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If you think that BDSM play is all about ropes, cuffs, and hunters, then you have just seen the tip of an iceberg! BDSM is a vast ocean and there’s always something new sexeccories that you can try in your BDSM tool kit. From doctor and patient roles to caregiving daddy and brat princess in age play, the BDSM menu has an endless variety that you can taste and enjoy with your partner. But do you know what completes BDSM play? Sex toys are the chemical X of BDSM play, without it, BDSM is just like another monotonous sex. 

If you’re a veteran in BDSM moves or just getting started, it doesn’t matter which boat you’re sailing. There’s always room to learn something new about BDSM sex play, and today’s menu is a BDSM sexual Spreader bars. Curious, and want to give it a try? If you’re getting all wet to try a BDSM spreader bar then you have just landed in the right direction. Let’s learn more about bondage Spreader bars, and how you can experiment with some kinky spreader bar BDSM positions. 

What Is A Spreader Bar?

What Is A Spreader Bar

A spreader bar is a type of BDSM tool that is mainly used to completely spread and hold a submissive partner’s legs or arms wide open entirely. A spreader bar is mostly made of metal, wood, or plastic. Some spread bars have detachable points and cuffs on both ends such as sexual handcuffs. Also, some spreader bars have multiple attachment points for easy bondage play. In BDSM sex play, a dom partner restraint bondage’s ankles, arms, and legs by locking them on both ends of the spread bar with ropes and cuffs, just like rope play.

If you want to make your Bondage & BDSM play fifty shades darker, then spread bar bondage play is something that you should try to end your day on a good note. Not only for partner sex, but you can also play self-bondage easily with spreader bars. 

Spreader Bars Can Be Your Kinky Friend

Spreader Bars Can Be Your Kinky Friend

Why do people love playing bondage with spreader bars? Well, this question seems a no-brainer because it feels great! People love getting bondage in different unique positions and using spread bars to get their job done. 

Studies have shown that 55 percent of women like getting dominated in bed, and if you’re one in the queue then spread bars is your match made in heaven. During the performance, the giver can feel deeper and easy penetration, and the receiver can focus and enjoy all of the pleasure they’re receiving. 

With spreader bars, you can easily play cunnilingus without getting your head squished between your thighs, just lay back restrained and enjoy all your sensation at your bottom. 

Types Of Spreader Bars That You Can Try

Now that you’re interested in adding spread bars to your sex tool kit, the next question is where you can get the right one. Here we have listed some of the best-known sexual spreader bar collections that you can buy. 


1. Sportsheets Spreader Bar with Cuffs


Sportsheets Spreader Bar with Cuffs

Supported with four velcro cuffs and neoprene cuffs at both ends of the spreader bar- perfect for trying multiple positions in your bedroom BDSM play. Now take your BDSM to the next level with this extremely durable and comfortable Sportsheets Spreader Bar with Cuffs. Each cuff is adjustable, making it extremely suitable for all levels. It is one of the best versions of sexual handcuffs present.


  • Fastening: Velcro
  • Easy to use for self-bondage
  • Adjustable attachments
  • Super strong 
  • Absolutely nothing!


2. Bondage Boutique Black Rose 20-inch Spreader Bar


Now let your partner spread out your area 69 with unhindered access that you can have with Bondage Boutique Black Rose 20-inch sexual spreader bar. The word of the day is V, and let your legs spread the word in a V shape similar to Ankle cuffs. If you want to take your bondage to the next level then try- Bondage Boutique Black Rose 20-inch Spreader Bar that ensures total comfort and adjustability. Now unlock your 50 shades kink with this amazing spread bar. 

Bondage Boutique Black Rose 20-inch Spreader Bar


  • Latex-free and skin-friendly
  • Faux fur 
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Connections can be a bit hard to manage


3. DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set


DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set

Doing bondage complex positions has never been so easy! If you want to experiment with different bondage positions with no strains then this spread bar can be your sex buddy. It comes with super strong and adjustable 4 cuffs which will help you to spread your lover’s legs easily for action! Perfect for domination play at all levels, its adjustable cuffs make bondage easy to go for someone who’s just getting started. 

Simply separate the 2 sections and fasten one around the top of your mattress, and the other around the bottom by lifting each end in turn. The easy-to-use pull straps enable you to adjust the overall size to fit your bed perfectly.


  • Latex-free and body safe
  • Contains nickel
  • Made of strong leather
  • Easy to unhook coughs
  • Wish they had more ability to tighten


4. Bondage Boutique Expandable Sexual Spreader Bar


If you take BDSM seriously then here’s a heavy-duty spread bar that you can try to make your BDSM moves more intense and sexy. This super-strong spread bar comes in 3 sections for easy locking and adjustable hooks. Rotatable rings give more flexibility to the wearer. Easily compatible with different cuffs so you can easily customize your play. 

Bondage Boutique Expandable Sexual Spreader Bar


  • Free of toxins and safe for bare skin
  • Made of strong metal 
  • Lightweight 
  • Enough length of 34 inches
  • Might be a bit expensive


Here Are 3 Creative Sexy Ideas You Can Try With Spread Bars

Sexy Ideas You Can Try With Spread Bars

If you have tried and tested every BDSM play sex toys from BDSM clamps to  sex slings with your partner, and still digging for more then you can try spread bars in three different ways! Can’t wait to get the most out of just a normal-looking spread bar? Get ready with a pen and a notepad to pen down these 3 amazing spreader bar positions that you can try- 

  • The Stand and deliver in which the receiver’s legs are cuffed into the bar and he/she bends over a table/bench or sofa for support. The spread bar will keep both legs separated making strokes easy from behind.
  • Doggy, In doggy position, the receiver will keep their leg in their body which will make their ankles near their butt. With a spreading bar, you can keep your partner easily restrained in one position. 
  • The Air legs missionary, in which the receiver is lying on their back and raises their both legs in the air. The giver hitting strokes can use the spread bar to keep the legs separated in a V shape. Use a cushion under the bottom to make this position more comfortable. 

Closing Thoughts 

There you have it! Now you have the top 4 spreader bars that you can pop in around your dick. These spreader bars are hand-picked and can intensify your sex game. If you are looking for harder and more long-lasting BDSM play then spreader bars are a match made in heaven for you! Once you buy it, trust us, your sex life will be enhanced even more. Don’t believe us? Give it a try yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a spreader bar, and what is its purpose in BDSM play?

A spreader bar is a bondage device consisting of a rigid bar with cuffs or attachment points at each end. Its purpose in BDSM play is to restrict the movement of a person’s limbs, usually the wrists or ankles, by securing them to the ends of the bar. This creates a spread or exposed position, enhancing restraint and control during BDSM activities such as sex restraints.

Q2. Are spreader bars safe to use, and what precautions should be taken during use?

When used correctly and with caution, spreader bars are generally safe. However, it’s crucial to communicate openly with all parties involved, ensure the person restrained is comfortable, and regularly monitor their well-being. Never leave someone unattended while restrained, and have a safety plan in place, including quick-release mechanisms or safe words to stop the activity if needed.

Q3. Can spreader bars be adjusted for different lengths or sizes?

Yes, many spreader bars are adjustable, allowing for variations in length to accommodate different body sizes or preferences. Some bars have telescopic or detachable components, making them versatile and customizable based on the individual’s requirements.

Q4. Are there different types of spreader bars available, and what are their variations?

Yes, there are various types of spreader bars, including fixed-length, adjustable, and detachable spreader bars. Fixed-length bars have a set length, adjustable ones can be lengthened or shortened, and detachable bars have segments that can be removed or added to achieve the desired length.


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