Electrical play with best tens units

TENS units (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Unit) can be classified as electric sex toys that you can use for erotic stimulation. This kind of device is excellent for unlimited sexual pleasure. However, do you have any idea how to use these best tens units sexual effectively to increase their effectiveness? No? Then don’t worry we are here to guide you on how and where you can use these electric sex toys to increase your sexual pleasures.

If you don’t have any idea regarding the usage of Tens units sexual toys then this piece can provide you with a perfect getaway to knowing these devices. So buckle up as we are going to analyze how to use these devices during sexual intercourse along with their safety protocols.   

How To Use TENS Units

How To Use TENS Units

Generally, the TENS units do the job of providing relief to any kind of muscle pain through a mild electric current. This machine is basically a battery-regulated device that is connected to a pad that can be termed an electrode. As this TENS machine is used for relieving pain in a certain area it can be used in sexual intercourse or BDSM play like tens unit on clitoris for the improvement of your clitoral stimulation.

So you can clearly tell now that these tens units sexual machines can be a good option for you if you are looking for the best hands-free orgasm experience. However, you should also know that setting the vibration intensity can be a crucial step before starting this procedure. Here are the steps to follow to properly use tens units on penis-

  • Firstly you have to put the electrode pad on your tens unit on clit.
  • However, before that, you should lower the setting of your unit as the clitoris area can be quite sensitive. 
  • Now in case you are a male you also can use it by putting the electrodes between the shaft of the tens machine on penis.
  • Before this you also have to be careful as your frenulum and tens units on perineum is also very sensitive.
  • As the electrodes are put on your skin you should shave the areas before putting them on tens unit on vagina. 
  • And always use these devices beforehand on yourself as this can give you a proper idea of whether to try it or not with your partner.   

Tens units for masturbation can be the best way for you to try out hands-free tens unit orgasm as you might not require any partner at all. Here is why this is the best option for your solo play. 

Tens Units Are The Way For You To Get Hands Free Orgasm

Tens Units Are The Way For You To Get Hands Free Orgasm

TENS units can be a great option for you if you are looking for a solo fun time. As it can be an excellent option for your hands-free orgasm. If you are looking for increased pleasure in the sexual stimulation process by yourself then tens units on perineum can be the viable way for you. By putting the electrode pads on the genitals you can easily get the desired pleasure without the requirement of any partner. 

As for the couples as well, you can easily put one side of the electrodes and the other side to tour partner for some shared fun time in electric BDSM. By increasing the vibration you can easily control the intensity of these devices. As it can be an extremely erotic experience for both you and your partner without any kind of touching. You can also use these TENS units while having electric sex with your partner as these electrode pads can easily mimic the sucking of the tens unit on clit or anus like just like clit sucker.

Can The Men Try It On Their Penis?

Can The Men Try It On Their Penis

TENS units are medically cleared for men as this kind of electric stimulation can be really good for their erectile function issues. You just have to put the pad between your scrotum and anus. However, apart from medical needs, you can also use it for your sexual pleasures as well. If you want that incredibly heightened sensation then you should definitely use these tens units sexual machines.  

You also can experiment with these tens units and their placement options. However, some of the best placements are on the testicles, on your frenulum, perineum, or even on the shaft of the tens unit for penis tens. In this way, you can easily achieve stimulation without any kind of anal penetration.  

How The Tens Unit Helps During Orgasm?

How The Tens Unit Helps During Orgasm

Even though it is medically proven that electric stimulation can help in case you have sexual dysfunction as well as muscle or joint pains. One of its main uses of tens units on perineum stimulation is to help you to recharge your orgasm. In the modern age, there is a renewed interest that is shown by all kinds of users in these electric sex toys. The nipple clamp is also used in certain cases to boost the BDSM orgasm pleasure. 

The reason can be directed towards its usage for good vibrations. Now you may ask how this kind of good vibrations can help you in your sexual intercourse. Well, the answer can be that these electric products can provide mild shock waves on the labia as well as your partner’s tens machine on penis. This results in the titillation of your nerve endings within your body. It all depends on the level of intensity as you might feel tingly or receive some kind of throbbing contractions in your muscle. This will eventually lead to your arousal at the speed of the warp. 

Can You Use Tens Units During Electric Play Bdsm?

Now Experience The Hands-Free Orgasm With TENS Unit 

If you are wondering if you can use tens units sexual during electric BDSM play. The simple answer is yes you can. Actually, it is quite simple to integrate within the BDSM play. If you want you can definitely increase the intensity to enhance your pleasures. Or you can put these attachments of the pads in more sensitive places to get a higher amount of pleasure. However, if the intensity is over the limit then it can turn the pleasure into pain. So if you want more kinky pain during a BDSM relationship then TENS can be the perfect sex toy for you.  

In the case of electric BDSM plays there are different kinds of kinks that you can try to try out new adventures. Even though you should definitely try out new devices like sexual handcuffs or other like sex restraints which have been used by more than 52% of respondents to spice up your BDSM play, you should definitely draw a line in extensive usage of tens units on perineum. As mentioned earlier TENS units are electric sexual toys that are used for increased sensual pleasures. With these electric mild shock waves, you can easily increase your erotic pleasures. 

However, most electric BDSM perverts have started using this device and BDSM collar excessively for their sexual pleasures. The other kind of device that has been constantly used by pervs while engaging in BDSM activities is the usage of the ball gag. Along with this due to the absence of adjustable pads, this device can be very limited in its usage within BDSM play. 

The overall safety of this device is also something you have to know about before starting to use it in your electric BDSM play. Even though it is not as strong as a stun gun and can not be used to electrocute someone. Then also you should definitely check it out yourself before starting to use it with your partners.    

Is It Safe To Use Tens Units For Bdsm?

Is It Safe To Use Tens Units For Bdsm

In most cases, the tens units on perineum can be used. However, you should definitely know certain boundaries you can not cross with this device. Here are some of the cases where you should not use a TENS unit 

Safety Tips

  • You can not use these tens unit sexual with your partner if that person has a pacemaker.
  • If you have heart issues then also you should stay away from these TENS units.
  • If you are pregnant also you can not use these devices.
  • You definitely should try to keep these devices away from your heads, necks, and hearts.  
  • In case you have a medical implant then also you should not use these TENS devices. 

Other than these situations or complications you are ok to use these devices to supercharge your sexual desires. 

The Level Of Sensations You Can Feel After Using Tens Devices

The Level Of Sensations You Can Feel After Using Tens Devices

You can use the tens units sexual devices for your sexual stimulation. All you have to do is to put the electrode pads on the correct areas as through this process you can really enjoy deeper pleasures than any other kinds of sex toys. You also have the option to set the perfect intensity rate of these devices as they can range from a low tingling to higher muscle contractions.

The electrodes here do the main work as they can easily stimulate nerves which in turn can arouse your sexual sensations. This entire process also lets your body extract endorphins at the moment of the electrosex scene. This results in the upgradation of a normal orgasm to an awesome orgasm. Various sex experts in this case also recommend a sex position wedge for better depth and orgasm. 

The level of sensations you can feel while using these tens units sexual can be termed as throbbing, buzzing, rhythmic suckling. The sensation that can be derived from these devices is pretty similar to that of a dildo vibrator. However, the tens units on perineum can give you a much deeper level of pleasure on that front. One of the main benefits you can have while using TENS units is that you can control the vibration intensity from a constant buzz to a slow rhythm. Most of the users in this case use the lower vibrations of intensity to enjoy immensely erotic sex.      

Potential Risks of Using TENS Unit for BDSM play

Potential Risks of Using TENS Unit for BDSM play

Even though in most cases TENS Units can be pretty safe for use in BDSM play there are some side effects that you need to be aware of. For some people, it might cause after-effects like 

  • If you are anyway allergic to pads then it might cause some skin problems.
  • In case you are not careful your skin might become red and itchy.
  • Using these TENS Units regularly might bring different kinds of issues for allergic people.
  • In this case, you can use special pads to avoid these issues.
  • If you are pregnant then also you should stay away from these TENS Units.

Other than these instances there are no potential risks in using these TENS Units. So much so that it can be classified as quite a safe procedure without any side effects. 


If you want unprecedented penetrating sensations then there are no other sex toys or devices that can compete with the TENS unit. On the other hand, if you want a better climax in your sexual routines then there is no competition to these TENS devices. And if you want solo playtime then you can definitely use both channels of these electrode pads. In this case, you can easily use one electrode pad on one side of your clitoris. As this process enables it to mimic a sucking process which can give you boosted sensual pleasure. You also do have the option to turn up the intensity of the electric pulse. As it can range from a fast heartbeat to a slow rhythmic pace. So to wrap it up if you want to get some of the most intense orgasms then these TENS units can give you that.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does the tens unit do?

Ans. TENS unit which is an acronym for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation was originally meant for medical purposes to give relief to muscle and nerve pain. However gradually people found out about its usefulness during sexual intercourse or even solo sex play. You can put these electro pads on your genitals to increase your sexual pleasure. 

Q2. How to use a tens unit for sex?

Ans. Firstly you should place the electrode pads on your preferable sensitive areas like your clitoris or on the shaft of the tens unit for penis. And then test out the lower vibrations first before adjusting it. In this way, you can definitely spice up your sexual routines. 

Q3. Where to put tens unit pads for sex?

Ans. In case you want to enjoy a boosted orgasm you will first need to place the tens unit pads on the correct sensitive areas. For the desired result you can put these pads on either your clitoris, the shaft of your tens unit for penis, the frenulum, or the perineum. However, you should also note that before putting these pads on you should lower the intensity of the vibration and shave your preferred area. 

Q4. Where to place a tens unit on the spine to make a woman orgasm?

Ans. There is one place right above your tailbone where there is a triangular pelvic bone. This area is found to be a very sensitive place for women as just even rubbing it can be sexually aroused. So you can definitely put the TENS unit in that area of the body as women have a pretty high range of sensitivity on that part of their body.


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