Domination games in bed

If you mention domination games to the vanilla republic, I always think they will give you a definitive idea of what the term entails. Games in bed are somehow always a scenario of imagination involving a rueful murder. Sex games in bed are always about pleasure. I wonder how hard it must be for them to fathom. When we talk about games to play in bed, we don’t plan on killing each other off. Kinks are fun. If you have indulged long enough, you will know. If you’re new, I’m writing this article, maybe especially for you. Spoiler alert: domination games don’t always include knife play to start with. 

Creativity is the Key to Desire

Games in bed are not a stringent process. Domination games have a lot to do with creativity. Creativity in terms of where the desire must lead you. So, this is a list of sex games in bed, and you can turn the heat up higher. 

Read on. I am hoping you will take the dominance game to newer degrees of creativity and then share with us all those ideas. 

Domination Games to Play in Bed

Domination Games to Play in Bed

Linguistics is a great tool of sexy couple foreplay — consider the start of a dominance game as the same as building something. The start, therefore, is important in how you go ahead. There are a variety of ways you can bring words into play. Language doesn’t need to be restricted only to sex games in bed. A playful sir or ma’am is obviously ever-present. You can create an inner lingo or a change in your tone. Thematic prowess will always occur when your partner is equally participating in the game. A good inner lingo makes the domination game all the more playful. 

Toss the Dice

Once I started exploring in the fiesta of domination, one thing I did was follow the path of exploration and exploration. Not only did we investigate the rules and variations of what we wanted to play, but we also investigated our own bodies. This is common science.

Toss the Dice

We have many erogenous zones in our bodies. Games in bed help us in that facet, almost to know ourselves and definitely our desires better. A simple use of erotic dice will help you build not only lust but also, I assure you, better communication with your partner.

Now it’s Time for that Blindfold

We have all watched Fifty Shades of Grey, right? The whole population in love with Domination Game went madly in love with the film. What a bad film, though. Did you like it? For your games to be played in bed, we don’t have to use BDSM ball gags from the very beginning. A simple tying of the eyes with a tie or similar piece of narrow clothing works just as well.

Use that Ice Cube in your Freezer For

The point of this article, I am trying to tell you, is that you can play a whole host of dominance games with the simple items available to you. Imagine a scenario where your partner has their eyes blindfolded. You have control. Temperature play will notch up the degrees of your games in bed by a considerable number here. Ice play or the dripping of candle wax are great accessories for every game in bed. Don’t use that candle every day though. There are candles made especially for games to play in bed.

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Tease Them

Tease Them

For many of us, the idea of bondage, or submission, is a great turn on. Turn it on, not only for the act of submission but for the aspect of trust that tags along. Trust is the most important component of a dominance game. Much of the advancements in your bed games have already been received or consented to by this point. The time to tease is now; a simple light running of the fingers or using your finger nails. You know what I am talking about, right? The person blindfolded will probably go into a frenzy.

Now use Kitchen Accessories

Hear me out, dominance games and spanking are two jolly loving ones, one with the other, right? Like I wrote about previously, it is dependent on your comfort with your partner. A wooden spoon can be just as useful as any other accessory for sex games in bed. In fact, I am aware of many who have used the method. They are fun, easy to use and would pose no threat to beginners of domination games.

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Create a Game of Reward and Punishment

Domination game does not eventually remain to the walls of games in bed. Every simple everyday scenario can be included. The chores certainly become more interesting. You can simply order your partner to take out the trash or wash the dishes. If they do, their role in games to play in bed becomes rewarding, if they don’t blindfold them and run that ice cube all over without giving in.

The World is a Stage, and we are all Actors

The establishment of the submissive and dominant in the domination game leads to more areas of creativity. Yes, you can take turns too, being submissive and dominant. Play different kinds of scenarios, invent them, take help out of playbooks. Ask your partner what they prefer. They are a wonderful way to add layers to sex games in bed, eventually.

After Care

Domination games without involving the hardcore aspects that are commonly prevalent can be equally fun. Remember, though, that after care is always to be maintained, no matter the extent of your games in bed. Explore every aspect of game play, but with aftercare on your side and the partner’s consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can domination games benefit a relationship?

Domination games can enhance communication, trust, and intimacy by providing a structured way for partners to express desires, boundaries, and fantasies. When approached with open communication and consent, these activities can strengthen the emotional connection between partners.

Q2. Are domination games always sexual in nature?

Not necessarily. While some domination games may have a sexual component, others focus more on power dynamics and control within the relationship. The key is open communication to ensure both partners are comfortable with the chosen activities.

Q3. How can couples ensure consent and boundaries are respected during domination games?

Establishing clear communication and consent before engaging in any domination games is crucial. Partners should openly discuss their boundaries, establish safe words, and have a mutual understanding of each other’s comfort levels. Consistent check-ins during and after activities are essential.

Q4. Can domination games be a form of therapy or stress relief for couples?

For some couples, engaging in domination games can be a way to release stress, explore fantasies, and strengthen their emotional connection. However, it’s important to approach such activities with respect, trust, and a deep understanding of each other’s needs and limits.

Q5. What are some common domination games or scenarios that couples may explore?

Common domination games include role-playing scenarios, bondage, and consensual power exchange. It’s essential for partners to communicate openly about their desires and limits, ensuring that both individuals feel safe and respected throughout the experience.


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