In case you think that kinky partners do stay in a BDSM relationship for only a particular moment, then you are wrong. It is true that you can stay in BDSM relationships 24/7 and 365 days a year. This can be a unique relationship with different sets of rules and protocols. However, if you think that the submissive spends all year naked kneeling down waiting for commands from their dominant partner, then you are wrong. Any kind of Dominant and Submissive relationship is pretty unusual for common folks. 

If you put the 24/7 rule on top of this then it will become even rarer. So whatever you will probably hear about it can be pretty misleading. 24/7 BDSM relationships can be quite an intense type of dynamic between the dominant and submissive. However, that does not mean that you have to do this roleplay the whole day.  In this case, the Submissive will do their daily routines when their dominant partner is working within office hours. Within the tiffin hours, you can definitely chit-chat with him as this also can be included in the 24/7 BDSM activities. 

After he comes back home, you can resume your quality time with your dominant partner. So it is pretty clear that 24 hour BDSM activity does not carry on for the entire day as you will need your working hours as well. However, if you can follow the correct rules of 24/7 BDSM, as we will discuss here, you can definitely intensify your relationship with your partner.     

What Do You Mean by Total Power Exchange in BDSM Relationships?

Laying the BDSM Rules for TPE

Total power exchange BDSM is a specific term that has been used within BDSM communities a lot but do you know what it is? And how does it help to heat up your passion for your BDSM partner? Or why has it become so appealing to all BDSM couples?

Simply Total Power Exchange can be specified as a type of dynamic you can have within your 24 hour BDSM relationship whereas a dominant partner can get more control over your submissive partner. Its difference from a normal BDSM relationship mainly lies in the fact that this kind of control can be spread beyond your bedrooms or dungeons. In this term, the word Total can be meant for more overreaching control you can have as a dominant partner in every aspect of your submissive partner’s lifecycle with or without any requirement of accessories like pocket pussy.  

So it is clear that this kind of handling of complete control is not possible for most couples. It can only be initiated if you are relaxed as this kind of dynamic can only be initiated during certain weekends or play sessions.      

Now if you are wondering about the total power exchange BDSM Protocols and their differences from the normal protocols then obviously there are some similarities. In this regard, you also can discuss your soft and hard limits with your partner. However, there are some basic differences, like the submissive here will give up their control for a particular duration to the dominant partner.

In this regard, you do need to know about the correct protocols for TPE BDSM dynamics so that you can succeed in this form of lifestyle. Here are some of these.

Protocols You Need to Keep Track of for Perfect Dynamic in TPE  

BDSM Rules & Regulations in TPE

In case you want to know about the ways to perfectly build up your TPE BDSM dynamic with your partner, then you might require a basic understanding of the essential protocols to maintain this form of 24 hour BDSM dynamic. These protocols can guide you in every front of your dynamic with your partner whether it is how you want to speak to your submissive partner to when your submissive companion can take a bath. There are three types of protocols you can try out in these TPE BDSM dynamics.

High Protocol

This high protocol BDSM can be quite formal and intense. Various intense activities can be initiated at this level like kneeling down as a slave and honorifics. You can get a slave/ master dynamic at this level with Ben Wa Balls whereas a slave can only speak out in the third person. In this case, you have to kneel down in front of your masters for power play BDSM.   

Low Protocol

Now, in case you are wondering what happens when you and your partner are in an office space or in a public meeting? Obviously you will not use Silicon lubes in front of everyone. Well, in this regard, as a couple, you both can use the low protocol in 24/7 power exchange to avoid any uncomfortable situation. Here you can use different sorts of pet names to maintain the power exchange. 

Relaxed Protocol

If you and your partner are in a homely environment within 24/7 bondage, then also you might require a different kind of protocol. Here, relaxed protocol can be used for daily interactions between the couple. You can also behave without any kind of formality in this case. In this regard, any master can ask for different kinds of inputs in a relaxed way.   

Type of Protocols to Manage in 24/7 BDSM Relationships

Now, in terms of 24/7 BDSM relationships, there are certain BDSM protocols you need to know to spice up your TPE dynamic. Is there any difference between the partners who are living with these TPE BDSM dynamics in their day-to-day lives? Well, the answer is that it differs greatly from couple to couple. In some 24/7 BDSM TPE dynamics, some Masters will make every kind of decision for their Slaves. Whereas in other cases, some Masters might give the decision-making power to their Slaves as they might make better decisions. Here are some of the types of protocols which can play a huge part in your 24/7 BDSM TPE BDSM dynamic. 

Bathroom Control

In this 24/7 bondage, as a dominant partner, you can supervise your slave for the usage of a bathroom. In this case, the slave can ask for your permission to use the bathroom. They also have to ask for permission to wear diapers. You can also use various accessories like a Glass Butt Plug.  

Orgasm Control

In this high protocol BDSM, as a Master, you can decide when your slave can take part in sexual activities like masturbation. You can also ask your slave to have orgasms in a specific period of time. With this rule, you can also engage in some sort of denial games with your slaves for orgasm. 


As a Master or a Mistress, you can also ask your slaves to wear collars as this certifies your ownership of them. You can award the collar to your slave in a ceremony privately as well as in presence of other 24/7 power exchange participants. In some cases, you can also use jewelry or other accessories or some custom-made collars to signify the name of the master. 


In these 24/7 bondage situations, you as a Master or Mistress can order your slave to take a particular position whenever you enter a room or use a Spanking Paddle. You can also order the slaves to kneel down before you. 


In this type of dynamic, the Master or Mistress can decide or dictate what will be the prioritized work that should be given time in regard to the slaves. In this case, you as a Master can decide how the slave can use her Sex Sling at a particular time.

House Rules You can Follow within Your 24-Hour BDSM Relationship

House Rules You can Follow within Your 24-Hour BDSM Relationship

If you are into 24/7 BDSM activities, setting house rules BDSM can be a really fun exercise for you. All these kinds of rules can range from sexual to assistive tendency. In case you want to spice up your homely BDSM experiences, then certain specified house roles can definitely help. These rules can be initiated for both the dominant and submissive which is to be obeyed. 

Now, if you are wondering who will be responsible for the creation of these rules, it will be the dominant partner who will initiate these for the new submissive one. However, in some other cases, both the dominant and the submissive can create it together. Now as a submissive roleplay, you can definitely take a look at these house rules for a better 24-hour BDSM relationship.

  • As a submissive roleplayer, you can definitely put your collars on. Unless you go outside of the house or go to bed you can put it on. 
  • As a Master or a Mistress, you can order a drink from your submissive partner.
  • As a submissive one, you should always ask for permission from the Master or Mistress.
  • The submissive should always ask for permission as well to use the toilet.    
  • You also can not go outside of the house without the permission of the Master of the house according to this BDSM sub rules. 
  • If you are a submissive partner, you will also need to verify from your Master whether you can go to bed or sleep.
  • In some cases, as a submissive, you should definitely strip down when you enter the house.
  • If you are going to the bed you should also remove all of your clothes as a submissive roleplayer.

What is Bathroom Control within BDSM Relationships?

Bathroom Control within BDSM Relationships

Among all the unusual kinks BDSM bathroom control can also be termed as another type of dynamic within 24/7 BDSM relationships. In this case, the dominant partner will order their submissive companions not to go to the bathroom to urinate or use a Bullet Vibrator. With this complete controlling process, the Master of the house can order the submissive to surrender themselves. 

If the submissive partner does not obey this order then there can be punishments handed out to them by their dominant companion. In some cases, you can also use several sex toys for beginners or experts for this kind of BDSM kink. So in case you are playing a dominant partner with a companion with sex toys, you should be careful with your restrictions. You can infect your submissive if you take this roleplaying game too far.     

24-Hour BDSM Dominant Partner Rules

24-Hour BDSM Dominant Partner Rules

In case you are in a TPE BDSM relationship 24/7, then here are some effective rules that you can follow to spice up your sex life. 

  • As a Dominant partner, you can always order your submissive partner to call you Sir according to these BDSM dom rules. 
  • You as the Master can also order your submissive partners to kneel at the side of your bed. This kind of power can be quite sensual as a dom.
  • Apart from these as a Dom, you should always be good-natured.
  • In this regard as a Dom, you should always know whether your sub-partner is in a proper frame of mind or not. 
  • Within a 24-hour TPE BDSM relationship, it is very important for you as a Dom you should always maintain your Sub’s positivity unless he or she is a bratty Sub. 
  • Now in terms of bratty Subs as a Dom, you can get a lot wilder with your activity like saying degrading things or the usage of Nipple Clamps

With the following of these rules as a Dom partner, you and your Sub can get a good sense of fun and adventure from your 24/7 BDSM activities.     

Types of Rules You Need to Follow as 24 Hour BDSM Master

Types of Rules You Need to Follow as 24 Hour BDSM Master

If you are following certain 24-hour TPE BDSM activities then it is extremely vital for both the Dom/Master and Sub/Servant partners to follow specific rules. 

  • As a Master of the relationship, you should have a contract in which you can specify your Servant’s/Sub’s roles and duties.  
  • You can definitely put a collar around the neck of your servant to show her ownership according to the BDSM master rules.
  • As it will be a consensual relationship, you can order your Sub not to lie to you at any cost.
  • You can also order her to get in your bed as without your permission she or he can not go to bed. 
  • You can order your own specific food for your servant/Sub. 
  • Your Sub should not be able to get an orgasm without your permission. 

These specific rules can be implied if you want to re-energize your 24/7 TPE BDSM relationship. However, as a Dom partner, you should also know about the consent of your partner before starting this relationship. In this regard, the safety measures of your Sub partner will be in your hand. So you have to maintain certain boundaries in some cases as it might harm your partner.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it up it can be said that TPE BDSM relationships can be quite unusual and weird if you are not familiar with its rules and protocols. It is very important for you to trust your partner in this case as it can be quite emotionally toxic after a point. So it is quite essential for you to learn about the intricate details of this relationship. 

So, reading the contract before starting out your journey in this is a must. With the proper following of the protocols, you can definitely have some kinky 24/7 BDSM fun with your partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is 24 hour BDSM?

24/7 BDSM relationships can be termed as a more intense type of TPE BDSM relationship that can be a long-term process. Through this kind of relationship, you can take the role of a slave who is emotionally bound by a Master. Firstly you have to go through a specified contract where you can agree upon the limits you can cross with your partner.   

2. What are the protocols for 24/7 BDSM activities?

Within any 24/7 BDSM relationship, the Master/Slave dynamic will have different sorts of protocols that they have to maintain to spice up their sex lives. Some of these are BDSM collars, financial control, bathroom control, break-up control, orgasm control, and appearance. In most cases, the Slaves are bound to obey these rules and protocols from their Masters. 

3. What is 24/7 total power exchange?

Total Power Exchange is a specific term of a BDSM relationship that signifies more power given to the Master or a Dominant partner. Through this TPE BDSM process, the Dominant partner in a BDSM relationship can get more control over the Submissive one. Also, this power can get out of their bedrooms as well as it is used 24/7.

4. What are the dom/sub rules for 24/7 BDSM relationships?

Just like any other BDSM relationship, the 24/7 Power Exchange also does have a set of Dom/Sub rules. Some of these rules can be that as a Sub you can not drink water without the permission of your Master. The masters also have to control their Sub’s orgasms, sleep time, and so on.  


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