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In case you come across a personality test on the TikTok platform, you should also know about the Largest Kink Survey making headlines, with more than two million views. Now, if you are wondering about your own kinks, this BDSM kink survey can definitely help you. This test can give you proper results as well as a visual showcase of all kinds of kinks that you enjoy behind closed doors. In this process, you can find out certain things about yourself that you also don’t know. 

This kind of sex kink survey has become quite popular within the TikTok platform as it has almost become viral among users. This kind of test was initiated for all the kinksters so that they could check which kinks are suitable for them and which are not. Its main intention was to educate all kinds of kinksters who are at the initial stage to find which kinks suit them and which do not. 

From that point in time until the present, this BDSM Kink Survey has now become almost a community in itself where these beginners can find out their suitable and non-suitable archetypes. This type of test is taken in the form of a questionnaire where you have to give certain information to get the breakdown of your preferred type of kink.

A Brief Introduction to BDSM Relationships

Brief Introduction to BDSM Relationships

Before we move ahead with understanding the BDSM Kink Survey, you should have a general idea of what BDSM relationships entail. BDSM is an acronym for the different sexual activities of Bondage, Domination, Submission, and Masochism, even though it is also used as an umbrella term to refer to wild and avant-garde sexual practices. Here are some of the basic backgrounds of these activities.

Bondage and Discipline

Bondage can be described as the restraining action taken by an individual to control his partner’s movement. Bondage gear includes handcuffs, ropes, ties, etc. Whereas on the other hand, Discipline can be specified as some set of rules that a Dominant partner will choose for his Submissive partner. 

Dominance and Submission

Dominance can be termed as some kind of control shown by the Dominant partner toward his Submissive partner as this kind of dominance can be initiated during sexual intercourse or even outside of that. On the other hand, submission can be termed as the actions initiated by the submissive partner to their dominant partner; in this case, she or he will obey his partner’s wishes. Though you might require your partner’s Safe words to initiate this dynamic.  

Sadism and Masochism

Sadism can be an act of an individual who gets pleasure by inflicting any sort of pain on his partner. Obviously, this will have to be initiated with the proper consent between both the partners. Masochism on the other hand can be referred to as the pleasure that any receiver feels after the pain is inflicted upon them. 

All of these BDSM activities can be quite misunderstood by the common people even though it does give you an opportunity to indulge in your wild fantasies like role play and all.  

What Is the BDSM Kink Test?

What Is the BDSM Kink Test

Like many other tests, TikTok has given rise to a personality test of a sexually explorative nature as well. to be taken in the form of a quiz or questionnaire. This test can be taken by all beginner kinksters to figure out their kinks. Even though it is mainly a kink survey, it can also be labeled as a BDSM Test as a lot of aspects in the test revolve around the BDSM subculture. This is an extremely fun and educational test to know your risqueness limits, if you are interested in BDSM acts. 

On the other hand, if you are deeply entrenched into the BDSM universe, you can check out its maximum accuracy option. The questions that are asked in these tests can consist of a list of your personal statements where they rank your preferability on the rank of absolutely agree or absolutely disagree. 

According to your answers, the site ranks and categorizes your sexual preferences, and gives you an idea of the level you are on. According to this ranking, one can assess whether you are dominant, submissive, a sadist, a brat, etc., in bed. You can also share your results on the platform by posting pictures, and engage with other users to find like-minded people.  

Apart from this test, another test that has become extremely popular on this platform is the color test. It is a sexuality test that has become common for women to use to find out if they are a lesbian. While the normal BDSM test can enlighten you about your sexual vibe and the sexual activities you enjoy partaking in, the color test helps women find out if they are gay. Now that you know what exactly a BDSM kink test is, let’s check out the procedure through which you can get your test results.    

How Can You Take BDSM Kink Survey?

How Can You Take BDSM Kink Survey

Before taking the largest kink survey you should know about certain criteria so that you can choose the correct option. So follow these steps if you want to initiate your BDSM Test without any hiccups.

Take the Test Anonymously or Use Your Email

Before taking part in the kink survey colors, you should know that you have two options. On one hand, you can definitely use third-party websites to take the test anonymously. On the other hand, you also can use your email account to register on the website. It is entirely your choice.

Answer Certain Gender and Sexuality Related Questions

After the registration process, you need to answer certain gender and sexual preference-related questions for moving ahead with the sexual kink survey. It is an important stage where the website can take your personal opinions and rank them accordingly.  

Select Either a Short or a Long Test Version

After this, you have to choose either the short or the extended version of the test. It all depends on your level of interest in BDSM. If you are a beginner, you can take the shorter test to evaluate your niche kinks to get initiated into BDSM. Whereas if you are passionate about BDSM and have experience with rough play, or use intense gear like tens units, etc., you should definitely select the longer version of the test as it is more specific and nuanced.

Censor the Topics That Make You Uncomfortable

After this stage, you will have the option to take out certain questions regarding topics that you are not comfortable with, or choose not to engage with. For example, if you are not attracted to  masochists, you can definitely take this topic out from your questionnaire. This way, you can avoid the things that you are not super comfortable with or excited about. 

Fill Out Some Basic Information

After censoring certain topics, you will have the option to fill out some demographic questions. It is quite a simple procedure and takes just about a minute. 

Start the Test

After all the steps, you are ready to initiate the test. It should take no more than 15 minutes. So, as you can clearly see, you really have to go through all these procedures to start the test that will be taken in the form of a quiz or a questionnaire. Within the questionnaire, every question will be asked in the form of a statement as you can agree or disagree with these statements. You can either choose the absolutely agree or disagree option. However, there will also be an option for neutral if you are in the middle ground. 

Check Out Where You Are in the Kink Meter

Check Out Where You Are in the Kink Meter

So, now that you have found out the steps you need to follow to initiate your sex kink survey, let’s have a look at how it can show your Kink Score. As we have mentioned earlier, every question that will be asked within the test will be there as a form of a statement. 

Basically, you will have to rate all of these statements as it will be done on a 100% scale. You will have three options to select from as these are absolutely agree, absolutely disagree, and neutral. After you answer all the questions, your results will be shown as percentages which will be regulated by the ranking of all 26 categories. 

Therefore, if you score really high, you may get the rank of a voyeur as over 80 percent will get the rank of a switch. On the other hand within the neutral section if you get 50 percent as a sadist that means you really enjoy specific types of pain to your partner. If you score really low within the Brat category that means you really love to misbehave with your Dominant partner as you might enjoy getting punished by them. 

In this section, if you score really low like 2 percent then you will definitely come under the degraded section. Hence, you might be someone who really enjoys getting humiliated by your Dominant partner within the bedroom. In case you are not sure about certain BDSM terms and accessories like BDSM collar, do not worry as this Test has an additional page where you can get a clear idea of each archetype.   

Things You Should Know about BDSM Tests

Having found out about the entire procedure of the sexual kink test, you should also know about certain things that people misunderstand about these Tests. Most common people do fall for these points so always make sure to read about this before proceeding with the Test. 

It is for Fun

Some people might take these sexual alpha kink survey too seriously as they rigorously post their result pictures for more communication. However, you should know that these tests are there for nothing else than fun. It is not a serious test at all as you can definitely enjoy it even more if you can take it just as a fun adventure. 

It is Not Scientific 

Though the BDSM Test can be classified as a closer model of the Myers-Briggs Test, that does not mean that it is definitive at all. In fact, it is not scientific either. So you should always treat this test as a fun adventure and nothing serious.  

Results Might Vary

The actual results of these kink survey colors can vary from person to person as some people might get the result as expected. Whereas on the other hand, some people might wonder how the hell they got a high score on certain topics which they did not even hear about like the usage of BDSM handcuffs. So the results can be really varied on some occasions as some people might not even enjoy certain activities in the bedrooms in which they have got a high ranking. 

BDSM Tests: Open Conversation Starter?

BDSM Tests Open Conversation Starter

Even though BDSM activities have become quite a common thing among the general public, there are still a lot of stigmas attached to them. Especially in the context of our society which is not literate in sexual terms. So the sexual kink test talk that is happening on a leading social media platform like TikTok has given it a perfect space for more people to discover couples kink survey. 

The posting of informative BDSM-related content has also made this platform a perfect place for all the kinksters. The educational aspects of these BDSM Tests have given them a prestige place among the general people. So all the common people who initially had no clue regarding certain BDSM topics can now get a clear understanding of it through these tests.

The modern generation of people does need this kind of progressive talk about certain taboo subjects as they do have certain inquisitiveness towards how they can initiate and receive pleasures. Through the BDSM Tests, people can definitely divulge certain self-discovery on the topic of sexual activities. 

Hence, it is clear that the sexual alpha kink survey has given all the young generations of people a perfect opportunity to discuss sexual activities more freely. It had become quite tiring that people could not talk about sexual activities which are closely related to human existence. So the emergence of these social media sites and BDSM Test talk have really given them a proper opportunity to openly discuss these things.

Final Thoughts

BDSM Kink Tests have become a buzzword sensation among TikTok users, as it has opened up a lot of doors for more discussion about couples kink test topics. With the proper understanding of these topics and their discussions, general people have moved on from the earlier stage where these activities were considered as a stigma. By taking these sex kink survey you can become more free-minded in regard to your BDSM-style activities as you can discuss them with millions of users on this digital platform. 

The open discussions have definitely helped to remove all the stigma that was attached to various BDSM activities. As more people have become acquainted with these BDSM terms, society as a whole has become more sexually literate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BDSM kink survey?

Ans. BDSM Kink survey can be summarized as some sort of educational and fun questionnaires through which you can find out about your preferable kinks. All the questions in this kind of quiz are asked as a statement. As you will have three options to select from like absolutely agree, absolutely disagree, and neutral as your answers will be ranked into 26 categories. 

2. How do these BDSM kink tests work?

Ans. You can easily take the kink test colors by registering to the website with your e-mail or you can also use these sites anonymously. After this, you will have to fill out certain gender and sexual activity-related questions as you do have to answer them honestly. This will yield a percentage-like results where they will rank your answers and position you on a certain type. 

3. Are these kink tests definitive?

Ans. These BDSM sex kink test can vary greatly from person to person. So it is definitely not a definitive test as you might get a result that will not match your preferable kinky activities. It is more of a fun time rather than a serious test.  

4. Why should you take BDSM kink survey?

Ans. In case you do want to find out more about your personal sexual appetites like using a ball gag then these BDSM Kink survey can come to your aid. It can provide you with a certain self-reflection which might be important to enhance your sex life. These tests are also great for opening up general discussions about BDSM-related activities.  


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