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Red roses, chocolate boxes, and fancy candlelight dinners? Are these your go-to plans for this Valentine’s season? Well, that’s not bad, but how about adding the chemical X: Sex? Create your hundreds of shades of grey with some sensual and erotic couple games that will set your cupids on fire!

A bottle of red wine, a handful of chocolates, and a couple of card games are all you need to shake things up and go dirty this Valentine’s Day.

Regular sex can be boring at times, especially for married couples following the same routine pattern. But it’s time to summon your wild cats and lusty cupids with these sexy games for couples that will not only give you the best foreplay but also let you penetrate longer and deeper into each other.

Why You Should Add Couple Sex Games To Your V-Day Menu?

Why You Should Add Couple Sex Games To Your V-Day Menu

Sexy games for a couple may sound ridiculous and tacky if you’re newly married or a first-timer, but trust me it’s a perfect way to spiritually arouse the kinky sexual fantasies you’ve dreamed of experimenting with your partner. There’s no need to overthink it — sexual games for couples are pretty much normal like anything. It’s a consensual, fun, and safe way to have a good time with your partner. Having planned yet unpredictable sex is a perfect gift that will cave you both this Valentine, and you’ll have the long, fun, and best sex of your life.

Sexual games are not just about firing your Valentine’s season with your mate, those kinky fantasies can do a lot of good things for your relationship with your partner.

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It’s science! studies have shown that performing sex board games activities can combat depression and tension between couples, and also improves physical and mental health. Win-win situation, right?

Things To Remember Before You Set In For A Sexual Rollercoaster

Before you set your bedroom on fire, here we have listed a few things that you should remember for an uninterrupted romantic evening-

  • Tune in to a sexy instrumental playlist
  • For couple drinking games, avoid hard drinks if your partner has a low capacity
  • Always keep your favorite lubricant handy
  • Couple sex games and sex toys are the stars of the night
  • Find a nice noise-free space, anything away from plains and cities
  • Always use condoms, don’t pull out

Best Sexual Games That You Can Try With Your Bae

Best Sexual Games That You Can Try With Your Bae

Now that you’re all set for your sexual adventures, try these steamy sexy games for couples. Here we have listed the best couple sex games that will give you the best sex of your life:

1. Kinky Truth and Dare

Ditch those common candle night dinners and Netflix chill this Valentine’s, and make kinky confessions with Kinky truth-and-dare couple sex games. This game features 100 racy prompts with almost 50 double-sided situation sticks, such as “What is your favorite sex position?” or “Choose any adult movie to watch together.” These thrilling and seductive commands will surely make your bae go wet this valentine’s day.

2. Sex Fortunes Couple Card Games

May the universe spiritually arouse your every sexual fantasy that you dreamed of performing with your partner. These mysterious sex positions tarot cards will help your partner to predict tonight’s sexual positions. Isn’t that exciting that you have planned an erotic sex night, and still don’t know what’s coming for you?

3. Oral Fun Board Game

Oral is a fun part of sexual encounters. For all the couples hungry for oral sex out there, this can be the best way to have blown-out oral sex encounters in every way imaginable! Just answer simple questions and perform oral acts. This is not just it, the game has so much to experience, such as your summer 69! If you have planned your V-day with someone for the first time, this game will let you know if he/she’s a keeper. If your partner takes oral seriously and is ready to take it to another level.

4. Naughty But Dice

From 96 erotic foreplay to 24 unique sexual positions, the Naughty But Dice is a perfect way to make love in a fun way with your partner. The game offers pictures of unique love dice positions with explanatory booklets that will help you to practice it safely.

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Why should you dice it up?

The game comes with

  • 24 unique sexual positions
  • 96 erotic foreplay
  • 10 bonus positions
  • Explanatory booklet
  • Comes in discreet but beautiful packaging

5. Sexy Scavenger Hunt

If you’re a pro at solving riddles and treasure hunts, how about taking this up to make your bedroom encounters more fun and erotic with your partner? Sexy scavenger hunt sex games for couples will surely get you sweet and your heart racing!

You need to set a timer for 5 to 10 minutes while you and your partner run around the house to look for everyday objects that can get you turned on, such as a wooden spoon, chocolate syrup, massager, oil, etc. The one who finds the most, in the end, will be the winner! A winner gets a chance to decide on a pleasure — Oral or other different sex positions that you dreamed of trying with your partner.

These are some of the best valentine’s games for couples. There are tons of other interesting sex games that you can try as you start gearing progressively.

Closing Thoughts

Experimenting with different valentine’s couple games can fire up your dark cave and empty sex life. Try these amazing sexy games for couples and you will step out of your bed for hours! Sex games can do wonders for your relationship with your companion. Now enjoy these amazing sex games and enjoy your deepest fantasies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What types of couple games are ideal for Valentine’s Day?

Opt for games that encourage intimacy and connection, such as board games designed for two, romantic scavenger hunts, or interactive digital games that promote collaboration and communication.

Q2. Are there any classic board games suitable for Valentine’s Day?

Absolutely! Classics like “The Newlywed Game,” “Twister,” and “Scrabble” can be adapted for a romantic twist. Consider creating personalized rules to infuse a Valentine’s Day theme into these timeless games.

Q3. Can virtual games be enjoyed for a virtual Valentine’s Day celebration?

Yes, virtual games are a great option! Explore online multiplayer games, virtual escape rooms, or even video call-friendly games that allow you to connect and have fun together, even if you’re physically apart.

Q4. How can we ensure that the chosen sex games are comfortable for both partners?

Prioritize open communication and consent. Before playing, discuss boundaries, preferences, and comfort levels with your partner to ensure that the chosen games enhance intimacy without causing discomfort.

Q5. Are there any sex games suitable for couples who are new to this experience?

Absolutely. Start with games that focus on communication and connection rather than explicit activities. Games like “Love Language Card Game” or “Intimacy Deck” provide a gentle introduction to the world of intimate games.


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