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In the Sexual fetish and preference world, there is a huge buzz around butts in general. While some are more into the breasts, others find butts much more potent at exuding pleasure. This does prove that butts are one of the high ranking erogenous zones in the human body so they are included during foreplay, sex, BDSM, or any other kind of sexual experience as well. Yes, some people love Sexual spanking and there is nothing to hide about it. With so much trust put in butts to give pleasure, there is a large section of people who deeply fetishize them in the sense that there are so many men and women that like to be spanked in bed, by their partners, or even rimmed. 

In this article, we will be discussing the root causes of the buzz around Sexual Spanking in particular and why people seem to enjoy this popularly ‘bizarre’ form of fetish in BDSM.

What is Sexual Spanking?

Sexual Spanking is defined as a sadomasochistic activity, a part of BDSM Play, where one partner derives pleasure from receiving tight slaps and swats on their butt during sexual play while the other partner finds pleasure in giving it. It is basically pleasure drawn from the pain that is caused by spanking. There are various variations in Sexual spanking like gentle spanking for fun during sex or wild and raunchy sexual spanking with hands, spanking paddles or whips, etc. The intensity is more of a personal preference in this case.

What is Sexual Spanking

Some very important basic factors that one should consider when spanking is to be mindful of the consent of the partner, respect their boundaries, etc. Apart from that, the Spanker must distribute the Spanks well in order to give maximum satisfaction and the least painful injuries. In any case, aftercare of the spankee, as well as their butt, is very important. Cuddle and talk to your partner to bring them back to normalcy after the wild Sexual Spanking. Try to apply an icepack on the play area to restrain injuries or bruises.

Why do people Enjoy Sexual Spanking?

Why do people Enjoy Sexual Spanking

It can be strange to think how or why well-educated and mature people consent to someone else hitting their butts right left and center making them turn blue and derive sexual pleasure from it. There can be various reasons behind someone enjoying Sexual Spanking or there can be no reason at all, as well. Let’s try to understand what the possible reasons could be.

Physiological Reasons

Physiological Reasons

If you really want to find scientific backing for sexual Spanking as a fetish, there is one. The human butt is a fleshy concentration of nerve endings all across the area. As we know, nerve endings when stimulated, cause a tingling pleasure sensation in our body, Sexual Spanking does the job and provides ecstasy when played with. Apart from that, any sexual connotation to an activity like Sexual Spanking makes you feel good when there is a heavy dopamine release in the body which regulates this feeling. When a first spank initiates this release, a dopamine cycle sets in asking for more and more. This is how Sexual Spanking becomes a whole long activity that people like to indulge in for pleasure.

Psychological Reasons

Moving to a more Psychoanalytic approach to get to the roots of Sexual Spanking as a fetish, some argue that a lot of it comes from childhood traumas and experiences. The Freudian approach to Sexual Spanking arises from the fact that there are a lot of people who were spanked in their childhood as a punishment. And it is not gentle spanking but some wild scarring Spanking. This feeling of punishment, humiliation, and an overall prohibition is what builds up as trauma over the years. It develops a sexual need when these individuals grow up. This is how they find a sadomasochistic expression in Spanking. 

Psychological Reasons

It is also possible that these people developed control issues because of all the punishment in their childhood. Or the act of Sexual Spanking allows them to place all their trust in the Spanker and lose control for some time. This acts as a respite from reality in addition to the Sexual stimulation. 

Kink Preference

Kink Preference

Stripping off any metaphorical or symbolic meaning from Sexual Spanking, our next argument is that it is simply a kink that people enjoy. Some consider kinks as non-traditional sexual activities but some may consider it pleasurable in a non-sexual context. This unconventional sexual language of people who find gratification in pleasure Spanking should be acceptable too. There is no need to overthink and attach underlying reasons to the kink. Take it as it is or don’t, nobody cares. People who enjoy Sexual Spanking will continue to do so irrespective of the larger societal image. 

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So, we can say there are so many reasons as to why people enjoy spanking. Honestly, it is not at all necessary to have a particular reason behind it. To each, their own is what we should strive to follow and preach. Even if you or your partner ever realize you are into Sexual Spanking, just communicate with each other, be open as a listener, and don’t go around snooping for reasons why this is happening.

If there is mutual respect between the partners and you are both experimental enough to try it, you might end up having a great time engaging in Spanking during sex. Once you reach that stage, it doesn’t matter how it started. You will only find ways to make the pleasurable experience of Spanking your girlfriend or boyfriend even better with Spanking gear, whips, paddle, etc. Go give it a try and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is sexual spanking?

Sexual spanking is a consensual adult activity where one partner, the spanker, lightly strikes the buttocks of the other partner, the spankee, for sexual arousal or pleasure. It is a form of BDSM play that involves the use of controlled and intentional spanking during intimate moments.

Q2. Is sexual spanking considered safe?

When performed consensually and with communication between partners, sexual spanking can be safe. It’s crucial for both partners to establish clear boundaries, use a safe word, and communicate about comfort levels before engaging in any spanking activities.

Q3. How does one bring up the topic of sexual spanking with a partner?

Open and honest communication is key. If interested in trying sexual spanking, approach the conversation with sensitivity and express your desires openly. Ask your partner about their comfort levels and boundaries, and be prepared for a discussion that prioritizes mutual consent and understanding.

Q4. Are there any safety precautions to consider during sexual spanking?

Yes, safety is paramount. Start with light and controlled spanks, gradually increasing intensity based on the comfort level of the spankee. Avoid striking sensitive areas, such as the lower back or kidneys, and be mindful of any pre-existing health conditions or concerns. Consistent communication and the use of a safe word are essential safety measures.

Q5. Can sexual spanking be a form of foreplay?

Absolutely. Many individuals incorporate sexual spanking into their intimate activities as a form of foreplay. The act can enhance arousal, build anticipation, and contribute to a sense of dominance and submission, depending on the dynamics between partners.

Q6. What if a partner is not interested in sexual spanking?

Respect for boundaries is crucial. If a partner is not comfortable with the idea of sexual spanking, it’s essential to honor their feelings and explore other forms of intimacy that both partners can enjoy. Communication, consent, and mutual understanding are key aspects of a healthy sexual relationship.


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