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Honestly, most men find women linked with a genetic make-up of submissiveness/sensitivity more attractive. While also there are some legends that love to date a dominant woman who takes charge during bedroom encounters and do things without being instructed or guided.

Most men want to play alpha when it comes to sex and steer clear of their woman who tries to dominate during sex. But if you think that dating a dominant woman can summon your lusty cupids, and can add a fire element to your sex life then you are in the right direction.

Dating a dominant woman seems like riding a bull with guards down, but if you’re ready for it then this article is for you. Read blog posts till the end and learn how to ace dating a dominant woman of your choice.

How To Attract a Dominant Woman?

How To Attract a Dominant Woman

Impressing a Dom woman isn’t magic, it’s a mindset. If you think that learning impressive lines, expensive gifts, and dressing up to look classy and rich will do the trick to bring the ball to your court, then you will crash land. If you want to grab her attention, you need to unmask your true you and that is something dominant women find sexy and attractive.

Yes, it hurts a lot when an unexpected douchey asshole gets the attention of your crush? Perhaps you looping around old-school tricks, such as:

  • Be a good listener.
  • Dress up well.
  • Always be there for help.
  • Let her make the first move.

No! Your tricks need a serious overhaul and they will not work on a girl who is independent and knows what she wants.

You need to be Submissive

If you’re the one that likes to play alpha in bed then it’s time to let her rule the show. If you have a strong dominant character then your relationship will blow out soon because two dominant personalities will clash. So if you want a dominant woman dating period sexy and healthy in your life, it’s time to take the back seat and let her take the wheel.

Communication is the Chemical X

Be it if you’re dating a dominant woman or a sensitive one, communication is important. It helps you to create a meaningful relationship with your partner. Your dominant girl likes to rule out everything, and if this is something that you’re not comfortable with, speak up and let her know about it. But there’s one positive thing about dating a BDSM dominant woman. They are typically very understanding and will be more than happy to find an activity that both of you can enjoy.

Be Confident

Dominant women like to be with a confident man who shows social dominance. You need to work on your body language: dress up well, always keep your head high, and don’t forget eye contact. Your eyes say a lot about your personality. Let her see that you’re a strong, confident man who knows what he wants.

How to Please a Dominant Woman in a Bed?

How to Please a Dominant Woman in a Bed

Dominant women take pleasure seriously. So make sure you provide her complete satisfaction and higher realms of pleasure in bed. Here we’ve listed a few points that you can follow to heat things up on the bed:

Always be Open to Trying New Things

Dominant women like experimenting with sex. Knowledge is power in sex. Do your research, and come up with some kinky sex plays and positions that you can try with her to make her sexually aroused. From BDSM dominant woman to anal play to oral sex, there is a spectrum of sex positions that you can try with her. But consent is paramount, always respecting her boundaries.

Don’t be Afraid to Come Back to Power

While your dominant partner will usually like being in charge during sex, she may also enjoy it when you take the lead sometimes. Mix things up and surprise her by taking charge every once in a while. This will keep things interesting for both of you and ensure that she always has something new and exciting to look forward to. Plus, it’ll make her feel good to know that she can rely on you to take charge when necessary.

Always Communicate

Being vocal in every stage of sex is kinky, and it will also please your girl. Doing this will give her the impression that you respect her boundaries and treat her as a woman and not as an object of pleasure. Also, Women love hearing their partners moan with pleasure, so don’t be afraid to make some noise yourself. This will only turn her on more and let her know that she’s pleasing you. It is a major turn-on for most women. But make sure to make a list of safe words beforehand just in case any of you starts feeling uncomfortable.

Closing Thoughts

Dating a sexy dominant woman can really spice up your sex life. Just remember to do your research beforehand, and be confident when you approach her. Communicate openly and honestly about your boundaries. Moreover, make sure to keep your distance if you see any red flags in BDSM dating & relationships. With these tips in mind, you will be well on your way to having a steamy, fun-filled relationship with the dominant of your dreams.

We hope that you are all set to start your expedition for dom women, all the best! Let us know in the comment section if that works for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does it mean for a woman to be dominant in a relationship?

Being a dominant woman in a relationship refers to taking a leading role in decision-making, setting boundaries, and being assertive. It doesn’t necessarily imply a specific set of behaviors but emphasizes confidence, independence, and the ability to guide the relationship.

Q2. Are dominant women controlling or authoritarian?

Not necessarily. Dominance in a woman doesn’t equate to being overly controlling. It’s about having a strong sense of self and expressing it in a way that fosters mutual respect. Healthy dominance involves effective communication, collaboration, and consideration of the partner’s needs.

Q3. Can a dominant woman be nurturing and supportive?

Absolutely. Dominance doesn’t exclude qualities like nurturing and supportiveness. A dominant woman can still provide emotional support, care, and encouragement to her partner. It’s about balance and understanding when to assert leadership and when to offer comfort.

Q4. How can a dominant woman navigate societal expectations and stereotypes?

Navigating societal expectations involves embracing individuality and challenging stereotypes. A dominant woman can assert her identity by staying true to herself, educating others, and surrounding herself with a supportive community that appreciates diverse relationship dynamics.

Q5. Do dominant women only seek submissive partners?

Not necessarily. Dominant women, like anyone else, have varied preferences. Some may prefer a more submissive partner, while others may seek an equal or assertive counterpart. Compatibility and communication play crucial roles in any relationship, regardless of dominance dynamics.


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