you gay. Your gender identity is defined by the gender you’re attracted to. Also, there’s no shame if you are bisexual or feel attracted to a boy.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Bottoming?

Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Bottoming

If you’re still on the fence that straight guys should try butt-hole experiments, then here we have outlined some reasons why you should try bottoming. Hello, straight male brothers! Doesn’t matter if you’re normal, straight, and attracted to girls you can still enjoy male anal play and ass play without being guilty about it:

It feels really good and intense

Anal sex is only meant for straight couples and boys! It’s messy and painful intercourse! Anal sex is the dirtiness with sex! These are some of the common myths, but the reality is far away from it.

Sure anal sex can hurt if you directly crash land with speed, and it can be a terrible mood killer for your partner who is taking it in. Anal sex requires a learning curve, which means how you can do safe and pleasurable ass play sessions. Male anal play is not just about lots and lots of lube, there is a hell of lot more things that need to be taken care of.

Pleasurable ass play is not a one-night show, you cannot hit the male G spot in a few moments. You need to take it slow, and you will get better and better with time.

Bottoming is just not about anus penetration

There’s a common myth that bottoming is all about getting your butthole fucked by a penis. But not only by penis, there are various ways you can try and enjoy bottoming. All butts are the same and sensations are the same. If girls can use butt plugs and stimulation toys, and like getting fingered in the ass believe it or not you can also enjoy this. You can also try depth toys, vibrators, and vibrating dildos for solo anal play. Trust me, anal for men is fun.

Assplay lesson is important

Assplay lesson is important

If you’re a straight guy and never go above vaginal-sex boundaries. You need to understand that you cannot treat your ass like a vagina. Lube is your best friend, the vagina has its natural lubricant, but your ass holes are meant to shit and cannot secrets their lubricant. 

Butt learning can intensify your sex hormones 

Learning the anatomy of male anal play will help you understand how can tune in sex pleasures during solo ass play or for your partners during sexual encounters. If you want to ace anal sex, you need to know how it feels. 

Prostate massage can prevent prostate cancer 

Studies have shown that massaging your prostate gland once every month can prevent you from having prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is counted as a primary cause of cancer death found among men across the world. Ass play is a good thing to do, and there’s no harm until you or your partner enjoy it. 

Closing Thoughts 

Open your asses and open yourself to higher realms of sexual stimulation. Anal shouldn’t be painful, if you’re not enjoying it then it’s not for you. It’s totally fine, there are hundreds of sex variations that you can try with your partner. But if you’re excited about it and ready to bang your back door you can try it.

Bonus point—for making sex play more intense, get your partner involved. Ass play feels more exciting when it is performed hands-free and when someone else is performing the act.

Hope you have a good read! We expect that you have discovered something new about your body—a new way to get sexually aroused— your butt hole is one of them, try it and you’ll never regret it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is anal play only for homosexual men?

No, anal play is not exclusive to any sexual orientation. People of all genders and orientations can enjoy anal stimulation. Sexual preferences are diverse, and it’s essential to recognize and respect individual desires.

Q2. Is anal play safe?

When done with care and proper hygiene, anal play can be safe. Use plenty of water-based lubricant, start with smaller objects or fingers, and communicate openly with your partner. It’s crucial to go at a pace that is comfortable for everyone involved.

Q3. Does anal play always involve penetration?

No, anal play encompasses a variety of activities. It can include external stimulation, massaging the area around the anus, or using toys designed for anal play without penetration. Explore what feels right for you and your partner.

Q4. How can I discuss anal play with my partner?

Open communication is key. Choose a comfortable and private setting, express your desires and boundaries, and be receptive to your partner’s feelings. If both parties are willing, start slowly and prioritize each other’s comfort.

Q5. Are there health risks associated with anal play?

When practiced safely, the risks are minimal. However, it’s important to avoid forcing or rushing the process, as this can lead to discomfort or injury. Always use clean hands and toys, and stop any activity if there is pain or discomfort.


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