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People might judge me, but my first spank fantasies sparked when I was around 13. All I wanted was a tight slap on my ass, feels sexy, right? But how does Spanking set you in your sex tone? Why do people like being spanked? Is it about the sweet pleasure after pain? If we dial back to your childhood, this is something that your grandma or mom did to you to punish you—aka when you break something expensive while running around the house or using the wrong words in school. 

But as you hit puberty when your hormones start fizzing out for sex, spanking feels like a reward. It is a form of impact play when one partner hits another partner’s butt or thighs using their hands or tool. The impact elicits a sensation of sweet pain which turns you on. 

If you want to experience the sweet erotic pain of getting spanked or want to surprise your partner with some sudden spanks. Then this blog post is for you, here’s the erotic spanking guide that will do the job for you. 

Are you a Spankee or Spanker?

Are you a Spankee or Spanker

Spanking gives pleasure both ways, that is a person who is smacking the ass and a partner who is getting smacked on the ass, thighs, breast, or other fleshy parts of the body. Doing this to someone at the grocery store for cutting the line? “A suicidal move it is!”. But spank someone naked with dirty talking will summon your lusty cupids.


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How Do you Define Erotic Spanking? 

Spanking is popular foreplay, but still a topic of mystery for many people who are just getting started with an “under the blanket” experiment with their partners. It’s time to shed some light on erotic spanking, so you can give or enjoy the best spank of your life. 

How Do you Define Erotic Spanking

Spanking is often portrayed as taboo or a painful act during sex, but according to people it is a common role-play thing that people perform during role play. The bottom line is no one is getting punished; erotic spanking is a two-way pleasure just like using sex restraints, for the one who is enjoying getting spanked, and the person who spanks the butt.


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How Can I Tell My Partner to Spank Me?

How Can I Tell My Partner to Spank Me

Women are great at giving visual hints, you can use visuals to cross paths and let your partner know about your kinky fantasy. If he is not around you can send him a kinky GIF or a video; for example, a video of someone getting spanked, with the message I like this. Visual messages are a clear way to let your partner understand what you exactly want and where you want. Spanking is often considered abuse, so sending animated spanking GIFs or videos can make your partner comfortable and make the impact play pleasurable.


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Well, there’s a common myth that men are likely to take charge during impact play and always fill the dominant role. But this is not the case, some men also like being spanked. Not everyone is gay and use gay sex toys, we need to normalize this social stigma that prevents men from coming out of the closet. Who knows your men like being spanked but are scared to talk about it? A lot of guys like being dominated, and like when a girl does their favorite things without being instructed. 

Best Erotic Spanking Tips For Beginners

Getting spanked feels great, the sensations of pleasure and pain elicited after the hit is intriguing. Imagine your body in a c-shape and your husband/boyfriend is making your legs wide. Suddenly he went to bend to explore your area 69, and with some unpredictable spank on your ass, you’re on right? But it is just not about hitting and dirty talking, there’s a lot to learn to make it healthy and pleasurable. 

Best Erotic Spanking Tips For Beginners

Here we have assembled a few spanking tips that you can practice during foreplay: 

Talk about Boundaries

Talk about Boundaries

Sudden airstrikes on your partner’s butts can be weird and uncomfortable for your partner. You cannot just go and spank someone, you should discuss boundaries with your partner to know if this is something they’re interested in or not. Have a clear conversation, for example, how they’d like to be spanked or maybe how they want to give a spank session. 


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Here are a few ways you can do it:

  • Hey, I was thinking that we should try spanking during sex. So, what are your thoughts? 
  • Hey, today I watched the movie fifty shades of grey which made me curious about spank. I like this, can you spank me tonight? 
  • Can we try spanking before anal? It feels great, what do you think?

Don’t be afraid of using Tools

Don't be afraid of using Tools

Spanking is not only about using hands, you can use tools like spanking paddle to make the pleasure more pleasurable, such as some toys for impact play will do the trick. Beginners can also use leather gloves for some sensual experience on the bottom. You should add it to your BDSM session if you’re getting started. 


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So what is the key Lesson of the BDSM Spanking Guide?

So what is the key Lesson of the BDSM Spanking Guide

The key element of the erotic guide is consent. You should check in with your partner while it’s happening. Maybe your partner has signed up for trying spanking, but later it doesn’t work out for him/her. Most people bear it out and don’t complain, so it’s important to move forward with consent from your partner. Consent is paramount during sex.

Closing Thoughts 

After you are done with your things, you should check in with your partner again. Maybe they want to do some cuddling and hugs, maybe they feel hungry, and want to go out to eat. Maybe they want to grab some beer and fries to end the day on a perfect day, or maybe they want to try something more kinky and sexy. It’s open to having a follow-up conversation with your mate to keep it healthy and enjoyable. We hope that you have gained some relevant insights about spanking, and how you can do it. So try it with your partner, but always open the door for conversation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is BDSM, and what role does spanking play in it?

BDSM, short for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism, is a consensual and diverse subculture that involves various forms of power dynamics, kinks, and erotic activities. It is a common BDSM practice that falls under the category of impact play, focusing on the consensual application of pain or sensation for pleasure.

Q2. What psychological aspects are involved in spanking?

It often involves a complex interplay of psychological factors. It can intensify the feelings of dominance and submission, trigger a mix of pain and pleasure, and foster trust and vulnerability between partners.

Q3. What safety precautions should be taken when engaging in spanking?

Safety is paramount in BDSM activities. Partners should establish clear communication, use safe words or signals to maintain consent, and ensure they are well-versed in impact play safety techniques. Aftercare, the emotional and physical comfort provided after a scene, is crucial in BDSM spank as well.

Q4. What are the different implements used for spanking in BDSM?

Spanking in BDSM can be done using a variety of implements. These include the hand for a more personal touch, paddles and floggers for different sensations, and canes and whips for more intense experiences. The choice of implementation depends on the preferences of the participants.

Q5. Can you explain some common spanking techniques?

There are several popular spanking techniques, including “over the knee,” which is a classic position, “bent over furniture,” where the receiver is bent over a surface, and “tied and spread,” which involves restraints for added vulnerability and control.


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